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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Its time to get angry about being lied to

For the past 30 years our government has been lying to us about what they called "global warming."  They created a lot of fraudulent faux science and claimed that their "computer models" could predict the climate 100 years out.  Politicians like Algore and O'liar sold phony "carbon credits" and scammed us for $$ Billions.  They handed out wheel barrows of OUR money to willing accomplices pretending to be scientists for producing nonsense pretending to be science all loaded with fudged, and faked data.  Any serious scientist who disagreed with their fraud was called names like "denier" and often just fired.  For example the Washington State Environmentalist, a scientist and Professor with decades of reputation at their largest State University was fired for daring to question the science claimed by the Governor's political support for "global warming." 


Like all houses built of cards it eventually comes tumbling down.  The earth has natural warm and cold cycles, and always has had.  They are not controlled or even affected by anything humans can do.  This sun has natural warmer and not so warm cycles with power far beyond anything that mere humans can do.  For millions of years humans have always thrived during warm cycles and starved to death during cold cycles.  Something like a third of the whole population of Europe died from famine, disease, and other cold related causes during the medieval cold times sometimes called "The Little Ice Age."  We should be praying FOR global warming,  We do well, prosper, thrive, survive when the sum makes it warm.   When it turns cold our crops fail, we freeze, we starve, we die. 

Faux climatologists have demonstrated that they aren't even capable of looking out the window to see what is going on today.  Yet they expected us to believe that they can predict the climate a century from now.  The time scale was carefully selected to allow them to get filthy rich by taking OUR money before it becomes obvious that they lied, but not so long that nobody would worry about it.  Well, we are now in the time that it should be obvious to everyone that they lied, lied, and lied.  We should be angry that we were lied to.  We should be angry that they put their lies into school books and taught our children their lies.  We should be more angry if we believed their lies.  We should be very angry if we sent money or supported lying politicians and organizations who pushed the fraud.  We should be extremely angry about all the laws, regulations that killed jobs and put so many of our friends and neighbors out of work.


Lying politicians led by O'liar and his NOAA and NASA faux scientists are still pumping out reams of falsified data and pushing lies about "global warming."  Now they call it "climate change" because after 30 years there is no global warming.   Lying media led by the NY Times propagandists are still obediently publishing lies about warming even while NY is having record snow and ice storms.  People are and animals dying from cold on every continent north of the equator.  Atlanta is suffering from ice and snow storms.  The Great Lakes have become large sheets of ice.  We really ought to be very angry at O'liar and his regime. 

For real science that shows the continual NASA and NOAA falsified data see the web site called Real Science.