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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

THE PILL for men!

This could be the biggest discovery for men of the 21st century. At long last, after a century of total sexist discrimination against men in medical research, scientists are inventing birth control pills for men.

During the entire 20th century all the funding on birth control was provided only for women. Men's health and reproductive needs was totally ignored by the sexist bigots in the medical industrial complex. Feminazi organizations like Planned Parenthood blocked pills for men. The first female birth control pill became widely available almost half a century ago in 1962 after research funding was provided by Planned Parenthood. In succeeding decades Planned Parenthood has received millions of dollars from the government for birth control research, but has blocked all research for men. Part of the reason for the total discrimination against men was because feminazi who control the medical industrial complex don't consider men to be real people. Feminism is, after all, the radical theory that only women are people.

The other huge reason that feminists have worked so hard to block birth control for men has been the feminazi demand for total control over our children and families. As long as only females have birth control pills, a woman is the only one who can decide not to have a baby, or to have our baby. She can lie to her husband or lover that she is taking pills, and then get pregnant without his permission. She can “forget” a couple of days, or stop entirely, and make a baby which she will keep and he will have to pay for, all without his permission or consent. Even the crude 19th century mechanical devices that men have tried to use are often rescued from waste bins and emptied of their contents as soon as his back is turned. Thousands, or perhaps millions of females have made a career out of finding a rich sucker, getting pregnant, and then slapping him with “child support” payments for the next 20 years.

For more than half a century the feminazi and their medical industrial complex have repeated their usual lies to excuse bigoted discrimination against men. They have claimed 1) That a pill for men would be too hard to develop, and 2) that men wouldn't take one if available. Both of these complete lies were based on nothing but their own sexist misandry. Despite being totally false, these were the standard lies of the birth control business for more than half a century. The real reasons were those stated above, females wanted total female domination of families and sex, and they didn't consider men to be important enough to merit any benefits or even concern.

But all that is changing. A decade or so ago some pharmaceutical company was doing research on a new drug intended to reduce heart attacks by promoting circulation. Quite by accident they discovered a very interesting side effect of increasing blood circulation in male sexual organs. Viagra was born. Viagra soon became a boom market, surpassing all their other products in total sales. A very clear lesson began to become apparent to pharmaceutical companies that had ignored men for a century. Men can be a very large market – SURPRISE! After Viagra, some pharmaceutical companies began looking around for other products to sell to men. Some government regulators and research funding administrators even noticed that men exist, a fact that had somehow slipped out of their vision.

Beginning early in the 21st century, with comparatively minuscule funding in Australia and the UK, some researchers started experimenting with possible approaches to a contraceptive pill for men. At first they mostly still believed the standard century old lies they had been taught in medical school, pills for men are too hard to invent. But a few researchers were willing to actually look at the old lies to see if they were true. With only a very small amount of research it became rapidly apparent that a pill for men might turn out to be easier to make than a pill for women. The old standard sexist lies are not only wrong, but backwards. Pills for men are easier to make, not harder. For half a century men have been prevented from access to effective birth control pills by bigotry and lies. For half a century men have had to support millions of unwanted children because of bigotry and lies. And millions of men are a very willing and ready market. The new pills for men will sell like Viagra, and wrest control of our children back from total female domination.

In the past month there have been news stories on two different new contraceptive products for men. One is a combination of testosterone and some other ingredient. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta says a new birth control pill for men is as effective as the pill for women. Side effects from long term use of testosterone may lead to small increases of muscle mass. A lot of men would call that a side benefit. It is already available in several other countries and may be available in the USA within a couple of years. Read story

Another men's birth control pill is hormone free. The hormone free pill stops ejaculation of sperm. British scientists say it leads to “dry” sex. It may be taken just before a date, a few hours before sex. Read Story

This news is a radical change for men and every female we associate with. No longer will a female be able to unilaterally decide to get pregnant by seducing some schmuck and then live on his “child support” for 20 years. No longer can she “forget” her pill and get pregnant without his permission and agreement. No longer will she be able to use that old female lie “I'm pregnant so we have to get married.” Just as the first marketing of “THE PILL” began a whole new “sexual revolution” during the 1960s and following decades, a new PILL FOR MEN will bring revolutionary changes to the relationships between men and women. It will end a century of female domination of decisions on sex and children, and put men and women back on an equal footing.

