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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blood Sport as live TV

Lost Angeles Blue Gun Thugs chased down and murdered another unarmed motorist last night. Chasing down and capturing citizens has become regular TV programming in Lost Angeles. TV stations use helicopter film crews and live action gangs of blue gun thugs to titillated blood thirsty citizens in scenes reminiscent of Roman Gladiators being faced down and slaughtered in the Coliseum. Much of the time the conscripted gladiators are spared by the gun thug gangs, but all too often, among cries for blood, the innocent citizen is murdered at the end of the chase. Last night's blood spectacle was recapped by murderous gun thug sportscaster Lt. Paul Vernon who narrated a play-by-play rehash of the Lost Angeles blood sport. Read Story. Reminiscent of bloody spectacles in ancient Rome the men to be murdered are said to be "criminals" so that its supposedly acceptable to watch them being slaughered. There has been no trial, of course, for the dead "criminals." They have been selected for death at random from among citizens going about their daily business. The gangs of murderous thugs in blue gladiator outfits pick out a man on the highway, label him a "criminal," call in the TV film crews, and then chase him down and slaughter him for the evening's blood spectacle.

Bob has to wonder if the entertainment value of blood sports on our highways offsets the vale of the men who are selected at random, chased down, and brutally murdered for live entertainment. It really is the land of the lost.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year

In Durham, North Carolina, three men from Duke University are falsely accused of rape, assault, kidnapping and whatever other phony criminal charges the misandrist racist bigot county Persecutor, Mike Nifong can think up in his filthy racist excuse for a mind. From the beginning of this case last spring everyone who read the news stories knew that it was as phony as a 3 dollar bill. A couple of black whores had been hired to dance at a college party. One of the whores thought she could make some big payday by falsely accusing the men of rape. Her story stank to high heaven. It was inconsistent and obviously contrived. But Nifong saw in it an opportunity to pander to black racism and anti-men sexism to get himself reelected. Black racism is rampant in Durham. Half the town is black bigots who hate whitey and especially white college men at Duke who supposedly are rich. The other half the town is sexist females who hate all men, and especially college men at Duke University who are supposedly white patriarchal power. White turd Nifong saw the obviously false rape persecution of obviously innocent white men as a way to get reelected by whipping up anti-white, anti-men bigotry.

DNA tests on the alleged victim came back showing she had been fucking a bunch of men, but none of the Duke University men from the college. Bigot turd Nifong learned last April that the DNA tests disproved the story told by the alleged victim, so he conspired with the DNA testing expert to conceal the evidence from the defense attorneys. Read story. Concealing evidence is a CRIME in North Carolina, and if this case were about crime and punishment for crime, then it is Turd Nifong who should be tried for his crimes. But the case is not about crime and punishment. Its about hate, black racist hate of rich whitey at Duke. Its about misandrist hate of rich patriarchal men at Duke.

Whenever talk radio hosts bring up the Duke case there is always some racist black person who phones in and whines about how black "brothers" get falsely convicted. Their racist illogic asserts that the three innocent young men at Duke should be convicted of false crimes because some other black men have been similarly convicted. They are wrong. Racist use of the AIS to "get" men of the other race is always wrong. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will be aware that Bob routinely criticizes the AIS for falsely beating, murdering, or convicting black men. In NYC, for example a three black men were used as firing squad practice by the NY Blue Gun Thugs, see Gun Thugs Stop a Marriage. Bob loudly condemned the Blue Gun Thugs, they ought to be impaled for the execution murder. Bob has loudly criticized the NYC Blue Gun Thugs and the Agents of Satan in black robes who falsely convicted several black men of assault and rape in a widely publicized Central Park case a couple of years ago. Recently Bob loudly criticized Chicago Blue Gun Thugs for viciously attacking young black men on a trumped up "rape" charge. See How Many young MEN can evil Destroy Racism has no place in criminal court. Filthy Turd Nifong's drumming up of black racism to "Get Whitey" and get himself reelected is worse than just offensive.

For his patently offensive and illegal criminal malfeasance of public office, for his racist hate mongering, for his inflaming of racist hate as a method of personal benefit, for his use of sexist misandry for personal benefit, Filthy Turd Nifong is hereby awarded the truly detestable:

Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year -- 2006
Filthy Turd Nifong

Is Filthy Turd Nifong alone in his racist sexist criminal malfeasance of public office in North Carolina? Not likely. Bob notes that the North Carolina Bar Association has not brought proceedings against him for violation of his sworn unethics as a lieyer. The North Carolina State Attorney General has not stepped in to reduce the criminal misuse of public office to promote racist-sexist hate. North Carolina Governor Easley has not acted to restore law and order in place of hate and race crimes in his state.

Bob certainly never advocates any illegal acts, but Bob can't help but wonder why the good people of North Carolina haven't flushed this hate mongering turd down some sewer. It’s a wonder that no MAN from North Carolina has had the courage to put a large hole though his shit filled heart like the people of Seattle did with another evil persecutor of men. See FBI gun thugs fail again Dumping a turd to the bottom of a backwoods outhouse would be doing the world a favor and cleaning up North Carolina. Elimination of racist and sexist hate mongering filth from our government ought to be legal, and even rewarded.

Were I a father with a son attending Duke University, or thinking of attending Duke University, I would transfer my son to some other University in some other state where racism and misandry don't spew forth from the public offices and stink up the whole state. North Carolina is a public pile of racist, sexist crap, and Filthy Turd Nifong is the biggest darkest turd in the heap. Nifong is Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year.

Filthy Turd Nifong has asked to be removed from the Duke University extortion case. In a January 12 letter to the North Carolina Lieyer General Roy Cooper, Filthy Turd Nifong asked Cooper to appoint his office's special prosecution unit to take over the case. Goodbye and good riddance to the Hate Monger of the Year. Now Cooper should prosecute Filthy Turd Nifong for malicous malfeasance and criminal violation of evidence laws. Read story.
UPDATE January 24, 2007

The N.C. state bar has stepped up to the plate to police itself amid a scandal that has become an international disgrace. The bar has added ethics charges to a complaint filed against Filthy Turd Nifong. The bar has accusing him of withholding DNA evidence and making misleading statements to the court. This is a step toward removing this misandrist lying scum from his authority to practice lies in North Carolina. Read Story

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Designed to fail

On Thursday Dec 14, while millions of sports fans watched the Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers in a Thursday night blizzard in Seattle, a storm was gathering from off the Pacific. By the afternoon of Friday December 15, the storm had swept through the Northwest states leaving a broad swath of downed trees and even more downed power lines in its wake. The storm caused some flash flooding and many uprooted trees, but the damage that caused the most death and misery was the loss of electric power to more than 1.5 million people, about half of all people in western Washington, including roughly half of the city of Seattle. Many people eventually died from carbon monoxide poisoning using temporary heat to keep warm in the winter cold. Read story. In the end more people died from the lack of electricity than from all other storm related causes.

