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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Land of the controlled and abused!

America was once called "The land of the free." Today that description is far from truthful. For example, our government makes it illegal for us to purchase many products, and requires us to pay for permission to buy many others. One of the most heinous violations of our freedom and privacy is the government sponsored monopoly of the American Medical Association, AMA. They hold legal power to authorize or prevent individuals from purchasing medicine that may be needed to relieve suffering or prevent death. The primary purpose of the AMA monopoly is the same as all monopolies, to limit access and thereby raise prices for its members. Our government makes it a crime for us to purchase medicines or medical treatment without permission from the abusive and expensive members of its legal monopoly. Millions of people can't afford the exorbitant prices charged by the monopoly as its members get rich on the backs of the sick. Millions of people die when they can't afford to pay for permission to purchase medicine they need.

The poor aren't the only ones to suffer from the abusive monopoly. A news story today reports that Rush Limbaugh was arrested for failing to carry paperwork on his person which demonstrated that an AMA member had authorized him to posses a popular medication. "WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.,,, A sheriff's office spokesman said it didn't have Limbaugh's name on it, but that of two doctors." For failure to have the proper paperwork the blue gun thugs captured and imprisoned Limbaugh, a very abusive exercise in police state tyranny.

I find it very offensive to have to submit to the physical abuse of the process at doctor's offices, particularly when I am in pain or suffering from disease. I find it very offensive that I am prohibited from seeking services from competitive providers. I find it very offensive that I am not allowed to purchase medications that I may need without first paying $100 or perhaps far more and convincing a member of the AMA monopoly to allow me to make the purchase. America was once a free country. Until the end of the 19th century the medical business was not a controlled monopoly. Until the end of the 19th century there was freedom in America.

Today I can find on-line all the same information that doctors have about each medication, what they treat, what they are used for, and what cautions I should know. If I want the advice and counsel of a doctor, fine, let me go find one and hire his help. If I don't want one I should be a free man who may make my own choices, good or bad. My choice is MY RIGHT, not the control and domination of an abusive money grubbing government and it's monopoly. None of us are free men while our very lives are held ransom to an oppressive monopoly. Pay or die, pay or suffer, pay and pay. Many people can't pay and die. Many more men in particular are offended by their abusive monopoly process and refuse their services and eventually die. Land of the free? Poppycock!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Murderous FBI LIES

One down, a hundred thousand to go! The lying gun thugs of the FBI planned the destruction of life for 6 men who were working at a federal prison. The FBI tried to arrest 6 MEN. By "arrest" they mean that they plan to physically capture, chain, imprison, and destroy the lives of 6 MEN. The lying bastards of the FBI publish their lies saying that "there wouldn't be any violence," as if being bodily ripped from your life and everything you own or are, and cast into hell, is not violence. "It just didn't come down exactly as planned," said FBI agent Michael Folmar. "This arrest situation was done in a manner to be very controlled in a situation where nobody would have any weapons and we could take this down so there wouldn't be any violence." Read story By "nobody would have any weapons" the lying scum FBI bastard means that only the always violent FBI would be heavily armed. Instead of quietly going into FBI prison hell one brave man, Ralph Hill resisted. He was immediately killed by the "non violent" FBI murderous thugs who bring heavy arms to "non violent" arrests.

It is worth noting that the FBI gun thugs are cannibals. These 6 MEN worked for them, guarding prisoners at one of their prisons. It was a women's prison, more of a campus than the garish hellholes where they send men, but they worked for the same government department. All gun thugs and their employees think they are part of "us," not "them." They are after "them," willing to destroy "their" lives and cast "them" into hell. It is "us" against "them." These MEN learned that working for the enemies of MEN won't protect anyone. The FBI is a gang of mindless evil that destroys everything it touches and is just as willing to feed on itself than any other MEN.

The six MEN didn't weakly bend over and allow the FBI gun thug goons to destroy them, they didn't all kneel before the chopping block, they didn't all go quietly into hell without a fight. One of the MEN resisted, he fought back against the VIOLENT atrocities being done to him and his friends by the evil gun thugs. The lying scum describe the violent destruction of six MEN as "a routine arrest." The lying scum media, CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX, all of them, casually repeat the FBI LIES, and are as guilty of lying violence as the dead gun thug. It's only tragic that Ralph Hill wasn't able to eliminate more of them before he died in a hail of "not violent" FBI bullets.