The century of complete female domination of birth control is about to end. It will usher in a revolutionary change we can only guess at today.

Only a MAN is “lewd”

A man without pants is charged with “public Lewdness” but a female without pants is only charged with driving drunk.

In a typical case of blue gun thug sexism, the blue gun thugs in Yonkers, NY, stopped a female for drunken driving and possession of illegal drugs, and found that she was without pants. Since she has a pussy pass from any sexual impropriety she was excused for the indecency charge. By contrast, a man who was obeying all the laws except for not wearing pants was charged with “public lewdness.” The contrast between the two cases demonstrates the blatant legal bigotry that makes men “lewd” but females just naked. Bob objects to that irrational and hateful bigotry against men. A man is not “lewd” for being a man. Sexist injustice is no justice at all.

Read Story.

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Once in a while Bob finds another web site or blog that he recommends to our readers. A reader contributed the link to this one which describes women in the workplace today. Its a light hearted approach to a serious problem faced by every man who works with females and every company that is forced to hire females. While reading the web page Bob could not help but to think about our female Chief blue gun thug, female Mayoress, female Congresscunt, two female Senatrixes, and female Governess. Bob could not help but think about Senatrix Hitllary who may become President, and Candy Rice who is screwing up the State Department. Read here.

The same authors have another good web page on marriage. Read Here.

Bob's regular readers will already understand the material presented in these blog pages, but its nice to see it well presented. Have fun reading.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ARMS or "handguns?"

A big news item today on all the TV channels is a SCOTUS case regarding a handgun ban in Washington, DC. The SCOTUS case is said to be the first consideration of the 2nd Amendment by agents of Satan in black robes of hell since the 1930s.

Bob finds it interesting that NONE of the media will mention “arms.” Yahoo, for example says, “Conservative justices question D.C. handgun ban.” They all recite the Constitution, and then switch immediately to talking about "guns," and not talking about "arms."

The US 2nd Amendment says nothing at all about “handguns. The 2nd Amendment says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Nobody in the media will talk about “arms.” While “handguns” are a small subset of “arms” the two words are quite different.

Bob wonders where the conversation was sidetracked from “arms” to “guns.” Some decades ago US President Nixon held talks with the Soviet Union called “Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.” They were talking about “arms.” The US Constitution says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Who is controlling the conversation? Who has decided that the people can not even talk about our right to keep and bear arms?

Monday, March 17, 2008

"God Damn America!"

“God Damn America!” Is this the preaching in an Islamic madrasa in Afghanistan or in a Christian church in Chicago?

If you guessed an Islamic terrorist madrasa you would be wrong. It's B. Hussein Obama's home church in Chicago. It's officially Christian, but few Christians would tolerate the racist, anti-American hate that spews forth from the pulpit. Presidential candidate, Hussein Obama credits long term pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr as converting him from Islam to Christianity. Rev. Wright performed the marriage between Sen. Obama and his wife who has publicly said she had never respected America. Rev. Wright baptized Obama's children. For 20 years Sen. Obama has been a devout member of “God Damn America” Wright's congregation. If “God Damn America” makes you angry you are in good company, but apparently not in the company of the Democratic Party today.

When asked about his participation in “God Damn America” christianity, Hussein Obama said that he wasn't there on that day. “God Damn America” is from a DVD of “The Best of Reverend Wright” which is being distributed by his church. In 20 years Hussein Obama could not have been ignorant of the obscene and very racist anti-American position of his church. After seeing the “Best” of his “christian” religion from the DVD, “God Damn America” it is clear why Hussein Obama publicly refuses to pledge allegiance to America or salute our flag. What is not clear is why so many American voters would allow that kind of anti-American racism to get anywhere near to candidacy for President of the United States.

Here we see at last the kind of “Christianity" that B. Hussein Obama believes in so strongly,

“God Damn America! God Damn America!

God Damn America!”

Yep, that would be a “change” if an anti-American, hateful racist like B. Hussein Obama were to become our President.