By the following Tuesday, December 19, five days after the storm an estimated 200,000 residents were still suffering the winter cold without electricity. We are a civilization that has become dependent on continuous electricity for survival. Even homes with gas or oil heat are not equipped to be heated without electricity for the fans and control systems. Pipes freeze and burst in unheated homes, water destroys ceilings and walls, then ice covers the floors as night comes again. We are just too dependent on electric utilities to survive days of winter weather without electricity.

A full week after the storm has moved on news sources report that about 200,000 people are still suffering in the cold and dark without heat or light. With hundreds of thousands of people still dark and cold and more deaths still being reported from lack of electricity, one Seattle newspaper, The Post-Intelligencer, started asking if the electric utility company, Seattle City Light, had been sufficiently prepared to restore the electric grid after the storm. Had the crews been sent home? Given several days forecast before the storm were sufficient efforts made to find out of state crews to assist in recovery? Read story

Those are good questions to ask, but they ignore the fundamental flaw at Seattle City Light, Puget Sound Power, and other utilities. Why did so much of the electric distribution system collapse and fail when the wind blew? Its not like the storm was unique. Seattle and western Washington has similar storms ever few years. Any resident over 20 years old has seen them before. So they knew or should have known that every few years a similar storm would blow through the area. The other major facilities in Seattle and Washington did not blow down. Seattle's famous Space Needle is still standing, all 600 feet of it. University of Washington Husky Stadium is still there. Dozens of tall buildings still grace the skyline in downtown Seattle. None of the cranes on the piers of the port blew over. With the nation watching nobody was even concerned that the Seahawks' stadium might blow down. All other important structures and facilities are engineered, designed, and constructed to withstand the forces of any expected wind storm. It would be really surprising if any of them had collapsed.

But while all of the buildings, stadiums and other works remained standing, half of the electric power system collapsed and failed. Its not the first time. It happens so often that people EXPECT the electric system to fall down when the wind blows. The newspaper reporter asks only why they hadn't prepared well enough to put it back up afterwards because everyone, including the utility management, the government, and the news media expect that it will fall down when the wind blows. When the electric system falls down millions of people are severely inconvenienced. The millions of people who lose their electric service spend billions of dollars on temporary solutions to survival during a week of winter with no heat, water, cooking facilities, etc. Many people are killed by direct electrocution, hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning or related causes.

It doesn't take a masters of engineering degree to notice that none of the other major structures have fallen down. Only the electric system fell down. That kind of faulty design, shoddy construction, and abysmally criminal mismanagement of public funds should not be accepted. When structures are designed there are always design figures for wind loading, or there are on all structures except the electric power system. The team that designed the Seahawks' stadium knows that it will stand in a 150 mph hurricane without damaging anything substantial. So do the men who designed the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Empire State Building in NYC, and every other major building. Wind load design is part of required structural design. Every engineer and architect who designs a facility figures wind load for expected winds, every engineer except those who design electric power grids. The electric power grid is designed so poorly, and constructed so shoddily, that they EXPECT half of it to fall down and fail in a wind not even up 70 mph. They expect it to fail. They accept that it will fall down, And failed electric structures are so common that reporters only ask why they haven't prepared to build it again instantly after it falls down.

What did they do, we might ask, with all the millions of rate payer dollars that they had to design and construct an adequate reliable electric system? Who's corrupt politician pockets were lined with greenbacks? Which utility executive spent the construction money on special perks, fancy dinners, dancing girls, and under the table bonuses?

Now, of course, the extra emergency crews from out of state will cost millions in overtime pay. All the broken and damaged poles, transformers, and wires, etc., will cost more millions. And all of it will be billed to us rate payers who already paid them to design and build it right the first time. And its not limited to Washington State. Chicago IL, Buffalo, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and a thousand other communities across the USA have had similar unacceptable freezes where the electric power has failed from ice or wind. Of course it doesn't fail everywhere. The utility managers in some areas design adequately for their local weather and construct adequate electric facilities. It only costs 10% or maybe 50% more than the shoddy workmanship and cheap materials used near Seattle.

If Bob were the Mayor of Seattle or the Governor of Washington some heads would roll in the management of the utility offices. Criminal malfeasance and violation of public trust would head the list of questions to ask these nominds with their hands in the till. How many people need to die, how many people need to be frozen for a week without heat, how many lives need to be disrupted before the people demand that utility management and government officials do their jobs?

A week after the Seattle storm many thousand people are still freezing in unheated homes with no cooking or light. The electric grid still is on the ground, alone of all the structures in our communities. We need to stop accepting utilities that fall down when the wind blows. We need to demand that our money pays for quality design and construction what will stand up to expected winds. Our homes stand up to it, why shouldn't our electric system?

If we ever get the jerks at the electric company to start designing a power system that doesn't fall down every time the wind blows, maybe we can get around to asking why houses in "tornado alley" all blow away when there is a tornado? For an extra 10% cost during construction they could be built to still be standing, but shoddy construction sets them up to be blown away. Let us design our homes and facilities to survive in the location we build them. Enough said!

A Joyous Yule to all

Tonight is the longest night of the year, winter solstice, Midwinter's Night, Yule. Tomorrow the sun starts its journey north again. For many thousand years midwinter's night has been celebrated throughout the northern hemisphere, thousands of years before the major contemporary religions. In ancient tradition people give gifts in celebration, and lite a fire, or put up candles or other lights against the dark, little lights to grow into the return of the sun. The new religions have adopted the lighting of lights and overlaid their religions on the ancient midwinter celebration.