For his bravery in the face of the enemies of MEN, Mr. Ralph Hill has been awarded the coveted:
Mr. Ralph Hill

May he be long remembered as a hero and martyr.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards attack US soldiers

In what can only be called a treasonous attack on honorable MEN serving in the US Armed Forces Thurston County, WA, Sheriff Gary Edwards and his hired gun thugs are prowling the Internet using sexual predator tactics to prey on service men at Fort Lewis. See story These illegal lying scum posed as young women and operated as sexual predators on-line, targeting young men in uniform. Their illegal, immoral, and treasonous attacks on our men in uniform are shocking and offensive to patriotic Americans. The so-called "crimes" that they use to persecute American soldiers amounts to NORMAL sexual feelings toward young women of marriageable child bearing age. It is now technically illegal since the feminazi, to whom bigot misandrist un-American Sheriff Gary Edwards owes his allegiance, made young women into faux-children. The lesbian feminazi hate young straight women almost as much as they hate men. "Sleeping with the enemy" is the lesbian feminazi term for straight young women. But in this case there never was a young woman involved. Sexual predator perverts working for evil misandrist Sheriff Gary Edwards posed as young women while wasting the taxpayers time and money prowling the Internet. Young men in uniform are away from home, often have no wives or girlfriends, and are easy prey for psychosexual Internet predators like Sheriff Edwards and his misandrist bigot gun thugs. Sheriff Edwards is a psychosexual Internet predator. Sheriff Edwards is an un-American traitor who uses the color of feminazi hate law to attack and destroy American service MEN. Sheriff Edwards is the worst kind of heinous scum.

Bob supports American troops who protect our country, and opposes every evil gun thug who does not. The people of Thurston County ought to run the evil Sheriff out of town on a rail.

Young whore fired

At an age when traditional women are married and starting their families, today's feminazi trained whores are living with boyfriends and whelping bastards without the benefits or obligations of marriage. Lesbian feminism teaches that "marriage oppresses women." For more than a century they have taught young women to avoid marriage and to become "independent." But for young women whose biology and hormones demand sex and children, "independence" almost always involves a series of quasi marriage "relationships" with young men. The results have been a disaster for our society. In California more than half of our children are bastards, born to single women. In other US states the rate of single momism is still below 50% but is climbing and rapidly approaching that number. Among black and other minority comminutes the percentage of bastards approaches 70% as young women abandon marriage altogether.

Human females biologically are ready to marry and begin their families around age 12 to 14 after they pass puberty and their bodies are strong and able to bear the stress of childbearing. Culturally, for all of human history, in every human society, most young women were married and beginning their families during their middle to late teenage years. In the US, the highest rate of teenage mothers bearing children since records were kept was in 1957, and almost all of them were respectable married women. But lesbian feminism hates men and hates women who live respectable lives as wives and mothers. It has taught two generations of young women to postpone marriage until their biology starts to shut down their baby making apparatus. Young women are taught to avoid the "oppression" of marriage, to get "educated," go to college, have a career, become "successful," and shack up with casual male fuck buddies if they can't bring themselves to turn lesbian. By the time most of today's young women start to figure out that marriage and children are the important part of life, not the lies told to them by feminism, they are in their late 20s or early 30s, into the declining years of female fertility. Those women who don't already have two or three bastards by two or three different men flock to fertility clinics, now a large industry, hoping to have one last chance at being a mother.