In the past few days B. Hussein Obama has been telling the NY Times and other media that he was just an innocent member of the church who only went there to worship God. He told the NY Times that he came to that church because a brochure promised a church dedicated to worship. He says that over 20 years of regular membership, weddings, baptisms, and regular Sunday meetings he was “unaware” of Rev. Wright's flagrant racism and anti-American hatred. We are not that stupid, and we don't believe Hussein Obama is that stupid. A man might be excused for going to one meeting or a racist group, or perhaps two, until he figured out the racist hate the group was preaching. But no man supports the KKK for 20 years, nor the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago without knowing exactly what their program and prejudice was all about. We now know exactly why Mrs. Obama has not respected America all her adult life, and why B. Hussein Obama refuses to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. Obama is an anti-American hater, anti-white racist who fully supported “God Damn America” for 20 years. No decent American of any race should support that kind of racist anti-American hate. He has no legitimate place in American politics. Instead of being elected, Hussein and his pastor should both be rejected from the America they both so vehemently hate.

It's time for B. Hussein "God Damn America" Obama to resign from politics and drop out of the election of the President of the United States.

UPDATE March 18, 2008
B. Hussein Obama addressed these issues today. He blamed “whitey” for his own and Rev. Wright's hatred of America. He refused to distance himself form Rev. “God Damn America” Wright.

In his speech about race in America, Hussein Obama talked about his grandmother, but not about his grandfather. Hussein Obama talked about his mother, but not about his father. Hussein Obama turned his back on his father many years ago, turned his back on his father's religion. Hussein Obama is a man who turns his back on his father and grandfather. I find that offensive, a mangina, a pussy whipped jackal without morals or social value.

Obama and his kind of racist hate, and his kind of anti-American hate, has no legitimate place in American politics. Instead of being elected, Hussein and his pastor should both be rejected from the America they both so vehemently hate.

Read Here

Read Here

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Fruit of Feminism is Death

For more than a century and a half lesbian feminists have worked hard to destroy families and create a lesbian wet dream utopia where all children will be raised by single mothers. The common definition of “family” used by major media now translates as “a mother and her children.” Fathers are eschewed by feminist dominated culture as some “patriarchal” relics from a bygone era. But despite all the feminazi misandry, the role of fathers in a family is vitally necessary for a safe and effective society. Children growing up without fathers do so much less well in their lives that single momism ought to be called criminal child abuse. Among the probably outcomes of single mothers raising children without a father's love and guidance are almost 90% of criminals and crime.

In North Carolina recently we have seen two Universities with large Feminist Hate Departments beginning to reap the fruits of feminism and its destruction of good families. At Duke University they still profess feminist hate despite the ongoing disgrace of the Hate 88. In January of this year, Indian graduate student Abhijit Mahato was shot to death a few blocks from the campus in Durham, NC. A few miles away the University of North Carolina has preached and taught misandrist feminist hate since 1976. In early March, Eve Carson, student body President of the University of North Carolina was gunned down on a street in Chapel Hill, NC.

The blue gun thugs now tell us that both killings were done by young men named Lawrence Alvin Lovette, and Demario James Atwater. Both young men were raised in feminist single-mother homes without fathers. Both were the product of feminism. Both are the expected result of destroying families and professing hate. These killings are the inevitable result of feminist destruction of families.

The killings will continue. They are the fruits of hate and destruction of families so actively professed by both Duke University and University of North Carolina. They profess hate and teach destruction. They are now reaping the destruction they have sown.

Read story

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To own and bear ARMS!

The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is supposed to protect the right of the people to own "regular" military "ARMS!" The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to preserve for the people the ability to attack, destroy, and replace a government that has become tryannical. It has nothing at all to do with hunting or recreational rifles. If it takes tanks and artilliary to take down a tyranical government that is the right of the preople. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and their friends all believed in and practiced that kind of popular democracy.

Real power ALWAYS comes at the point of arms. Real freedom only exists when the men who would be free are willing and able to own and bear arms effectively.