Roman Emperor Aurillian declared December 25 as the official "solstice" and the beginning of Saturnalia throughout the empire. The 12 days of Roman Saturnalia became the 12 days of Christmas when the Christian conference of Constantenopple adopted a Christian overlay of pagan holidays. The return of the sun God became the birth of the son of God. But old tradition dies hard, and everywhere you go people still light their lights on the darkest night, build a yule fire, burn a yule log, light a candle, light 8 candles in a row, or decorate their homes with 10,000 little computer controlled lights against the dark. People still decorate with holly and evergreen boughs, the old symbols of life continuing even in the dark of winter. It is said that holly bears its fruit in the darkest time of the year in anticipation and sure knowledge that spring will soon return.

The giving of gifts at Yule is also old beyond history, perhaps originating in a time when tribal hunters found game scarce and hunting difficult in midwinter, but shared their kill with the whole tribe so that all might survive until spring. Yule is a time of feasting and joy, merriment and celebraton in all lands and all religions.

For each of my blessed readers, you of every faith and of no faith, may your little lights grow into brilliance in the coming months. May you have a joyous and festive midwinter feast, however you choose to celebrate.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Potential Rapist

A few years ago feminazi men-haters at UMass Amherst posted "wanted" photos of random men students who were accused of being "Potential Rapists." It would have been funny if it weren't a libelous criminal act that seriously harmed the men so accused. To the mind of the rape-hate feminazi all men are "rapists." Some of us men haven't been locked up, but they are working on it. Unknown to most Americans is that there are now laws to lock up men for the crime of "potential rapist." Such a feminist hate crime carries a sentence of life in prison without parole.

In Spokane, WA, one such "potential rapist" trial is currently underway. The alleged "potential rapist" is Mr. Kevin Coe. Mr. Coe was convicted of a rape more than two decades ago with questionable evidence and no DNA testing. The alleged victim described an attacker who looked entirely different from Mr. Coe. For his alleged crime he was sentenced to 25 years in prison and was repeatedly denied parole. Most men would think that 25 years in hellhole prisons is long enough for a crime that causes no injury or loss of property, only the hurt feelings of a female. Most men would think that 25 years is a really long time for taking something which is readily available on the street in any city for less than $100, petty theft. But the hate mongering feminazi and their mangina misandrist bigots of the American Injustice System (AIS) know no limits to the hate that froths at their mouth and rots their minds.

In the tormented hate filled mind of the rape-hate feminazi, no punishment is too severe for a man who takes away the females' "right" to control and dominate all sexual encounters with men. Mr. Coe was scheduled to be released from prison on September 8, 2006 after serving his full sentence in prison. But no prison sentence is good enough for rape-hate, because rape-hate is not about crime and punishment. Rape-hate is only about hate, feminazi hating men, all men, and every man. Most men are beginning to understand that the great preponderance of rape-hate accusations are false. Recent DNA evidence has cleared the names of dozens of wrongly convicted men, but thousands of innocent men still rot in feminazi hate hellholes. The rape-hate industry is so full of lies and false convictions that we need a cooling off period to restore reason where hate now rules. It would be surprising if 8% of rape-hate accusations had any factual basis at all. Bob has previously called for a moratorium on rape persecutions and hate until cooler heads can prevail.

The rape-hate feminazi of the AIS didn't release Mr. Coe at the end of his prison sentence. They are now holding him for trial on the new charge of "potential rapist." Read story. If convicted on the new charge, Mr. Coe would be sent to prison for the rest of his life without any time limit. The State of Washington has a special prison for "potential rapists" and other future criminals. The State of Washington took over McNeil Island Federal Hellhole when the federal government closed their prison. McNeil Island is now a special prison for future "potential" criminals and especially for "potential rapists."

The Spokane, WA, media is having a feeding frenzy spewing misandrist hate against Mr. Coe. The Spokane network TV stations, KREM, KXLY, and KHQ compete with each other to inflame the most rape-hate. Reporters have gone to film the facilities at McNeil Island where they expect to sentence a "potential rapist." They interrupt regular programming with tidbits of hate as it progresses through the AIS. The Spokesman Review, the largest newspaper in the region, joins the hate fest. At the time of his original conviction, Mr. Coe was a young reporter for a compteing newspaper, the Chronicle, who publicly criticized the Spokesman Review's rape-hate exaggerations. The Spokesman Review was fanning the flames of rape-hate in exaggerated stories called "South Hill Rapist." Mr. Coe was stopped by blue gun thugs one night while driving through Spokane's South Hill area, doing his job as a reporter looking for the story. From there, with the Spokesman Review frothing hate day after day, and no hard DNA evidence, it was an easy railroad job to send Mr. Coe to prison for 25 years. The rape-hate media at the Spokesman Review and TV stations still froth with hate whenever his name comes up. Are they afraid that the truth will eventually get out?

Maybe they are afraid that the truth will eventually get out. At the time in 1981 when Mr. Coe was railroaded on a phony rape-hate conviction, he was the primary witness to the black-widow serial killing murder of Spokane's Fire Chief Al O’Connor. The county persecutor was, for unknown reasons, sweeping the Fire Chief's murder under the rug, declining prosecution despite high levels of poison in his body and a witness to the argument prior to the death. It seems that serial murder of husbands is not a crime in Spokane, but sex without permission is extremely serious. There are a lot of questions about murder, extortion, bribery, and other crimes in Spokane's power structure that young reporter Mr. Coe was getting too close to when they decided to railroad him for the false rape-hate conviction. Now he's supposed to get out, and be free to talk. Now they are keeping him under forever lockup and charging him as a "potential rapist" which unlike black widow murder is a life sentence crime.

Mr. Coe has always maintained his innocence. His conviction was done in the days before DNA testing, and the evidence was destroyed by the blue gun thugs before the new science became available to exonerate his name. Even if he was guilty, a trial was held and a sentence passed. Mr. Coe was sent to hell for the full 25 years. That ended three months ago, but the rape-hate industry and their feminazi blue gun thugs and agents of Satan in black robes of hell have not released him. Retired Spokane Blue Gun Thug Roy Allen, 68, who was the lead detective in the investigation that led to framing Coe back on March 10, 1981, cringes at the idea of a free Coe. As a life long anti-men gun thug, evil scum Allen knows where he'll end up after death, and it ain't pretty.

