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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dallas's Worst At their Finest

Dallas Blue Gun Thug Chief David Knuckle Dragger demonstrated the lying scum at its finest yesterday when his front line thug, Powell, attacked and threatened to shoot Houston Texans player Ryan Moats and his family in the parking lot of a Dallas hospital while his MIL died. Mr. Moats was desperately trying to get to the hospital with his wife before his MIL passed on. He “ran” a red light after stopping to verify that there was no conflicting traffic in the middle of the night.

Ryan Moats

The dumbass gun thug Powell assaulted the family in the parking lot of the hospital. He pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot the NFL player, his wife, and other frantic family members. The stupid evil in blue played his jackass power trip and delayed the family for 20 minutes while the mother in law died, in a brutal display of gun thug “don't mess with me” mentality.

Only because the victim of the violent assault was a person of interest to the media, a NFL player, did this incident make the morning news. Blue Gun Thug Chief David Knuckle Dragger backpedaled and fumbled with excuses about how “sorry” he was that his front line thug was doing exactly what they always do, assault, threaten, rob, and play power games with the public. The lying sack of pigshit Knuckle Dragger said that they are “investigating the incident,” the usual lie that blue filth pretends is adequate. There is nothing to “investigate.” It's all on their video tape. Its been shown on national morning TV. Their hired gunslinger attacked a family in a desperate situation, and used the desperation of the grieving family to display his power over “civilians.” He did exactly what he was expected to do. He is being rewarded with additional paid vacation. For complaining, the taxpayers are being billed “overtime” bonuses that are being paid to the rest of the goon squad because of the paid vacation given to Gun Thug Powell. Read Story

There is no amount of apology or “investigation” that will change these evil violent scum sucking pigs who are hired to roam the streets assaulting good men and women. This incident is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for the lying filth, and Chief Gun Thug Knuckle Dragger knows it.

Dallas Pigs
Gun Thug Chief Knuckle Dragger and Pigshit Friends
Should be shot on sight by decent citizens
For criminal assault and corruption.

There is no way that this evil corruption can be expunged from our lives by voting or peaceful means. They protect and serve generations of corrupt politicians who use them to control we who's ancestors once were free men. These vile filth need to be shot on sight by decent citizens. Let them find snipers behind every tree, building, and bush Let the evil that lays waste to grieving families be taken down and let them understand personally how to grieve while a family member dies. Chief Gun Thug Knuckle Dragger should be hanged at dawn along with Pigshit Powell. We the People don't need them, we don't want them, and we, along with the Moats family, will all be a lot better off without them.

(See Legal Notice in left column.)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue Gun Thug Assassins at work

UPDATE March 25, 2009
The man assassinated on the streets of Vancouver was not wanted for, nor even suspected of any crime. Bob has learned that Mr. Michael Vann Hubbard was just a man walking down the street when he was murdered by the Vancouver’s Gestapo gang of gun thugs in blue suits. The lying filth in blue gang colors made up the lie about “suspected car break in.” Their futile attempt to excuse their random gang violence to the public did not work this time.

The murder of Mr. Vann Hubbard was a gang initiation which requires the new initiate to kill a man on the streets. There is no actual evidence of any related investigation into a car break in. That is standard thug fiction, like the fictitious story told by the incompetent lying gun thug who tried to shoot Bob but pushed the wrong button on his revolver and dropped his gun’s cylinder and all his bullets on the ground. Mr. Vann Hubbard wasn’t so lucky. For the “crime” of being a man walking down the street in Vancouver, he was assassinated by Vancouver’s Worst gang of gun thugs.
Vancouver Sun Article

Original Article March 24, 2009
In Vancouver, BC, Canada, the blue gun thugs assassinated a man on the street and then destroyed evidence by confiscating a witness’s cell phone and deleting the witness video.

Blue Gun Thugs on steroids shot and killed Mr. Michael Vann Hubbard as he stood shaking in their sights. Another cold blooded assassination by the paid killers goons in blue suits.

The lying gun thugs in blue suits claim that they were “defending themselves” from a man with an “X-Acto” knife. Any hobbyist who has ever used an X-Acto knife knows that it’s blade is an inch long or less, and is NOT a life threatening weapon.