For more reading see Second Amendment

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Shitzer -- Hate Monger of the Year

New York Governor Elliot Shitzer has long been one of the most offensive assholes in America. Before being Governor he was the State Lieyer General. He made a career of destroying men and sending men to Attica or Auschwitz or hell by any other name. Just last month Mr. Elliot Shitzer lobbied through the NY Legislature a tough new hate law extending the torment and abuse of his police state for sex workers and their customers. But all the while Mr. Shitzer was living a big lie. Even while he public ally denounced prostitutes and their customers, Mr. Shitzer was a frequent customer of prostitution.

Among the evils that Mr. Shitzer has done was to attack American business and the men who make American business work. He continually used and abused the police state power for shake downs, extortion, and destruction of good men. His extortion of business men caught up with him. Some business men in the banking business looked into Shitzer's banking transactions. His enemies among the good men of New York discovered that Mr. Shitzer was laundering large sums of money in his own accounts. Money laundering is a federal crime, so the federal banking regulators were notified. Shitzer had to show where his money had gone, was it sent to terrorists? His high cost whoring was exposed to the public. His opposition to prostitution was for we the people, not for him.

Laws against prostitution in America began in the 19th century when lesbian feminazi teamed up with fundamentalist Christians to oppose men's pleasures including sex and alcohol. Feminism has long had a divide between horny free sex straight women and lesbian perverts who hate men, hate families, and eschew normal sexual relationships. The straight feminists have never been the leaders of misandrist feminism. Feminism has always been directed by lesbian pervert lolly lickers who think of normal sex as “sleeping with the enemy.” The lolly licker perverts want females to own and control men as slaves and serpents. They recognize that starving men for sex is one tool that can be used to control and dominate men. The availability of legal prostitution at reasonable prices prevents feminists from using deprivation of sex as a weapon to control men. So 19th century lesbian feminists began their attacks on prostitution across America. They formed a destructive alliance with Christian fundamentalists who opposed pleasure as “sin.” Front organizations such as the “Women's Christian Temperance Union” were formed to campaign against men and manly pleasure. The thousands of women who worked in the sex trades were hated by lesbian feminist perverts because they “sleep with the enemy.” The feminist alliance was successful in getting prostitution banned legally in all US States and alcohol banned by the federal femernment. After a while the people woke up and repealed alcohol prohibition, but we have not been able to repeal the state by state feminist prohibition on sex trades.

His exposure as a customer of prostitution gave Shitzer a golden opportunity to talk to us as an honest man, a man who speaks what he does. Had Shitzer been honest he would have told us that he supports and enjoys prostitution. If Governor Shitzer was a man of honor he would pardon all the sex workers and all the Johns who have been arrested by his blue gun thugs during his term as Governor. But Shitzer is dishonest to his core. Instead of being honest and honorable he gives us a phony apology for his supposed “failings.” But his failings are his dishonesty and hypocrisy, not his use of sex workers to enjoy an evening of entertainment. He has not apologized for his real failings at all. He only continues to be a disgusting piece of filth that needs to be eradicated from our society.

For his dishonesy, for his dishonorable behavior, for his lying, for his assault on decent men and women, for his support of feminsit hate, for his pandering to blue gun thugs, and for generally being a lying piece of crap, Governor Elliot Shitzer is hereby named Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year – 2007

Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year -- 2007

Governor Elliot Shitzer

To all the voters of New York, you have gotten a little start on cleaning up your state, but the state of New York is one of the most corrupt and most feminist in the world. Filthy Turd Shitzer is only the tip of the shitberg. May he rot in hell, and sooner rather than later.

News story
More here

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

History and Stupidity of Railroads

We live near a medium size city. Its far enough away from other cities that it takes several hours to drive to larger cities. An airplane flight can get to bigger cities in an hour, more or less, but flight time is only a part of the time a flight takes. Air transport today is plagued by delays and complications. You have to get to the airport 2 hours ahead, park your car, maybe take a bus to the terminal, stand in the check in line, check your baggage, stand in the security line, take your shoes off, get the special security inspection, walk 2 miles to Gate E-24, wait, wait, wait, get on the plane and squeeze in like a sardine in a can, wait, etc. A one hour flight often takes 5 hours counting the time going to the airport and getting back from the airports which are always located way out of town. And that's if the flight happens when its supposed to.