In the most recent AIS proceedings, evil feminazi agent of Satan, Kathleen O'Connor, ordered Mr. Coe held captive in their hellhole prison until July 16, 2007 before the phony trial even begins. His 25 year sentence will have stretched to almost 26 years without having committed any other crimes. Feminazi hate of men is the only criteria that Ms. Kathleen O'Cunt needs to send men to hell. Being impaled on the Division Street bridge would be too good for her. The good people of Spokane, if there are any, should put her out of her misery, and out of our misery, post-haste.

Students of logic know that it is impossible to prove a negative. No man can prove that he is not a "potential rapist" because the definition of "potential rapist" is "a man." Every man is at risk of the whim of the feminazi. If they haven't sent you to hell for 25 years for not stopping within 10 seconds after the female says "I think I need to go home now," then they will send you to hell for the rest of your life for being a "potential" rapist. Men can not stop these evil hate-mongering feminazi and their blue suited Gestapo in anything less than 0.223 caliber. May they all be sent to their evil reward a lot sooner than they had planned on. May the Gods of mercy and justice ride with you.

By now you might be wondering what "evidence" it takes to convict a man of "potential rape," and send him to hell for the rest of his life. From watching the court hearings so far, all that is presented is the opinion of a shrink who thinks that he might rape in the future. That's it. Just her opinion makes him a criminal "future rapist." And both the shirnk and the Agent of Satan in black robes, Fem O'cunt, graduated from feminist hate school at Amherst (or equivalent). Be afraid men, be very afriad.

(See legal notice on left margin.)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fagot thugs rob Florida tourists

In West Palm Beach, Florida, the fagot blue gun thugs wore their fag ass outfits to work last week to rob motorists on Okeechobee Boulevard. Blue gun thug faggot Terry Golden strutted and posed in his dress and high heels to distract citizens while other slimeballs robbed them of $14,283.50 in an hour and a half. It’s the holiday season when many of us frozen northerners travel to Florida for a little warmth. While the Florida tourist industry touts hospitality, its armed gangs of blue gun thug fagots robs us of our vacation money. Read story

I doubt if Bob is the only reader who finds the behavior of these sick pervert gun thug gangs to be totally unacceptable. Robing citizens and tourists is patently offensive to decent law abiding men. A ten foot pole up their asses would feel so good for those fagots. They would look so cute in their dresses and high heel shoes hanging from the top of poles along the beach. Its what they badly deserve, and it would protect decent people who come to FLorida for a winter vacation. If you are contemplating a vacation to Florida, why not phone their tourist office and ask them about being robbed by their fag fuzz.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The King is lost.

"Claims that Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed were murdered were unfounded, the official Scotland Yard inquiry said Thursday," Read story

Diana wasn't murdered, she was an out of control whore who acted exactly like the totally spoiled brat cunt she was. She had it all, she married the Prince who eventually would be King, and she would be Queen. All she had to do was to keep her legs together, raise her sons, and have a wonderful life. But can an irrational feminist female accomplish the amazing feat of enjoying a really wonderful life? Princess Diana could not. While she was supposed to be having a great time in wealth and palaces she started fucking the chauffeur, the gardener, and whatever manly man she could get her royal legs around. Then the adulterous bitch wanted more. Just living a wonderful life in royal riches and splendor and having manly servants serving her royal cunt wasn't enough for her. She couldn't stand the honor of being the future Queen. She got a divorce from her Prince and went partying and whoring across Europe. Admittedly, Prince Charles isn't the manliest Prince ever spawned. He hasn't had the balls to boot his pathetic mother off his throne. He hasn't taken real leadership of his country that still suffers badly from its losses in consecutive 20th century wars. But even pathetic Charles will eventually become King and his wife would have become Queen when the old bag dies. Princess Diana couldn't act like a decent wife and Princess. She left her palace, divorced her husband, and went whoring across Europe.

If England had a real King as she had for many centuries, he would have slapped the bitch into the tower, or had her hanged for crimes against the state. Unfortunately, England has been without a King since Charles's grandfather abdicated his throne to a cunt. His abdication was the outward act that represented the spiritual abdication of England to the females. For more than half a century England has been ruled by the cunts. Englishmen are dominated, their families are destroyed, and they are bound into slavery of servitude to serve emotionally irrational females. Prince Charles represents all Englishmen who serve females and don't have the balls to take back their country. Charles suffers from the same posttraumatic stress of the great wars and can not get over his guilt for being a man. That task will be left to the generation of young Prince William, the generation not damaged by the huge society wide trauma.

Ten years ago the adulterous whore Diana attended a drunken party with her latest fuck, a rich arab, Dodi Fayed. In a drunken stupor accompanied by a drunken bodyguard, driven by a drunken chauffeur, and hounded by paparazzi that England's Queen didn't have the balls to slap into irons, the drunken chauffeur hit an immovable object at over a hundred miles per hour. In a society where whores are revered by the feminists as "empowered" the feminist media has been having a feeding frenzy over the dead whore ever since. She has been honored instead of condemned. She committed unpardonable crimes against England and the crown prince. For the lust of her adulterous loins she destroyed the family of Princes William and Henry and deprived them of a mother. She should have been buried in a whore's grave in some civil cemetery and refused burial in the church yard or sacred ground. Any real man would give the fucking whore his condemnation, not respect. All the media fawning over the dead whore makes real men want to puke.

Will England be returned to it’s the honor of Englishmen as they were honored for many centuries? Perhaps, but not until they have the balls to boot the cunt off the throne and restore and honor their King. The mythical value of the King is badly needed to restore the confidence, the honor, and the respect that Englishmen deserve.

Manly MEN

One primary purpose of The World According to Bob is to remind men about being men, not pansies, wusses, milquetoasts, saps, lolly lickers, ass kissers, or mamma's boys. Men are warriors, fathers, builders, husbands, and leaders, and are proud of our accomplishments. In the first half of the 20th century men were involved in two huge world wars. Millions of the best men died on both sides of the wars. Some European nations lost the best men of two consecutive generations. Most of the men who fought and survived the wars suffered from some form of post traumatic stress syndrome and other deep psychological trauma from the killing and hardships of war. Men who had not fought in the war had guilt from failing to fight. When the dust and smoke of war had finally come to an end the world of men had changed. Men were cast by our societies as the great villains who had caused the global distraction. Rising feminism had only to point fingers at men and blame men for all the troubles of the world. Individually and as nations our men turned away from honoring men and acting like men. Individually and as nations our men kowtowed to feminists, giving them functional control of our political parties and governments, giving them legal control of our families and children. The devastation of war turned into the devastation of female domination, feminism and has wrought more hardship on families and our society than even the wars.

