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Friday, July 15, 2005

Democrats Never Learn from their losses

An open letter sent to feminazi Senators Murray and Cuntwell, D-WA

Both of these misandrist bigots are sponsors of the bill to renew VAWA.

"Each year, I fight to strengthen VAWA programs, to increase
funding, and to help raise awareness," Senator Murray

========== Bob's Letter =================
Senator Cantwell,
Senator Murray,

I notice that your web site has "Women's Issues" but no "Men's Issues." Your anti-men sexism is blatantly obvious.

I'm writing about your misandrist support of the VAWA renewal.

It's time for the Democratic party to stop the hate, to quit being the hate party, to get some new programs. Democrats have lost control of the Congress and the White House by supporting hate programs such as the VAWA. It's time to change.

Hate does not make a political party into the party of the people.

Get a new program. Stop supporting VAWA HATE. Let it die.


WA voter.

========= Ms. Cuntwell's form reply ==============
Maria Cantwell United States Senator

Dear Bob,

Thank you for contacting to me regarding funding for the Violence Against Women Act. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

As you may know, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was originally enacted in 1994 as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. I supported that legislation during my tenure in the House of Representatives.

The VAWA represents a federal response to the problem of violence against women. The original act rewrote federal criminal law in several respects, including creating penalties for interstate stalking or domestic abuse, strengthening penalties and requiring restitution for repeat sexual offenders, rendering a victim's past sexual behavior inadmissible in federal cases, and allowing a federal judge to order HIV testing of alleged rapists. The act also created a grant program to improve law enforcement in cases of violent crimes against women, rape prevention and education programs, and funds for battered women's shelters. The Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization this year.

As you may know, funding authorized by the Violence Against Women Act is appropriated under the Commerce, Justice, Science and the Judiciary (CJS) appropriations bill. These programs were funded at $387 million for fiscal year 2005. A bill to reauthorize VAWA has not yet been introduced in the Senate. Please be assured that I will work with my colleagues to improve and update programs, increase funding where appropriate, and provide my enthusiastic support for this important program as the Senate begins the reauthorization process later this year.

Again, thank you for writing to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at

========= Posted to men's on-line groups ==============

E-mail from: Maria Cantwell United States Senator

Do they ever read any of the mail we send them? NOT!

She sends the same old form letter assuming concurrence with her misandrist sponsorship of the bill to renew VAWA.

They probably just count, 342 voters concerned about VAWA, and never bother to notice if they are for or against, nor how much harm they have done to families and children.


========== A reply from an on-line group ================

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> Exact duplicate of the one I got from senator Jeff Bingaman.
> When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

==============Bob's response =====================

Bingeman, Cuntwell and perhaps half the Democraps in Washington DC, probably are too lazy to write their own letters.

The letter I originally sent suggested that the Democratic party has lost so many elections and control of all government branches that they badly need to change their hate mongering message, and the VAWA is one piece of hate that they ought to start with. Fostering hate in not a way to unite people in a political party. Unfortunately the Democraps are so sow headed they can't figure out that the same old hate that lost them the last several elections isn't working any more.

Here is how I replied to Msandrist Cuntwell's e-mail. If they reply at all it will probably be another of the same form letters. They are too stupid to listen to voters.


=========== e-mail reply to Cuntwell =============

Msandrist Cantwell,

Thank you for replying. I am forwarding your misandrist response to various men's action groups so they can see how badly misandrist you are and how little attention you give to the years of violent destruction of families you have caused.

Cheney, WA

=========== posted on-line group ===========

TO: "Politically Active Families -- Washington"

E-mail from: Maria Cuntwell Misandrist United States Senator

Do they ever read any of the mail we send them? NOT!

She sends the same old form letter assuming concurrence with her
misandrist sponsorship of the bill to renew VAWA.

They probably just count, 342 voters concerned about VAWA, and never
bother to notice if they are for or against, nor how much harm they
have done to families and children.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

NASA -- Same F***ing Story.

According to a published report, "Some engineers had pushed for further testing at the pad before committing to a liftoff, but were overruled by top managers who concluded that the replacement of cables, the electronics box and the tank itself was ample."

Management at NASA never changes.

NASA Management overruled engineers who said the "O" rings might cause a disaster. Challenger died in a huge explosion.

NASA Management overruled engineers who said the insulation falling off was a problem. Columbia flamed out over Texas.

NASA Management now overrules engineers who say that faulty fuel gages are a problem -- after one previous flight damn near didn't reach orbit because of the same problem.

Every time one of them crashes Congress holds hearings and demands fundamental changes at NASA management, and every time NASA promises that they have re-organized and changed the way they do business. But every F***ing time NASA management operates exactly the same as before.