After the assassination (protection) of Mr. Hubbard, the blue gun thugs accosted a witness who had recorded video on his cell phone. The lying gun thug deleted the video because it showed that Mr. Hubbard did not make any threatening moves toward the gun thugs. Technical experts are hoping to restore the memory of the cell phone. Like a PC, the “erase” command only deletes the links, not the data.

Once again the people are killed by the evil gang in blue suits. Once again their lies of “protection” are exposed. Once again we learn that we, the people, are at risk whenever a blue gun thug gang member is around. May they all be returned to their Satanic Master to rot in hell where they belong.

Read CBC story

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Armed highwaymen taken down

UPDATE March 22, 2009
Blue Gun Thug John Hege was pronounced brain dead but his body is still being preserved by the medical industrial complex until Dr. Frankenstein can market his organs. That makes 4 for 4. Way to go Lovelle! That's what we call "Gun Control!"

Original Article March 21, 2009
In Oakland, California, the blue gun thugs tried to rob 27-year-old Lovelle Mixon today. Unlike many cowardly travelers, Mr. Mixon wasn't about to give up his rights or surrender his wallet without a fight. Mr. Mixon also has very effective gun control. He hits what he’s aiming at. Blue gun thug highway robber Sgt. Mark Dunakin won’t be robbing travelers any more. Gun thug John Hege is seriously wounded and in “grave“ condition. The blue gun thugs get so callous about their armed robbery of citizens that they call it “routine” but there is NOTHING ROUTINE about being robbed by an armed Gestapo thug.

After laying waste to the two gun thugs, Mr. Mixon left and went to an Oakland apartment building. He was later attacked by a very large gang of blue gun thugs. Mr. Mixon managed to take out two more of the filthy violent pigs before he fell in the gun fight. The two pigs who won’t be out on the highway robbing travelers tomorrow are Gun Thug Ervin Romans, and Gun Thug Daniel Sakai. May they return quickly to their Satanic Master where they will burn forever in the hell they so richly deserve.

Oakland citizens have been on edge since the blue gun thugs assassinated Mr. Oscar Grant at the Oakland BART station on January 1, 2009. After today’s robbery attempt on Mr. Mixon, about 20 Oakland citizens gathered around the scene to jeer at the blue gun thugs where Mr. Mixon had defended himself.

For his daring heroism in defense of liberty and freedom, his excellence in gun control, and his courage to fight against tyranny Mr. Lovelle Mixon has earned the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Lovelle Mixon
Golden Bull Award
Mr. Lovelle Mixon
For heroism in the face of the enemies of free men

This kind of violence will continue and expand as the tyrants in government turn down the screws harder and harder on men who yearn to be free. Robbing people on the streets, taking the major portion of our wages in taxes, controlling our lives from birth to death. Every year it takes more and more blue suited gun thugs to enforce evil government tyranny. Every year the lid becomes harder and harder to keep in place. Even as we read this article, other men are suffering from the violent oppression of a tyrannical government that has long since abandoned the freedoms that once was America.

See legal notice on the left column of The World According to Bob
Read Yahoo News Story

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

US now Bankrupt

Update March 24, 2009
The FED announced this week that they are going to print a second Trillion Dollars to fund the bankrupt Obamanation. The bankrupt US government is rapidly heading toward runaway inflation. If you are holding dollars, you have very little time left to switch to hard currency, or material such as whiskey, food, or real property.

Original Article March 18, 2009
The news report reads, “WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it will spend up to $300 billion over the next six months to buy long-term government bonds, a new step aimed at lifting the country out of recession by lowering rates on mortgages and other consumer debt.”

What that means is that the US Government is now officially bankrupt. For most of the past century the US Treasury has held a weekly bond auction selling its debts to anyone who would lend them the money. The auction price of bonds translates into the interest rate that must be paid on the money. For several decades the US Government starts by selling enough bonds to pay back the short term bonds that are due this week. Then they sell more bonds to finance new government spending beyond its means. That has worked as long as there were people willing to lend them money, people who believed that they could pay the money back by collecting taxes or selling new bonds. Holders of US Treasury bonds are private investors, international banks, and the governments of several nations like China and Saudi Arabia.

In the past few weeks the Obamanation has spent money far beyond the ability of the US Government to borrow. Investors at the bond auction are not buying the bonds as fast as Obama can print them. Investors, including foreign governments, do not believe that the US can pay back the bonds. So they haven’t been buying bonds, aren’t willing to lend more cash down a rat hole.

