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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Feminist Hate Propaganda Rag Bites The Dust

Medial News Group, Inc., publisher of the leftist propaganda rags, Denver Post and San Jose Mercury News, is filing for bankruptcy. They join a growing list of bankrupt fish wrap that includes the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and NY Times. For several decades these left wing ideologues have been promoting leftist/feminist political hate posing as news. Editorials are fine in newspapers, but they should be identified as opinion and limited to the Editorial section. Leftist/feminist hate media converted its front pages to political propaganda a couple of decades ago. Real news is not available on their pathetic rags without the filter and spin of leftist political hate. News articles are selected to make a point. For example, news of men acting badly, to push feminist misandry, is published day after day in bold headlines, while news of females acting badly is rarely mentioned at all. Any event that is anti-American or anti-men was front page headlines.

The people have gotten tired of their liberal/feminist hate. In NY City the NY Times lost readership and revenue year after year until they went bankrupt and had to sell out to foreign interests. Across town the competing Wall Street Journal continues to gain readers and profits. People will pay for actual news. People won't pay for a steady diet of liberal/feminist hate. The Denver Post chose to work their owners into bankruptcy rather than stop their hate.

Congratulations Media News. Congratulations Denver Post. Congratulations San Jose Mercury. You got just what you deserved. Hate deserves to fail. May your bankrupt policies and hate rhetoric be relegated to the past.

These leftist rags will apparently reopen with new owners under a bankruptcy plan. If the new owners want to stay in business, they must fire the hate monger editors and writers who killed the papers. Only a change away from all hate all the time can save the publications.

Yahoo News Story

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you keep beating on a MAN!

If you keep beating on a MAN, sooner or later he's going to fight back. Pennsylvania gun thug Paul Richey learned that the hard way when he returned to the home of hero Michael Smith. Gun thug Richey had been harassing Mr. Smith, interfering with his life, and stealing his property for more than 13 years. Often the blue gun thugs were called by his wife or her lying cow sister. Finally Mr. Smith had had enough and refused to accept their evil anti-men hate any more.

Blue gun thug Richey volunteered to go out to bully Mr. Smith because he had previous experience beating up Mr. Smith, and thought it was just another bully opportunity. After all, Mr. Smith had been bullied by the gun thugs for more than 13 years and had never raised his defenses. It was just that kind of bully boy violence that gets the adrenalin going for blue gun thugs like Richey. But today wouldn't be like all the other times that Mr. Smith had been bullied. This time, Mr. Smith would fight back.

Blue gun thug records show that they had stolen Mr. Smith's .30-30 once before, but somehow he had eventually gotten it back. This time Mr. Smith would put the .30-30 to good use fighting back against police state tyranny. This time effective gun control was put into application. This time Mr. Smith wasn't going down without a fight. This time, blue bully boy Richey would get his just comeuppance.

Ms. Hyphenated-Smith had whined, bitched, and called the blue gun thugs to bully her husband one time to many. She was found dead in her bedroom chair.

Officer Shot
Gun Thug Richey -- Diseased

Blue gun thug Richey died while getting out of his pigmobile. He has bullied his last man. May he burn in hell with his Satanic master.

See Yahoo News Story.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Life After Women

Have you watched the History Channel's After People series? It presumes that all the people suddenly vanish, and predicts how decay and time would slowly reclaim all the artifacts that people have constructed. But Bob wondered, what would happen if only half of the people vanished?

Life after Men What would happen if all the men suddenly vanished?

1 day After Men.
The electricity has stopped, the grid went down and the lights went out, the cash registers and dish washers quit working. The few female engineers and technicians who work in utilities, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries are unable to cope with the scale of the problems. There are not enough hands to run plants and production facilities. The electric grid is the first to go. Credit cards don't work. Checkout scanners don't know how to process sales without the computers. Few trucks are moving. Food and product deliveries to stores have stopped.

1 week After Men
The water and sewer systems have failed in most communities. Natural gas has stopped. Homes have lost heating and lighting. Without deliveries of food there are shortages, many women are already going hungry. The food in freezers rotted when the electricity stopped. Even for women who work at food production plants, there are no deliveries or product distribution, and the machines don't work without electricity or water. Shoe stores have closed. Cars stop working for lack of gasoline.

1 month After Men
City women are starving. There is no economy. Some have banded together in girl gangs going from house to house fighting and killing for remaining canned food. Stores have been looted. On a few farms some farm women are still eating and farming, but fuel shortages will soon stop their tractors. Already about 10% of women have died of famine, disease, and violence. The government has collapsed because all the staffers can't function without managers and while “needs” for welfare have skyrocketed, there are no resources to provide for any of them. None of the staffers can function without the computers, phones, utilities, and resources anyway, even if they could get along without the 80% of taxes that men formerly paid. Medical care has pretty much disappeared unless you happen know a nurse or female doctor. The big hospitals have no supplies, utilities or lighting so they are closed. Schools and Universities have closed.