Airplanes also are plagued by delays in bad weather. A storm in the Midwest will wipe out schedules in half of the US as planes back up and flights are canceled in San Francisco. With all the problems of flying, my wife has been wanting to take a train going into the big city. Right at first a train sounds like a good idea. Trains aren't so dependent on weather. They load in old stations in the center of town. They take 5 hours to travel the same distance, and for short to medium trips the total time is competitive with air travel. Trains have significant advantages over flying. The seats are larger and more comfortable. You aren't all crammed into half size seats like sardines in a tin can. You can get up and walk up and down to stretch your legs. You can go to the snack bar and buy a sandwich or soda if you get hungry or thirsty. You don't have the hair raising takeoffs and landings. The windows are larger so you can see the country as you go by. Your “carbon footprint” for a seat mile on a train is much lower than in an airplane. Overall a train would be the be choice way of travel for short and medium trips. It has numerous advantages.

But there is a problem. The train companies have abandoned passengers.

GETTING TO THE STATION: If you drive to the train station you won't have to pay the high parking prices of the airport parking garage. There is no parking garage, no lot, no place to park at all. You can't drive to the train station and park your car. There also is no off-site parking lots with bus service to the station. You might as well forget that.

SCHEDULES: If you want to take a train at a convenient schedule you are in luck, if you really enjoy 3 AM red eye departures. In our city they don't even open the train station until midnight. The passenger trains coming and going all run between 12:30 AM and 2:45 AM. Is that a convenient hour for passengers or what? Would any man or woman get up and drive to the station to leave on a trip at 2:45 AM if they had a choice? Does any airline or bus company schedule their trips at 2:45 AM for the convenience of the customer?

Trains have a lot of advantages over air transportation for short and medium distances, but the railroad companies have never used anything but history and stupidity for management. The railroads have whined for years that passenger trains were killed by automobiles and airplanes, but that is a very narrow and wrong claim. Passenger trains were killed by bad management of the railroads. For the whole century from 1850 to 1950 the railroad barons had enjoyed a monopoly position on transportation. Passengers had to put up with their crap or walk. Sure, on a few lines they competed with each other. You had a choice of rail lines between Chicago and New York City. But for most of the rest of the country there was only one train, and we passengers had to conform or walk. That monopoly arrogance still dominates the railroad today.

Before cars and air transportation were competing effectively, the trains had a monopoly attitude. Back when I was a child I remember going to the train station at midnight with my parents to welcome my uncle, aunt, and cousins who were coming to visit. How many parents with small children want to be out at the train station at midnight? Not very many. Not very many people without children would travel at midnight given a choice. By the 1960s passengers could choose airlines and buss that traveled in the daytime. Airlines and buss lines had to compete by offering convenience for the passengers. They didn't have the luxury of telling the passengers “My way or the highway.” By the 1960s, too many passengers had the option of taking the highway. Eventually the arrogance and monopoly management of the railroads drove off most of their paying passengers. Passenger trains went from a big profit market to a money losing legacy in the US.

In response to the demise of the money losing trains the US Government created a tax funded money losing monopoly railroad passenger service, Amtrack. Amtrack gets paid more per passenger carried than the price of an airplane ticket, If you read the Amtrack budgets and whining to Congress it looks very much like rail passenger service is a money losing business. The costs per passenger are much greater than they can charge for tickets. But the kicker in the whine is the “per passenger.” Most railroad costs are fixed per train, not per passenger. A train with twice as many cars carrying twice as many passenger costs little more than the same train with only a few half empty cars. Passenger trains lose money because the monopoly policies of the railroad minds have not changed. Their arrogance and poor service has driven off the passengers.