From prehistoric tribes to great modern nations, Men have always formed into armies and captured resources for their family, tribe, city and nation. To fight a war for resources for our tribes and families is a manly thing to do and worthy of manly honor. Left wing feminized politics is the folly of pansies, wusses, saps, and ass kickers. A real man doesn't pander to such pathetic whining. Men respect and honor soldiers who fight to capture resources for our family, tribe or nation. When a real man hears that his nation is fighting a "war for oil," for example, he honors the manly leadership of his nation that has the balls to take manly action. The real man doesn't whine and kowtow to the milquetoast apologizers and ass kissers. A real man kicks ass, he doesn't kiss ass. A real man doesn't form gun thug gangs to kowtow to enforce feminist laws and work against men and families. When a real man learns that his neighbor has slapped his whiny bitch wife for adultery or disrespect, the real man shakes his neighbor's hand and honors him for having the balls to take manly action in control of his wife and family.

Our nations are still being mostly run by the feminists and the post traumatic stress ass kissers. It takes 3 generations for a society to get over the societal trauma of such great wars. We are now in process of raising the 3rd generation into manhood. They have been raised in feminist dominated schools and female dominated families. They have had few manly role models to teach them how to be real men. But they are becoming men, and they don't have the societal trauma of the great wars. Many of them are angry with the pansies and wusses who have destroyed our culture. They are taking manly control of their families even if it means kicking the feminazi bitches to the curb instead of walking down an isle with one of them. They need manly leadership to retake control of our nation.

What about you, my reader? Are you a feminist dominated pansy, wuss, milquetoast, apologizer or ass kisser? Or are you a manly man who takes leadership and control of his family, his tribe, his city and his nation? Are you a man who takes responsibility for his life and does what it takes to act on his responsibility?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

American Freedom? NOT!

Half a century ago when I was in grade school shortly after W.W. II, we were taught that America stood for freedom, and especially freedom of religion. We were taught that America did not persecute Jews as the Nazi had. We were taught that our ancestors had come to America for religious freedom, the right of all people to believe in the religion of their choice without being forced by the government to believe the official religion. Even today we hear President Bush talk a lot about "freedom" when he talks about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. When we look a little deeper we find that the Bush administration is not walking their talk. What President Bush and many others have always meant by "religious freedom" is their freedom to force their neighbors to believe and practice their religion. By "religious freedom" they do not mean letting their neighbor practice the neighbor's religion without interference or coercion by government.

Bob found a soldier's "Night Before Christmas" poem on the web, written by an unnamed soldier serving in Iraq this year. In honor of all the unnamed American men who serve it is linked here.

Sergeant Patrick Stewart died in combat in Afghanistan while serving with the United States Army, in Operation Enduring Freedom. He was killed in combat on September 25, 2005, fighting for the American freedom his President promised. His body was brought home to his family in Nevada, USA. Sergeant Stewart was one of 1,800 soldiers and sailors who list "Wiccan" as their chosen religion in their military records and dog tags. But when it came time to lay his body to rest in a military cemetery in Nevada, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs refused to allow a religious symbol for Sgt. Stewart's chosen religion to be placed on his grave. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently approves 38 different religious symbols including several different Christian denominations, Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon, and others. But with typical government bureaucratic incompetence they do not coordinate their approval list with the chosen religions of men now serving in combat. Sgt. Steward was buried without a religious symbol. The family of Sgt. Stewart had to sue the Department of Veteran Affairs which continues to drag its feet. The first request for a Wiccan grave marker came to the Veterans Affairs almost a decade ago, and since that time they have approved six other religious markers. See article

Whether or not you or I agree with the Wiccan religion is irrelevant. We need to consider what America has always stood for, what values our military fights for. The only thing that is important is that Sgt. Stewart gave his life defending American freedom, including especially freedom to choose a religion based on one's own conscience, not on the dictates of a totalitarian government. I find it offensive that the government even has a process for rejecting the religious choice of brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for America. The choice of religion of our honored dead should not be left to some mindless bureaucrat in Washington. Many other decent men of other faiths also defend the right of soldiers to choose their own religion. For example see Michael Medved's article.

To date the Office of Veterans Affairs is still stonewalling religious freedom of American soldiers and sailors. Sgt. Stewart's family was able to put a Wiccan plaque on his grave by the order of Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, and the Nevada Office of Veteran Services which claimed authority because they maintain the military cemeteries in Nevada. The Wiccan marker for Sgt. Stewart was dedicated on December 2, 2006, more than a year after his death. Read story Read story or here.

For the other 1,800 Wiccan men and women who are currently serving their country in the armed forces there is no confidence that they will be allowed to have their religion respected if they are killed in combat. The US Office of Veteran Affairs continues to drag its feet. Lawsuits are still pending, but should never be needed. The American government should be the agency that enforces religious freedom, not the agency that prevents religious freedom. That's what I was once taught in school. It was a lie.

O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

For the thousands of brave Americans who now serve in our armed forces, who have chosen a "non-approved" religion, it does not. Our flag is still there, but freedom does not ring in America.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Safeway Sucks!!

From time to time Bob reports on merchants who either provide excellent service, or who are only staying in business because their competition is worse. Lately Bob has been troubled by a local Safeway store that has blockaded its checkout lines with racks of magazines and piles of bottled water or other merchandise. Customers can no longer park the carts or buggies next to the conveyor belt to unload items for checkout. A customer must now walk 3 steps back and forth from where the cart can be parked to the checkout belt, 3 steps with each handful of items.

Its bad enough that we have to do all the cart unloading ourselves. Any of us over 30 can probably remember when the clerks unloaded the baskets and bagged the items. If they want us to do their work for them, at least you would think they would make it relatively easy for us to do so. Not Safeway. They have blockaded their checkouts in an apparent attempt to make it as difficult as possible for their customers to do the work that their employees used to do for us. When Bob complained to the store manager he was told that Safeway corporate management had forced local store managers to blockade checkouts so thoroughly that customers are greatly inconvenienced.