It seem that the only way to change NASA is to fire every one of it's current administrative and management employees, close the entire organization, and start over with people who never worked for NASA previously. Until and unless something drastic is done it will be more of the same. NASA management will continue to do what it always does, ignore the safety and flight risk concerns if it's own engineering staff.

"We felt like we had a good system," deputy shuttle program manager Wayne Hale said at a grim-faced news conference Wednesday.

Not just fired, they all ought to be held criminally liable for the cost of the delay and any lives that have been lost. Every one of the NASA Management ought to get 10 to 20 for this current fiasco. Maybe the next batch would learn something.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Black racism continues.

The NAACP is being reported in news articles today attacking conservatives and the Bush administration. See story.

The only real difference between the NAACP and the KKK is the color of their skins and the flavor of their racism. There is no fundamental moral difference between this racism and that racism. Anyone who supports any kind of racism is making a strong argument for the validity of racism in general, and thus supports the morality of opposing racism.


Feds violate Constitution.

US Constitution: Amendment V "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, ... nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;..."

Black robed minions of Satan and their US Department of Injustice, DOI, lieyer lackeys ignored the US Constitution once again and are destroying the lives of MEN who have already been once before tried and not convicted of a crime. On Monday, July 11, 2005, they began what they like to call "jury selection" a process by which they again violate the US Constitution by selecting only jurors who will conform to their illegal process. Click here for the news story about the second trial for the same crime.

In this story two men were tried three years ago by DeKalb County, Georgia, for the murder of a Sheriff. The jury at the legal trial did not convict them. Now the DOI, illegally ignoring the US Constitution, committing a CRIME as vile as that of killing the Sheriff, has brought them to trial again. The DOI lieyers, the minion of Satan who wears the black robes of hell, and all their functionaries are the criminals in this story. You can not enforce the law by committing crimes under color of law. The US Constitution is the fundamental law in the US. No secondary law can be enforced in violation of the fundamental law.

Once again the minions of Satan who wear the black robes of hell and destroy men, women, and children are clearly in violation of the basic laws of our land. Our elected representatives have a imperative duty to impeach and remove out of control minions of Satan who violate our laws, but our elected representatives are derelict in their duties.

It's time for an angry mob of good people to storm the Bastille and display their head on pikes in front of the city gates. It's time to return law and justice to our streets and our nation.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!


Gun Thugs Kill again.

The blue gun thugs surrounded and murdered another man today. This time they also murdered a child in their insane hail of gunfire.

According to the news story Los Angeles blue gun thugs fired over 300 bullets at a little child and the man she was with. This man who's "crime" apparently was, "He had problems with depression, his business was not doing well, he needs to see a psychiatrist," according to the story. Police selected their target after reports said he was, "standing near an intersection with a toddler and behaving erratically." In the tormented murderous minds of blue gun thugs erratic behavior is sufficient excuse to bring up their "special weapons" and start blazing away unconcerned about children who they might kill. So vicious and so focused are these blue goon squads, so well trained to kill, that killing is all they know.

The blue gun thugs had over 300 chances to decide to pack up and go home, but a blue gun thug on the scent of "civilian" blood becomes an irrational, mindless killing machine. Once they become blooded they never stop until someone's life is destroyed or men die.

By the second day the blue gun thug spokesperson was saying that they were "searching for ways that would have better protected the child." Going home and putting their guns back in their holsters comes immediately to my mind but of course not to his. He only knows how to kill. He only looks for ways to kill men without killing children too. He is willing to kill children in order to kill men, but he knows that the public doesn't approve. Murder is his business. He lies and claims that they look for ways to protect the child. He pretends that they are not the reason for the killing. He lies to people, the media repeats his lies, and many believe. The glaring elephant in the center of the room is that it was the blue gun thugs who attacked the man, escalated the conflict, and then murdered the man and his daughter.

Describing Jose Pena as a "cold-blooded killer," Police Chief William Bratton said Tuesday the coroner's report will likely show that police killed the young girl, but that all blame "falls on the shoulders of Mr. Pena." In truth, it is blue gun thug Chief William Bratton who is to blame for the cold blooded murder of a man and child. His gun thugs started the fight, refused to disengage, and continued to push and escalate and push until they had murdered the man and child. Bratton is a lying criminal who twists and turns and tries to blame the man he murdered. Tar and feathers would be much to good for his kind of festering slime.

The blue gun thugs are a recent invention designed to control and dominate the people. Human civilization got along for a million years without these vile street gangs killing and destroying people on our streets. Their biggest contribution to "safety" is to prevent people from defending ourselves. They create faux "crime" to justify their domination and oppression. They kill thousands of men, women, and of course children every year. We don't want them, we don't need them, and we would all be far better off without them.

Many men, women, and children would be alive today without them.