1 year After Men
A few women are still surviving in cities, finding caches of left over food, cooking on wood fires. Buildings are falling apart. Several cities burned after the firemen vanished. There are no replacements for guns, tools, and implements. Very few clothing or shoes are being produced. There are no surviving vehicles that still run. 90% of women have died. Some farm women harvest a few vegetables by hand.

10 years After Men
The death toll is well over 99% worldwide. A few women have formed small tribes and learned to hunt, particularly women who were from rural areas. They live in fear of wandering groups of violent thieves, but the number of remaining thieves is diminishing. In rural Africa some tribal women are still herding cows. In the Amazon jungle some women still plant yams with remaining steel knives.

100 years After Men
The last woman died 50 years ago. Nature is reclaiming the planet.

Life After Women What would happen if all the women suddenly vanished?

1 day After Women
Confusion reigns as businesses scramble to adjust to the missing female employees. Grocery and retail managers have to do the checkout scanning, but there are fewer customers so it works out. Billing clerks are missing from large corporations. Credit card companies have lost 89% of their clients.

1 week After Women
Retail shops are starting to adjust. Stores selling primarily to women are closing up. 95% of shoe stores have closed. Deliveries and production of food and supplies continues normally except in a few industries where women worked in some number. Managers are assessing possible cuts in production since men are not consumers of frivolous stuff. Electricity, gas, water, and other systems have continued to function normally.

1 month After Women
Retail sales overall are down to about 25% of previous totals. Men are finding that they have a lot more disposable income and are starting to think about buying a new car, fishing boat or snowmobile. Some economic shifting is still going on as the economy adjusts. Women amounted to over 75% of retail sales, ¾ of medical services, and the majority of most other consumption. Governments are short handed because most of their staffs are not there, but the recipients of most of their welfare services are no longer in need so the remaining government staff is more than necessary. The Congress is even thinking about cutting taxes. Social Security system is way over funded, for example, since men formerly paid 80% of SS taxes and received only 20% of benefits. Most other insurance programs have a similar financial unbalance. The stock market is beginning to recover.

1 year After Women
The government has cut taxes to less than half of previous amounts, and still has a big surplus. Thousands of empty boarded up shopping malls and stores line our streets. Gas prices have plummeted. Most men have few expenses and lots of spending money. Production has finally been balanced with demand as manufacturers adjusted to the reduced consumption. Some industries such as fishing and recreation have boomed. At work, men can tell jokes without watching over their shoulders to avoid being fired for “harassment.” All the homeless men have been offered good jobs.

10 years After Women
Independent research groups in Paris, Pennsylvania, and Tokyo have invented artificial wombs. The first generation of motherless boys is already being raised. The economies throughout the world are having boom times. Men are getting together in sports leagues, fishing groups, and recreation associations. The White Sox won the Series twice.  Life is good.

100 years After Women
The average life span of men has increased by 10 years since the reduced stress. Some scientists suggested recreating females by gene splicing techniques and they were promptly forced out of their careers. Peace and prosperity have taken over the earth. Without women to fight for there isn't much point in fighting wars. World population has declined to a sustainable level and stayed there. Prosperity and plenty are endemic everywhere.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

DEA Corruption Revealed!

In Ohio the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA has been falsifying “evidence” and lying to courts for several years. Many men have been sent to Auschwitz based on government lies and fraud under the DEA. For the past 19 years, corrupt DEA swine Lee Lucas has been committing perjury to various courts. Mr. Lee understood that he was following DEA operating procedure to take men off the streets and send as many men to hell as possible. His corruption is only the tip of the iceberg of corruption, lies and hate that is the normal process at DEA.

The good news about Pig Lee's arrest and trial is that many men who are now rotting in hell will be released. There is a slim chance that the public who end up on juries in the Criminal Injustice System will be less likely to believe all the lies of the DEA and other pigs.

Prohibition always causes massive organized crime and corruption in government. Under the several decades of American prohibition on various drugs there have been millions of good men sent to hellhole prisons. Its time to end the corruption, end the crime, and end the so-called “war on drugs” which only ever has been waged against men.

Yahoo News story

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Periodic Housekeeping Notice

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To the feminazi who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity to offer any comment other than the usual feminazi attack on the person. Too bad, toots. I get a laugh from your hisssy fit, and then it gets deleted.

To the blue gun thugs who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity of swine. Your pathetic attempts at comments are sometimes published for laughs and public education.