Safeway is not the first market chain to surround their checkout with racks of merchandise to tempt shoppers for "one more item." Wal-Mart, for example, generally has about 8 feet of racks on both sides of a narrow aisle leading to each checkout. But Safeway has created a new level of inconvenience. At least at Wal Mart there is still room between the racks for us customers to push our carts. Not so at Safeway. Carts have to be parked several feet away and the customer has to walk back and forth numerous times. I'm not sure whether just to shop elsewhere, or to park the cart out in the main aisle and tell the clerks that if they want to sell the stuff they can pick it out of the cart and check it out for me.

If there are any Safeway employees or managers reading The World According to Bob, you can take your blockaded checkouts and sit on them. Bob will shop somewhere that takes care of its customers. Do you remember customers? We're the people who keep you in business. Do you have a clue why Wal-Mart has become the biggest retailer ever? Hint…hint…hint…. HELLO?

Civil War?

Could the USA have another civil war? Some pundits are saying, Yes, it could happen here and now. Read story.

The GOP ignored democracy and tried to Impeach President Clinton, but were blocked by a Democratic Senate. Now several Democratic leaders are turning constitutional democracy around and threatening to impeach President Bush. Neither party represents a growing majority of the people. The oppressed mass of citizens sees more and more police state control of our lives and families. Millions of men are in hell hole prisons. Millions of men have had their families destroyed. Millions of men suffer under the thumbs of court orders and unconstitutional oppression. Armed gangs of gun thugs roam our streets, robbing and killing the people. Voters are divided, both blaming the other party while the party leaders of both parties keep escalating violence against the people.

Storm the Bastille!
Liberty, equality, fraternity!

The US Constitution, Amendment 2, guarantees citizens the right to arm ourselves with regular military arms for the purpose of overthrowing a government which will eventually become tyrannical. The authors of the US Constitution had done exactly that. For more on the 2nd Amendment see Second Amendment on The World According to Bob

Could it happen here. Yes it could, and if it happens it will probably happen a lot faster than anyone believes today. Bob does not advocate any illegal acts, see the legal notice on the left margin.

A Hero in Winter

James Kim of California took his family for a short vacation over the Thanksgiving week holiday. They drove north to Seattle and then intended to spend a day on the Oregon coast before returning to the San Francisco area. When he didn't return to work after the vacation his friends and work associates reported him missing to the usual authorities. As regular readers of The World According to Bob might expect, the regular authorities did nothing at all. Missing persons in rural Oregon are officially the responsibility of County Sheriff's offices who wear green outfits, green gun thugs. Like other gun thug gangs the green gun thugs promise to "protect and serve" and take large bloated budgets of tax money, but spend their time robbing motorists on I-5 instead of protecting or serving the public. Mr. Kim took one of the death trap roads which look good on maps but in winter become dead ends, roads to death. Mr. Kim and his family, like many before them, were stuck in snow in the Oregon mountains many miles from help.

While James Kim and his family were lost for a week on a wrong road in the woods of Southern Oregon, the Gun thugs were bean counting and refusing to search for the lost family. Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson blames their inaction on the cost of search helicopters. From the point of view of a blue gun thug, their resources are better used robbing motorist on Interstate 5, or confiscating cars and homes from men they arrest for "drug related crimes." Read Story Several days after gun thug inaction Mr. Kim's friends from his work found employees from the cell phone company who searched records from cell phone towers and narrowed down the last location of Mr. Kim. The cell phone companies have procedures that are supposed to be used by Gun Thug agencies to track down missing persons, but for Mr. Kim and his family the Gun Thugs sat behind their radar guns and did nothing. Only aggressive work by friends and family and volunteers such as the cell phone company employees ever tracked down the Kim family.

We citizens pay these gun thugs hugely over bloated salaries based on their lying promises such as "to protect and serve." When anything happens they rush to the front to claim credit for anything good that any citizen did. When a man and his family is in trouble they do nothing, they sit on their fat overpaid asses and whine about the cost of helicopters. "In the end, it was an amateur helicopter pilot who had nothing to do with the official search who saved Kati Kim and her young daughters. He went up because he had a hunch based on memory of a man who starved to death 11 years ago, and because a newspaper picture of the girls reminded him of his own grandkids." Story here, or here.

In Southern Oregon Bear Camp road where the Kim family was lost looks like just another road on highway maps, but it becomes narrow dirt trek and deadly in winter. Locals all know it has claimed victims before. Bob has learned that another man took the same wrong turn and was stuck on the same wrong road 11 years ago. When the snow stopped he was buried in more than 3 feet of snow and, unlike James Kim, he waited for rescue. He kept a diary and slowly starved to death after 66 days, while Josephine County green gun thugs did nothing at all. No helicopters, no snowmobiles, nothing was done. Well, that's not quite all that was done. Eleven years ago the green gun thugs "closed" the road for the winter with a gate, without checking for vehicles, and prevented any further traffic on the road while the lost man starved to death. Even last year another family was lost in the same area when their RV took a wrong turn. Green Gun Thugs again did nothing until national television news became involved and a week later and a modest search effort rapidly found them. The green gun thugs claim that the road had been gated and locked for the winter but the citizens searching for Mr. Kim found it wide open. The green gun thugs further their lies by claiming it must have been "vandals" who opened the gate. If you believe their lie about having closed the gate I've got a really good bridge I could let you have at a bargain price.

Bear Camp road where the Mr. Kim died is a death trap in winter, and all the local highway and gun thug officials know it. Last year, 2005, a family was lost for some weeks in the same area in a RV, but survived because of the resources in their RV. When the Kim family became lost the local green gun thugs should have sent some search and rescue people to drive Bear Camp road, on snowmobiles if necessary, but the pigs preferred to sit on their fat asses robbing motorists on I-5 instead of doing their job by protecting the public. The Kims, from California were unaware of the dangers of poorly marked local Oregon roads. If the state of Oregon won't put up adequate signs warning people that roads such as Bear Camp road are unsafe in winter, and signs giving the direction and distance to help for lost travelers, then there is no excuse not to patrol the road when travelers have become lost in the area for weeks. Year after year people die on southern Oregon roads while the green gun thugs chase "speeders" and other violent criminals who's money and property they can confiscate. The gun thugs are out attacking men in their homes, destroying our families, taking our children, robbing us as we drive to work, but will not move their fat overpaid asses to find a man and his family if they become lost.

