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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lying scum gun thugs murder again.

Last Saturday night, early hours of December 3, 2006, a murderous gang assaulted and eventually murdered a Seattle area man who was attending a party. The dead victim, Mr. Raymond O. Porter apparently belonged to his own rival gang, and the blue gun thug gang hates rival gangs more than anyone else. It's their turf, and they kill to protect it. There had apparently been some disagreement between Porter's gang and another rival gang south of Seattle. Some non-lethal force had been used between the rival gangs when the blue gun thug gang heard about the trespassing of rival gangs on their turf. The blue gun thugs loaded up their weapons, gathered reinforcements, and headed out to do murder.

Raymond Porter was at a party Saturday night when confronted by a gang of blue gun thugs bent on his destruction or murder, they didn't care which. According to published reports gun thug gang member, Steve Cox cornered Mr. Porter in a back room where he was using various lies, beatings, threats and coercion attempting to extract a so-called "confession." Instead of accepting the gang's terrorism, Mr. Porter used his own weapon to confront the brutal gang member, and evil violent misandrist Steve Cox died, smearing blood on his blue gang colors. After hearing the gunfire, other members of Cox's blue thug gang attacked in force. Mr. Porter was shot twice by other members of Cox's violent gun thug gang, and then executed with his own gun. Gang spokesperson lied to the media as usual about their execution of Mr. Porter, claiming it was "suicide."
"The man who killed King County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Cox took his own life after a brief gunbattle with two other deputies trying to save their partner, the Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday. In the latest twist to a tragic chain of events, the Sheriff's Office reported that Raymond O. Porter committed suicide by firing a round into his head after he was hit with two rounds from the deputies' guns.

Any sensible man knows that the blue gun thug gang is lying again about their street violence and their execution style killings. The initial wounds suffered by Mr. Porter in the gun battle with the blue thug gang were not fatal according to the King County Medical Examiner's office. Gang members murdered him in cold blood with his own gun after he had been shot twice and seriously wounded.

South of Seattle today, the evil gangs rallied to celebrate their murder and mourn the loss of their dead gang member. Most of them were paid by taxpayers money, your money and mine, to assemble and hold their gang violence celebration. May they all rot in hell where they belong, and may they arrive there swiftly.

Gangs are alive and well and operating in our towns and cities. They feed on violence as they wear their blue gang colors. They murder men without fear of retribution for the public pretends to believe their lies about "suicide." Their violent gang is the most violent, most destructive, and most oppressive force in our communities. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing about them.


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