The only part of the US where passenger trains sill operate at a profit is the eastern corridor between Washington, DC and Boston, MA. Trains run in daylight, catering to passengers. It takes little longer to go by train from NYC to Boston than to fly, and has many advantages. The same comfort and convenience could make profits and serve the public in many other areas, but arrogant monopolistic thinking of the robber barons still dominates railroading. They still base their management on history and stupidity. In my part of the US, the trains are still being run as if long distance, cross continent travel is the only reason for rail travel. That was marginally the case a century ago when rails first joined California to the east, but the railroad barons have not progressed into the last half of the twentieth century. Trains averaging 50 mph cannot compete with a 500 mph airplane on a 2,000 mile trip. The idiots who run trains don't care, they get government subsidies to provide useless and unwanted rail service at 2:45 AM.

There is a big business opportunity here, and between many nearby cities. A “light rail” train could be operated back and forth between cities during daylight hours. Passenger trains don't need to be the same structural weight as freight cars which hold a hundred tons of freight. Each train could easily carry as many passengers as 2 or 4 of the airplanes that now fly back and forth between nearby cities. The crew of 1 train would be fewer and lower paid than the air “captains” who drive the buses of the sky. Less fuel cost, less crew cost, less terminal cost, and less security cost would all give the trains an economic advantage. Trains could easily provide benefits in passenger comfort and convenience that airplanes cannot. Trains could stop in 3 or 4 convenient places along the line through the city instead of making all the passengers drive 10 or 20 miles out of town to catch a plane. There are many advantages of rail transportation on short trips between nearby cities.

Car parking lots or garages could be provided near train stations. Parking lots are another profitable business that railroads today don't even provide. It would even be possible for railroads to allow passengers to bring their cars on the train for an additional fee. Having our car when we get there instead of having to rent one is a huge advantages the airlines could never hope to match. The cost of bringing the car along would only have to be competitive with car rental costs.

Travel time on a train would be less than total time for air travel on shorter trips. Travel time would be approximately equal to air or bus service for medium distances. Only for long distances does the airplane have a serious advantage. The greater speed of airplanes overcomes the 4 hour airport time in distances over 400 miles. Today's cross country Amtrack trains will probably never be feasible or economic. It just doesn't make economic sense to spend 4 days on a train across the country when you can be there today on a plane. But it does make economic sense to travel in greater comfort and safety on short trips when the total time is about equal.

Bob, for one, hates airplanes. I hate the sardine cans. I hate the cramped seats. I hate the confinement. I hate having to be crammed shoulder against shoulder with strangers in seats that are only designed to cram as many people as possible into a small space. I hate the personal insult of the security checks, and the “special” security checks. I hate not being able to carry my pocket knife, and to be searched like a common dog. I hate opening my luggage and finding it all disheveled by the baggage searching. When I'm going to the big city I would love to have a passenger friendly comfortable train to ride instead of the sardine cans in the sky. I want decent railroad passenger service. It is just not being offered today.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chemical Janet must hang!

In Iraq the court has sentenced Ali Hassan al-Majid, better known in the west as “Chemical Ali” to death by hanging. The sentence has caused a political dispute. Read Story here

Chemical Ali was the man in the government of Saddam Hussein who carried out the chemical warfare on some villages in Iraq, killing Iraqi men, women, and children with internationally banned (WMD) poison gas. Saddam Hussein has already been hanged for the crime, and Chemical Ali is now under a death sentence.

Around the world there are 2 nations who used internationally banned (WMD) poison gas on a village of their own citizens. There are 2 national leaders who used poison gas to kill dozens of men, women, and children of their own country. The other nation was the United States. President Bill Clinton, and Chemical Janet (Reno) assaulted the Branch Dravidian village near Waco, Texas with “CS” gas, a derivative of Cyanide and banned for warfare by international convention. After gassing the men, women, and children, Bill Clinton and Chemical Janet had the village burned in hopes of hiding their crime of chemical gas warfare against American citizens.

Read story
Read story

Now that Iraq President Saddam Hussein has been hanged and Chemical Ali is sentenced to hang, what about the other international grade terrorists who are so evil they use chemical warfare poison gas to annihilate a whole village of peaceful men, women, and children? Criminal poison gas killer Bill Clinton and Chemical Janet are every bit as guilty as Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali. Both of these evil terrorists should be arrested and hanged. Their legion of FBI thugs who carried out the gas attack on innocent citizens should all hang with them.

As the survivors of Mt. Carmel once asked,

“Is your church BATF approved?”