The announcement that the Federal Reserve Bank will buy bonds is an announcement that the government can no longer pay back its debts. The FED is the keeper of US money. This announcement means that the FED will “print” money for the US government. By “print” money it means that they will write some really big numbers with a lot of zeros on a checking account of the Department of the Treasury. The “money” just appears out of thin air by the stroke of a keyboard at the FED, but it has grave consequences for the rest of us. They are writing worthless checks from a checking account that has no money.

It is clear evidence that big money investors and other nations no longer believe that the US dollar is sound enough to pay back its debts, and in fact it is not. It means that every dollar you own and have in your account just shrank by a proportional value. It means that the government is desperate. The Titanic has hit an iceberg, its sinking fast, and its watertight bulkheads have not kept it afloat. Run to the lifeboats. Hoard food and trade goods.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG bailout, bonuses, and Corruption

Update: March 20, 2009
On November 9–10, 1938 The German National Socialist Labor Party (Nazi) organized public protests against Jews as part of their consolidation of power to isolate and destroy sectors of the population. Busloads of party regulars were organized to march to Jewish homes and businesses where they rioted and broke so many windows that the event became known as “Kristallnacht” (glass night).

On March 20, 2009 the American National Socialist Labor Party (Democrat) has organized public protests against AIG employees (white men) as part of their consolidation of power to isolate and destroy sectors of the population. Busloads of union members and other party regulars have been organized to march at AIG employee homes and offices.

How long will it be before they start loading white men onto the boxcars?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Original Article
Saint Obama and the Congressional Democrats are “talking tough” about bonuses paid to AIG executives. Read Yahoo Story. Saint Obama has demanded that the bonuses be returned to the government. One Senator said that they would pass a 100% tax on bonuses unless the money was returned. A Republican Senator even suggested that the AIG executives should commit suicide. But lets dig a little deeper.

You may recall, if you read any news at all, that the bailout for AIG was part of the Obama bailout bill which he demanded that Congress pass, and he signed even with 8,000 pork projects included. When Obama proposed the bailout back in February he included a provision limiting the amount that corporations receiving funds could pay their executives. Obama included that pay limit in his bill sent to Congress.

Well, you might think, the corporations should have limited pay for executives, the demands for return of the bonuses are entirely justified. You would think that if you listened to any of the major leftist media, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc. But you would be wrong. Charlie Wrangle, a Democrat from New York, and Senator Dodd attached an amendment to the bailout bill which required corporations receiving bailouts to pay previously committed bonuses. That’s right, the Democrats in Congress passed a law that forced AIG to pay the bonuses whether they wanted to or not. Saint Obama signed the law, and then sent the bailout money to AIG.

Now, hardly 2 weeks later, Obama and most of Congress is ranting all over all the major TV networks and other media threatening AIG for complying with the law they passed in February. All the major leftist propaganda outlets have joined in the rant. None of the major media is reporting the fact that the very same Congress and President forced AIG to pay the bonuses only 2 weeks ago.

The contrast is so stark that it leaves Bob wondering which bribes AIG stopped paying after it got the bailout money. Graft, corruption, and dishonesty is so deep, deep, deep in the Democratic party and the Obama administration that only a very big loss of bribery money could account for the anger in Congress.

It’s “change we can believe in.”

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The FemiNazi Hate War Heats Up

According to a recent study commissioned by Women in Journalism found that boys are almost always shown in journalism as being bad. When anything positive is said about a boy it is because he is dead. At the same time, a survey of nearly 1,000 teenage boys found 85 per cent believed newspapers portray them in a bad light.

March 15, 2009, Miami, FL: A man barged into a birthday party early Sunday, shot his adulterous “cougar” wife, her latest young "boy toy" fuck, her grown whore daughter, and her feminazi mother. Then went home, set his truck and house on fire and killed himself, police said. News story here

March 12, 2009, Samson, AL: U.S. authorities are trying to deflect understanding of why a man killed 10 feminists in the worst attack in Alabama's history. The misandrist political liars focused on the grudges that he supposedly bore. Michael McLendon finally had enough. He killed his abusive mother, his matriarchal grandmother, his aunt, two cousins and five others including the wife and daughter of the pig who lived across the street from his matriarchal grandmother. His attack on Tuesday had the hallmarks of a planned attack against the feminist dominated society. News story here News story here