Is anyone other than a few bloggers speaking out against the tide of broken homes, single momism, and damaged children? The mass media talking heads seem to celebrate single momism in story after story. They make single mom celebrities into front page heroines for young women to follow. But there are a few brave people with moral values who support marriage and families. I ran across a story today about the managers of a skating rink who fired a young whore for eschewing marriage and shacking up with some guy who presumably keeps her pussy warm while she pursues the feminazi goals of "independence" and single momism. Marvin and Pat Miller, who own Skate Plaza, say Crystal Plotner violated the company's moral and ethics policy that prohibits live-in relationships of an intimate nature. The young whore is out on her ass, presumably looking for a new job with some company that panders to feminism and doesn't value families. Naturally the misandrist feminist ACLU is opposed to moral and family values. But despite ACLU complaints the Millers haven't caved in. Young Ms. Plotner will either have to marry and become a respectable woman or find another job. The Millers are acting out of their Christian religious morals, but the moral and cultural value of marriage is far older and much wider than Christianity. Marriage is universally human and has been a cornerstone of all human societies and religions since the first humans evolved. Only in the past century has organized feminism sought to destroy our society and caused a social disaster of unprecedented proportions.

It's time for MEN to reclaim our families, our wives, and more importantly our children. We all need to act more like the Millers and stop supporting young whores who are following the false feminist anti-family lives of "independent" whores. It's time to return to condemning females who whelp bastards. It's time to demand that our elected officials stop robbing our wallets to pay young whores for the bastards they bear. Only by making life less attractive for a young whore than for a young wife will we get our culture turned around from the massive social disaster it now is.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nothing to do with supporting children.

So-called "child support" has nothing to do with children. There is a huge government industry that takes billions of dollars from MEN and shares it among themselves. There are private corporations and government agencies that use the force of law and illegal debtor's prisons to extort funds from MEN. They use the LIE that it is for the children, but as this story so graphically displays, the "support" industry has absolutely nothing to do with supporting a child.

The idea behind so-called "child support" was first put forward by feminists at the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848. They established a goal of women abrogating their marriages, taking the children, and still forcing husbands to support them. One law which implemented this misandrist goal was the imposition of alimony. But many states refused to require alimony, or didn't require the husband to pay the greedy gold digging female as much money as she felt entitled to. Another law which implemented this misandrist goal was community property. Community property laws allow women to claim half of all the husbands hard earned assets immediately after the marriage. When these takeaway financial laws were combined with easy "no fault" divorces, the greedy misandrist females could earn a good living or even get rich by marrying and then divorcing men. But even that much money didn't satisfy the greed of the evil misandrist feminazi. And, the government saw an opportunity to greatly expand it's income and bureaucracy on the backs of emotionally destroyed fathers.

In the early 20th century the evil feminazi came up with the lie of so-called "absentee child support." Throughout human history a female brought her child to his father for support. According to paleoanthropologists marriage and the father's right to sexual access to the female and subsequent bonding with his child was one of the universal human behaviors throughout all human cultures for the past fifty thousand years. Western civilization recognized the father's right to his children throughout all of recorded history until feminism changed our culture. By a century of miseducation and lies feminism has convinced our government, and particularly their servants in the divorce industry, that our children belong to the female. The age old history of father's place in our families was overturned in the feminist century. By the end of the feminist century a family was redefined as "a mother and her children." There is no father in the feminazi definition of "family." When she uses the feminist law of "no fault divorce" to leave her hard working husband and take half of his money, she now is awarded "custody" of the children by default. Instead of taking half of his property greedy gold digging females claim that support of "her" children needs all of his property, and evil Judges, minions of Satan in black robes, bend over backwards to ignore law and judicial procedures to give her everything she wants. But even taking all of the "community" (the husband's) money was not enough to satisfy the evil greedy bitches who have become universal females in western culture. It wasn't enough to take everything the man had earned, his house, his car, his life savings. They wanted an ongoing series of payments into the future. So they invented the LIE of "child support."

Backed by greedy government bureaucrats and a huge collection industry the evil feminazi enslave ex-husbands with 20 years of indentured servitude. Indentured servitude, a form of slavery, has been illegal in the United States since the Civil War. Feminists brought it back under the false name of "child support." They claim that the father owes them money to support "his" children which they have taken away from him. They claim that he must pay them to support her children. They have converted children to pawns in their illegal game of extortion. It's not about the children. In the case of Daniel Davenport his daughter had died 11 years before, but the evil state collection agencies in three states went on and on for more than a decade extorting money from him. Were they supporting his daughter with his mony? No, like they always do they were pocketing the money. They have no intention and no process for supporting any children.

