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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Murderous FBI LIES

One down, a hundred thousand to go! The lying gun thugs of the FBI planned the destruction of life for 6 men who were working at a federal prison. The FBI tried to arrest 6 MEN. By "arrest" they mean that they plan to physically capture, chain, imprison, and destroy the lives of 6 MEN. The lying bastards of the FBI publish their lies saying that "there wouldn't be any violence," as if being bodily ripped from your life and everything you own or are, and cast into hell, is not violence. "It just didn't come down exactly as planned," said FBI agent Michael Folmar. "This arrest situation was done in a manner to be very controlled in a situation where nobody would have any weapons and we could take this down so there wouldn't be any violence." Read story By "nobody would have any weapons" the lying scum FBI bastard means that only the always violent FBI would be heavily armed. Instead of quietly going into FBI prison hell one brave man, Ralph Hill resisted. He was immediately killed by the "non violent" FBI murderous thugs who bring heavy arms to "non violent" arrests.

It is worth noting that the FBI gun thugs are cannibals. These 6 MEN worked for them, guarding prisoners at one of their prisons. It was a women's prison, more of a campus than the garish hellholes where they send men, but they worked for the same government department. All gun thugs and their employees think they are part of "us," not "them." They are after "them," willing to destroy "their" lives and cast "them" into hell. It is "us" against "them." These MEN learned that working for the enemies of MEN won't protect anyone. The FBI is a gang of mindless evil that destroys everything it touches and is just as willing to feed on itself than any other MEN.

The six MEN didn't weakly bend over and allow the FBI gun thug goons to destroy them, they didn't all kneel before the chopping block, they didn't all go quietly into hell without a fight. One of the MEN resisted, he fought back against the VIOLENT atrocities being done to him and his friends by the evil gun thugs. The lying scum describe the violent destruction of six MEN as "a routine arrest." The lying scum media, CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX, all of them, casually repeat the FBI LIES, and are as guilty of lying violence as the dead gun thug. It's only tragic that Ralph Hill wasn't able to eliminate more of them before he died in a hail of "not violent" FBI bullets.

For his bravery in the face of the enemies of MEN, Mr. Ralph Hill has been awarded the coveted:
Mr. Ralph Hill

May he be long remembered as a hero and martyr.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waco, Randy Weaver, are just two examples of FBI abuse of power. Who is watching the Watch Dogs? A FBI Sniper killed Randy Weaver's wife while she held a baby. Yes that was a real threat.

Gas em and Burn em Reno and the FBI took over from the SAS wannabes at the ATF. Their Operation code name?
Showtime. It was meant to be a Show of Force. Instead it was a debacle.
Poor intell a heavily armed Davidian Group. Koresh could have been picked up in town without media Fanfare. But it was all about their budget and visibility.

How many innocent Children died? Who was held accountable?

June 27, 2006 1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... addition to Weaver's wife, fourteen-year-old Sammy Weaver was also shot (most reports state he was shot in the back) and killed.

As for the Branch Davidians, one could guess that she did it to (gag) save the children. Now, about that swampland for sale...

June 27, 2006 11:44 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Indeed, FBI murder is commonplace. Most of the fifty women and children who died at Waco were killed by poison "CS" cyanide gas, according to autopsy reports. CS cyanide gas is a poison chemical warfare agent banned for warfare use by international conventions. It was pumped into the Davidians compound by the murderous FBI using gas dispersion tanks. Most of them were quite dead before the fire, killed by the FBI. When you read about Sadam Hussein using poison gas warfare on his own citizens, remember the FBI, Reno, and Clinton. They richly deserved to have their own office building and child care destroyed in Oklahoma City. Evil thugs who earn their living murdering women and children deserve to have their own treated in a similar manner.

June 28, 2006 6:30 AM  

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