After several days of waiting for rescue that never came, and with his family slowly starving to death, James Kim made a desperate attempt to walk out and find help. He covered a total of 19 miles on foot in the snow before becoming hopelessly lost and dying of hypothermia. Even in death, his heroic efforts were not in vain. The private helicopter pilot saw his footprints in the snow and followed them to his wife and children. Even in death the heroic Mr. James Kim had saved his wife and children.

In these times when 80% of media mention of men are negative and men-bashing it is well to remember that no woman will end up dead saving her children when there is a man who can take the risk and die in the attempt. Feminazi "equality" ends at the lifeboats of the Titanic, or at the snowy road in Oregon. For his heroic efforts in saving his children from slow starvation Mr. James Kim is hereby awarded the coveted:

Mr. James Kim

May he be long remembered for sacrificing his life to save his family. May his death be remembered as an example of all the brave men who have sacrificed themselves for the good of others. MEN, and men alone are the ones who will risk death to save our families in times of need and crisis.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Perversion at the top

Sexual pervert lesbian Mary Cheney, 37, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, says she is now pregnant with a bastard. She intends to raise her bastard with her psychosexual pervert lolly licking lover, Heather Poe, 45. Read story.

When a pervert lesbian creates a child without a father's love she forever deprives the child of several of the most important part of his young life. When a child is created by Dr. Frankenstein in a laboratory instead of by the sacred union of a man and a woman, there is no spiritual union to create a soul for the chlid. See Frankenstein Kids

Deliberatly depriving children of their fathers violates the child's fundamental human rights (as declared by the UN), fails to provide an upbringing in the best interest of the child, and is deliberate child abuse. Mary Cheney is abusing a child, her own child, so that she and her pervert lolly licker can play "Barbie has a baby." If there is ever a case when abortion should be mandatory, not a psychosexual pervert's right to refuse, the case of Mary Cheney is it. She is one of a growing number of offensive single mothers who harm their children. Read story here about the public outcry against this social tragedy.

With Dick Cheney as the #2 republican its no wonder that the Republicans never managed to pass the Defense of Marriage Amendment. President Bush never met a wetback he didn't love, and has a son of wetbacks as Attorney General in charge of the Border Patrol. Cheney "supports" his psycho pervert daughter's child abuse. [I wonder if he ever got a DNA test done on her?] The GOP is totally fucked from the top down.

A Hero of Chicago

A few years ago Joe Jackson invented a portable toilet for use in large trucks. His patent rights were stolen from him by the unscrupulous lieyers of of Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer. Read story

Mr. Jackson killed Michael R. McKenna, 58, of Chicago; Allen J. Hoover, 65, of Wilmette; and Paul Goodson, 78, of Chicago. McKenna was a patent lieyer who rented space from the firm and had been directly involved in the legal robbery of Mr. Jackson. McKenna's longtime paralegal, Ruth Zak Leib, 57, of Oak Park, was wounded in her foot. For his heroic confrontation and elimination of lying scum robbers, McKenna and the others, Mr. Jackson is hereby awarded the coveted:
Mr. Joe Jackson

As one might expect the lieyer's right arm, the blue gun thugs, showed up and murdered Mr. Jackson by sniper fire. May he rest in peace, and may he long be remembered for taking out a nest of evil lieyers and their staffs.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The GOP sold out the people

The GOP sold out the people, and the people stopped voting for them. Most of us remember GOP leadership standing on the steps of the Capitol and presenting their "Contract With America." In their contract they promised that if they were elected to control the Congress they would, among other things, support families, reduce welfare state entitlements, cut government bureaucracy, and cut taxes. Millions of middle Americans accepted their promises and voted them into control of our government. The GOP kicked us in the ass. Immediately after taking control they reneged on their promise and passed some of the worst anti-family, anti-father, hate legislation in history. They oversaw the largest increases in state controlled welfare ever, and created massive new bureaucracy aimed squarely at fathers and families. Instead of fulfilling their promises to America that had gotten them elected, they immediately started taking bribes and lining their pockets on the backs of fathers. They funded feminazi at a billion per year, with half of it coming back to congressional back pockets under the table, while the GAO looked the other way. The GOP and their medial pundits focused on keeping power by trying to vilify Clinton and the Dems, but forgot that elected power is held by satisfying their electorate. In their demographic surveys it was mostly men who voted for the GOP and feminazi females who voted for the Dems. But the GOP Congress voted time after time against men, against fathers, against our families. They took away our wives, making them wives of the government. More than a third of children are now born to welfare moms married to our government, more than half in some states. Hundreds of thousands of good men rot in unconstitutional debtor's prisons because the new bureaucracy and its goon squads cares more about robing fathers than protecting families. They have even sent the FBI to destroy families and the leaders of minority Christian denominations.

In the end, the back stabbing GOP got its comeuppance. Millions of middle American voters stopped voting for the slimy lying criminal bastards. Even a feminazi Democrat is honest enough to admit her feminazi agenda. It is better to have an enemy who you know than a lying scum who makes promises and then stabs you in the back.

It is really strange that America has no third party. Not since TR and the Bull Moose has there been a party that supported the MEN of America. Its time to resurrect Bull Moose as a party that supports MEN and families. The Dems sure don't. The GOP is worse than the Dems.

What about some of the existing small parties you ask? Well that's a good question. The Green Party is dedicated to feminist misandry in its charter. The so-called Constitution Party opposes the 1st Amendment of the constitution and advances a theocracy. The Libertarian Party has become a joke by failing to accept the real and legitimate functions of government. It's time for the Bull Moose Party to rise again and take over our Nation with strong manly values and a man's agenda.

The Bull Moose of 1912, was officially the "Progressive Party." The Progressive platform called for the direct election of U.S. Senators, the initiative, referendum, and recall, woman suffrage, reduction of the tariff, and many social reforms. Some have since been adopted, such as the direct election of Senators. We don't yet have a national initiative or referendum process which would allow the people to enact needed legislation where the Congress is too sow headed to act, and to repeal legislation that the sows in Congress have passed. Female suffrage has been enacted, is clearly a huge mistake, and needs to be repealed. There was another "Progressive Party" about half a century later, 1948, that was a left wing, communist socialist feminist nonsense. A man's party should not be confused with socialism. Progressivism is currently often aligned with left wing radical and feminazi agendas, none of which men should support.