Hundreds of thousands of good men now rot in illegal debtors prisons which have been illegal in the United States since the Revolutionary War, but have been brought back and used extensively to illegally extort money from fathers. The government bureaucracies in California, Texas Kansas, and 47 other states does not care whether a child is supported or not, and in fact they have no process for supporing children. Daniel Davenport's child had been dead for more than a decade, and the state continued to collect and pocket his money because collecting money is their only motive. They didn't care that the child no longer existed because nobody is supporting the children with the money. It's not about supporting children at all. It's about forcing MEN to pay females and government bureaucrats, and that's all that it's about. It's the answer to the feminist goal of women leaving their husbands, taking the children, and still being supported.

When I owned apartments one evil tenant used her "child support" check to take her latest boyfriend to a night of gamboling and entertainment at the indian casino every month. She used the money extorted from a hard working man to have a great time with some other man who she opened her legs for. Her husband got screwed while she whored herself with any man she liked. Her children saw none of the money and never saw their fathers either. It's not about children, it's about forcing men to "pay." If you read anything the evil feminazi write on the Internet they always use the term "pay" instead of support. A father supports his children by putting an extra plate on his table at dinner time, by putting a bed in his home, not by paying some evil feminazi who destroyed his family and stole is children.

Its time for MEN to fight the feminazi system of lies, deceit and extortion. It's time to take clear decisive action against evil government agents of Satan like Judge Weller, and the legions of faux "child support" collection hate mongers who take our money without regard to the welfare of our children. Its time for MEN to get in the face of evil politicians who vote for feminazi laws that destroy families to pay greedy evil feminazi bitches. Its time for fathers and all good men to reclaim our families and our culture.

Monday, June 12, 2006

How many families has Weller destroyed? One too many!

One of Satan's minions destroyed one family too many. On Monday "family" court Judge Chuck Weller learned that some men will fight to protect our families. In Reno, NV, the "family" court minion of Satan in black robes suddenly found a bullet in his chest while standing near a window. Gangs of heavily armed gun thugs in blue monkey suits have surrounded several city blocks looking for the father who fought for his family. These are the same gun thugs who come to your door and take your children. These evil minions hate families as much as they hate fathers, and will destroy the brave man who brought justice to the "family" court. story here

While Bob does not advocate any violent or illegal acts, one can only celebrate the bravery of the martyr who brought justice home to the misandrist court. No minion of Satan who lives by destroying families and hurting children should be allowed to live in peace. All of them should know that real MEN will fight to protect their families.

UPDATE:According to recent news reports huge gangs of gun thugs, some in blue and some wearing jungle camouflage (in a city) are scouring the west for Darren Roy Mack, a distraught man who's second family was being ripped asunder by his evil wife with lots of help from Satanic Judge Weller. His children had been taken away and he had been slapped with phony "restraining orders" which took away his rights and because of abusive and illegal gun control laws took away his pawn shop business. As a man with a "restraining order" it is now called "illegal" for him to own or pawn a gun. Federal misandrist feminazi law, in flagrant violation of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution makes him subject to ten years in prison for owning a gun, a major part of the pawn shop business. Reno Deputy Police Chief Jim Johns went on television to strut and preen his abusive and illegal gang of thugs. They stopped traffic at the Reno Airport to exercise and demonstrate their abusive power over people.

It has been reported that this is the second divorce suffered by Darren Mack. Like many men he tried to restart his life after his first family was destroyed by the agents of Satan in black robes. His second bitch turned out to be every bit as bad as his first. American women these days all believe that they are entitled to destroy men and take our children and property. Their feminist hate is reinforced by the whole illegal injustice system from hell, of which Satanic Judge Weller was a part. His second bitch, Charla Mack, found out the hard way that all MEN are not milquetoasts who go quietly into hell when they tell us to. Carla didn't live to enjoy her ill-gotten gains. Dead females don't get custody, nor collect the slavery of so-called "child support" payments for the decades that they believe themselves to be entitled.

The news is reporting that Evil Judge Weller will survive. What a shame. His kind does not deserve to walk the streets with decent people. May the evil in black robes never sleep in peace.

Numerous MEN on the Internet have applauded Mack's counter attack on the evil feminazi court system. When evil threatens, real MEN fight to defend our children and our families. Mack is a hero and martyr.