March 11, 2009 Germany: Investigators now say a 17-year-old gunman who killed 15 people, mostly females, in and near his former high school in Germany took his own life. They first said the blue gun thugs shot and killed the man during a firefight. Blue gun thugs also reduced the death toll by one to 15, saying a report that a student had died in the hospital was incorrect. Lying gun thugs say the gunman entered the school and opened fire, shooting at random. What investigators are lying about is that the shootings were not random. The attack targeted abusive female teachers, female students, and females outside the school. They say he killed nine students, three teachers and a passer-by outside the building, but won't report the counter attack by a man against abusive dominant females. News story here

As the femiNazi hate war on boys and men gets worse and worse, we will see more and more counter attacks against the evil in men's lives. Some of the men will become become suicide attackers. Some will be killed by the blue gun thugs. At first a few will survive to be sent to some hellhole prisons. As the counter attacks become more common there will be more and more courageous men who wage the war against feminist destruction and live to fight again another day. Many good men will die fighting the femiNazi, as did Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. But their names and their courage will live on.

May they all be blessed with courage and conviction. And may all good men hoist a glass to the martyrs who die fighting against the very violent and destructive femiNazi anti-men hate war.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ruth Madoff and the Pussy Pass

Last week Jewish banker, Bernard Madoff pled guilty to many crimes which amounted to running a ponzi scheme for 25 years. He defrauded a long list of investors out of several billion dollars before it all collapsed. Many news reports have said that Bernard could be sentenced to 150 years in prison and spend the rest of his life in some government hellhole.

But what about his wife, Ms. Ruth Madoff? She was the bookkeeper for the ponzi accounts. She did most of the recruiting of new investors who’s millions would keep the ponzi kite in the air. Why hasn’t Ms. Madoff been charged with various counts for swindling investors out of billions? Does her pussy pass exempt her from crimes that she actively participated in? Is the bookkeeper ignorant of the swindle for 25 years? Why isn’t Ms. Ruth Madoff in the hellhole prison along with Bernard? Yahoo story

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Suffer the Crippled Children

In many cities around the US there are Shriners Hospitals for crippled children. The Shriners (a branch of the Masons) have donated money over many decades to fund and support free medical care for crippled children. Their hospitals do not charge patients. Thanks to the generosity of generations of Shriners, any crippled child in the US can have the best medical treatment available at no charge. That may end soon.

Typical of Shriners hospitals is the one in Spokane, WA. Since the Obama election and his disaster for the economy, their endowment has lost more than 3 billion dollars. They have had to reduce staff, reduce services, and are struggling to keep the doors open. If the Obamanation destroys the economy entirely, they will close and hundreds of crippled children will suffer. The same ongoing tragic story is being repeated in every city in the US. This is “change” we can believe in. This is the “change” of the Obamanation.

When we read that the stock markets have lost more than 50% of their value since the Obama election, we are tempted to think that its just some rich bastard on Wall Street that is suffering. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The owners of stocks are the millions of hard working Americans who have pension funds or savings. The owners of stocks are churches, universities, and charitable organizations such as the Shriners Hospitals. The beneficiaries of profits from stock investments are thousands of crippled children who get free health care. When Obama kills their investments, devalues their endowments, their doors will close, and the children will lose. We will all lose.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama's Revenge

The news today from Wall Street is that the DOW industrials average is down into the 6,000s. That is the lowest figure since the early 1990s. Anyone who has your life savings in mutual funds, market shares, retirement plans, or real estate has lost fully half of your net worth in the past 6 months. Obama is working hard to take away the rest.

The Obamanation is deliberately bankrupting the United States. They are aggressively trying to punish any American who has worked hard all his life and invested his savings in a retirement account or personal investments. Obama wants to destroy all the wealth that the poor black ghetto residents have never been smart enough to gather for themselves. It is Obama's revenge.

So far there are 2 states are too bankrupt to pay their debts, have failed to pay tax refunds owed to citizens, and aren't paying their bills. The 2 states are California and Kansas. Fore her success in bankrupting Kansas, Obama has appointed Kansas Governess Kathleen Sebelius to his Cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Ms. Sebelius is expected to work on implementation of a massive health care program for everyone who won't work. The proposed blank check medical program will greatly expedite the bankruptcy of the Nation. Bankrupting Kansas is a great qualification for the Obamanation.

Watch out America. You are going to be broke before the people can take back our nation, or the pieces that will be left.

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