The Bull Moose is a good image for men, strong men taking leadership and cleaning up our country. We don't want to be called, reactionary, nor said to be seeking to "roll back" progress. We have to be "progressive" in eliminating huge harmful government bureaucracies that destroy families and wed women to the government. We want to make "progress" in creating a new vision of America as a land of good families and good hard working people. Just as the feminazi have appropriated the word "family" to mean "a mother and her child" we can take the term "Progressive" and make it our vision of progress toward a brighter tomorrow.

The Bull Moose can't be made up only of conservative men from the GOP, nor liberal men from the Dems. It can't be made up only of Christian men nor of non-Christian men. The Bull Moose must include all men. We need liberal men who are tired of feminazi domination of the Democratic party. We need conservative men who are tired of the feminazi sell out of the GOP. We need all men. The 1912 Bull Moose Party did not include female voters.

Bull Moose rides again.

These are our MEN:

From time to time Bob comments on commercial products and services that are either good quality or come from manufacturers that are positive toward men. Over the past few days Bob has noticed that Chevrolet Trucks have been running a series of TV commercial that celebrate men. The final message is that good men buy good pickups. Most of the commercial time is spent depicting good men doing good things. "This is our coffee break," for example, shows a logger resting on a pile of logs in the woods. "This is our reason," shows a father holding his son. In the last few seconds, Chevrolet shows their pickup and says, "This is our truck." The major message of the commercial is that men are good. If Bob needed a pickup he would put Chevrolet on the top of his list. There is so much men-bashing and negative images of men in the media today that men really need to support the few merchants who are positive about men. These days Ford has incurred the ire of conservatives by contributing large sums to gay activism. Dodge has been sold to the Germans. If any of you readers are going to be purchasing a truck any time soon, give Chevrolet your most serious consideration. Lets support the few merchants who openly support good men.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lying scum gun thugs murder again.

Last Saturday night, early hours of December 3, 2006, a murderous gang assaulted and eventually murdered a Seattle area man who was attending a party. The dead victim, Mr. Raymond O. Porter apparently belonged to his own rival gang, and the blue gun thug gang hates rival gangs more than anyone else. It's their turf, and they kill to protect it. There had apparently been some disagreement between Porter's gang and another rival gang south of Seattle. Some non-lethal force had been used between the rival gangs when the blue gun thug gang heard about the trespassing of rival gangs on their turf. The blue gun thugs loaded up their weapons, gathered reinforcements, and headed out to do murder.

Raymond Porter was at a party Saturday night when confronted by a gang of blue gun thugs bent on his destruction or murder, they didn't care which. According to published reports gun thug gang member, Steve Cox cornered Mr. Porter in a back room where he was using various lies, beatings, threats and coercion attempting to extract a so-called "confession." Instead of accepting the gang's terrorism, Mr. Porter used his own weapon to confront the brutal gang member, and evil violent misandrist Steve Cox died, smearing blood on his blue gang colors. After hearing the gunfire, other members of Cox's blue thug gang attacked in force. Mr. Porter was shot twice by other members of Cox's violent gun thug gang, and then executed with his own gun. Gang spokesperson lied to the media as usual about their execution of Mr. Porter, claiming it was "suicide."
"The man who killed King County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Cox took his own life after a brief gunbattle with two other deputies trying to save their partner, the Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday. In the latest twist to a tragic chain of events, the Sheriff's Office reported that Raymond O. Porter committed suicide by firing a round into his head after he was hit with two rounds from the deputies' guns.

Any sensible man knows that the blue gun thug gang is lying again about their street violence and their execution style killings. The initial wounds suffered by Mr. Porter in the gun battle with the blue thug gang were not fatal according to the King County Medical Examiner's office. Gang members murdered him in cold blood with his own gun after he had been shot twice and seriously wounded.

South of Seattle today, the evil gangs rallied to celebrate their murder and mourn the loss of their dead gang member. Most of them were paid by taxpayers money, your money and mine, to assemble and hold their gang violence celebration. May they all rot in hell where they belong, and may they arrive there swiftly.

Gangs are alive and well and operating in our towns and cities. They feed on violence as they wear their blue gang colors. They murder men without fear of retribution for the public pretends to believe their lies about "suicide." Their violent gang is the most violent, most destructive, and most oppressive force in our communities. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing about them.

International Marc Lépine Day

Today is December 6, which as many regular readers are aware is International Marc Lépine Day. Mr. Lépine was a young Canadian who had been discriminated against and denied entrance to the École Polytechnique de Montréal, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal because the places had all been given to females under very sexist anti-men preference programs. Instead of quietly retiring as a milquetoast wuss might have done, Mr. Lépine took bold personal action, loaded his weapon, and made a frontal assault against the feminists who were the front line troops in the feminist war on men. When the shooting stopped 14 feminists lay dead and several more had been wounded. At Mr. Lépine's request the few men who were students at the engineering school quickly separated themselves from the feminists so as to give him a free field of fire with the feminists. Eventually the blue gun thug feminist Gestapo caught up with Mr. Lépine and executed him. The lying thugs allege that he shot himself, which is what men expect from the lying thugs.

Canadian feminists generally deny that the Mr. Lépine's counter attack against the feminist war on men was a counter attack as they deny the existence of their violent century long war on men. The Canadian feminazi use the successful man's counter attack as a propaganda piece to claim "violence against women." The lying feminazi propaganda machine, in the manner of victorious historians, calls their deaths in the war "murder," another lie. All major religions differentiate between murder and killing in a war. Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions applaud killing in a just war. The truth is that the lives of a million men are destroyed every year in western nations, their families are destroyed, their children are stolen and abused, their dreams are shattered. A million men and more are chained by the feminize army of gun thugs in blue uniforms and sent to die in some hell hole concentration camps. Today, as we celebrate the first small victory, the first small counter attack, the first shots fired against the feminazi in defense of men, let us dedicate a few moments of silence to remember the millions of children and men who have suffered and died in their hateful war on men and boys. May they rest in peace. May their suffering not go unnoticed. May the small counter attack launched by the courageous Mr. Marc Mr. Lépine be as a guiding light to men of courage everywhere.

Today is International Marc Lépine Day, celebrated by men of courage in English speaking countries around the globe, CA, UK, US, AU, NZ, and elsewhere. Today is a day for brave men everywhere to hoist a glass and remember the courageous hero who died fighting the feminazi onslaught. Here is to Mr. Marc Mr. Lépine.