Bob is pleased to announce that for heroism and bravery in the face of the enemies of men, Mr. Darren Roy Mack has been awarded the coveted:
Golden Bull Award
Mr. Darren Roy Mack

May he be long remembered.

UPDATE June 16, 2006:
According to recent news reports Satanic Judge Weller had ordered Mack to PAY Carla $10,000 per month in alimony, extortion money paid for the sexist justification that she owned a cunt. Bob notes that dead cunts don't collect alimony. It was also reported that Mack used a Bushmaster .223 to shoot the judge. When you have serious work to do it pays to use the best. Unfortunately the small caliber high velocity .223 is less effective after passing through a window. It was less effective than a heavier round when it hit the evil agent of Satan. It is a real shame because the evil agent of Satan in the black robes of hell is alive to continue his destruction of families.

[Note: See legal notice on the left margin of Bobstruth. ]

POWs must wait.

A recent news story told us that 3 prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay POW prison have hanged themselves. Some people have been criticizing the US for holding the prisoners of war. read story Let's look at how international convention says to treat POWs.

Acceding to the Geneva Convention, POWs can be held until hostilities are over. In W.W.II, POWs captured in 1939 were held until 1945 when the war ended. POWs are not criminals who serve a definite time in prison. They are soldiers who are part of the enemy army and who were captured while actively engaging in war against the United States Army. It may be presumed that they would return to their previous activity of making war on the US and the Afghanistan government if they were released.

The question of what to do with POWs has been a thorn for a long while. In many times and places they were summarily executed by the victors. At the time of the American Revolution in 1776 it was common to exchange prisoners or collect a fee from the other army and then let them go home. Prisoners swore an oath not to engage in further hostilities. Many of the released prisoners went right back to the army where they had been before being captured. Over time armies regretted releasing prisoners because they would have to defeat or kill them again at risk of their own troops.

During the US Civil war prisoners were sent to large POW camps where they were treated very badly. They had bad food and horrible sanitary conditions. They were often beaten or shot with little or no reason. Many died of disease and injuries. After WW I, western countries adopted the Geneva Convention on the treatment of POWs. It requires countries to provide adequate food, water and shelter. Is allows mail from home and inspection by organizations such as the International Red Cross to assure that minimum standards are being met. The Geneva Convention specifies that it applies only to those men who were captured while wearing uniforms of the enemy army and identified as part of the enemy army. It excluded spies and irregular commandos or resistance movements not part of a uniformed army. In WW II, Japan did not accept the Geneva convention and used prisoners as slave labor. Half or more of them died in captivity. In Viet Nam prisoners in the "Hanoi Hilton" POW prison were frequently tortured out of cruelty and hatred.

The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were captured in Afghanistan fighting against the democratic government and American troops supporting it. They are being treated as well as POWs can expect. If they were released they would most probably return to the war against the Afghan government. It is not fun being in a POW prison until the war ends, but it's a whole lot better than other POWs have received over a lot of history in a lot of other places. They were not summarily executed upon capture. They were not used as slave labor or tortured. They do not die in large number of dysentery, disease, and abuse.

The US would like to close the POW camp and send the men home. But they can't be released until the war is over. Just this week there were several more battles between Taliban groups and Afghanistan forces. As long as the Taliban continues their war against the government and are not eliminated or decide to discontinue, the POWs are dangerous to US troops if they were returned home. How long they have to say is up to the Taliban. When the war is over they can go home.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Blue Gun Thug killing!

Blue gun thugs beat a Michigan man to death yesterday. Peter Lee , 44, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, died after a gang of thugs in blue suits started a fight with neighbors who objected to their armed highway robbery of two other men. Neighborhood residents are objecting strongly to gun thug violence in their community and have confronted the gun thugs before. Read the story Another unnamed man was beaten by the gun thugs and had to be treated for injuries at a local hospital.

The blue gun thugs richly deserve the condemnation of community groups and neighborhoods where they rob, beat up, and murder citizens. We would all be far better off if these violent thugs were disbanded and run out of our towns. They claim to "protect" us but what they do is to rob and kill, steal our children and destroy the lives of men while they prevent us from protecting ourselves. Peter Lee would be alive today.