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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Violent Dogs belong in a loony bin

Jared Loughner's 3 favorite books on his Facebook page were Hitler's Mein Kampf, Marx's Communist Manifesto, and Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Back before the liberal revolution of the 1960s, crazy violent dogs were captured and sent to loony bins where they could be controlled and forced to take mind altering drugs. But that changed.

During the 1960s, we saw the liberal elite championing the “rights” of violent psychotic dogs like Jared Loughner. The plight of such violent loony bin inmates was championed in print by novels such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Kesey's 1959 novel was published in 1962. It was taught in liberal college classes, and made into a Broadway play by New York liberal elites. Hollywood liberals made it into a major motion picture in 1975, and awarded it five Academy Awards for its leftist message. Radical leftist organizations like the ACLU championed the “rights” of violent crazy dogs instead of the rights of people to be safe on our streets.

The result of all the left wingnut advocacy was that all the loony bins were closed. Thousands of crazy and violent dogs were just dumped on our streets. We still see them today, wandering our towns and cities. Most of the former loony bin inmates are unable to hold a job, form a marriage, or have a decent life. Most have ended up living on the streets as homeless derelicts. Some die in winter because they don't have the mental capacity to come in out of the cold. Some fight each other and die in the fights. Often they take too much alcohol or other drugs to dull the insane voices in their brains.

The loss of state loony bins is a human tragedy for all the crazies who can't lead productive lives or support themselves and end up dead under bridges in our cities. Like other leftist programs with so-called “good intentions,” closing loony bins did a lot more harm than good. The lack of support for crazies who end up on the streets is horrific, but its not the worst result of the loony leftist closing of loony bins. The crazy violent dogs have been released on the streets along with the harmless crazies.

We just witnessed another mass killing by a crazy violent dog who should have been sent to the Cuckoo's Nest before he committed mass murder. Mass killer Jared Loughner had been known by friends, relatives, acquaintances and authorities for years. Many had been afraid that he would end up killing people. Many were afraid of him. His crazy rantings at Community College classes caused him to be expelled from the school. Professors, administrators, and other students who he met after enrolling at the Community College all feared that he would go crazy and do a mass murder at the College. Other local authorities were well aware that he was a loose cannon waiting to go off. But thanks to the leftist/liberal One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest laws, he could not be sent to a loony bin for protection of the public and himself.

Jared Laughner
Crazy Violent Dog Jared Loughner
Belonged in the Cuckoo's Nest

Jared Loughner is not the first by a long way. Another infamous mass murder happened recently at Virginia Tech where a nut case named Cho lost it and murdered many students. Cho also had been identified as a violent crazy dog, but because liberal/leftist laws do not allow the people to protect ourselves against mad dogs, he was not sent to a loony bin before he got a weapon and attacked to kill.

These highly publicized incidents are notable only because they got so much public notice. Other crazy violent dogs kill people every week. A century ago they would have been identified and sent to a loony bin, or Cuckoo's Nest where their crazy mind could be controlled, or at least their violent behavior could be blocked.

Over the past week we have heard constant political grandstanding by the loony lefties trying to divert public responsibility from their own crazy laws and to blame conservative voices that teach good sense. The loony lefties rant and twist, spew hate and “blood hate” but never take responsibility for their crimes. They twist and blame, squirm and divert. They try to use the inevitable results of their own leftist laws to make political hay. “Never let a crisis go to waste” even when they caused the crisis.

The glaringly obvious cause of the tragedy in Tuscon, at Virginia Tech, and a thousand others places, is the leftist “do gooder” laws that closed loony bins, emptied the Cuckoo's Nests, and dumped all the crazy violet dogs on the streets. Its a loony lefty problem. Its the ACLU. Its CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and NY Times who are responsible.

Barry Soetoro said, “None of us can know what could have stopped these shots from being fired.” Bullshit! What could have stopped these shots was sending the crazy mad dog to a loony bin when his crazy violent nature became obvious two years before. What could have stopped this was listening to conservative voices that work to protect the people, not loony lefties that endanger the people by giving Academy Awards for closing loony bins.

It should also be noted that other loony leftist laws do not allow free men with mental problems to medicate themselves. All the common drugs are not available, part of the “War on Drugs.” Violent crazy dogs like Jared always know they are crazy. His favorite book was about the Cuckoo's Nest because he searched for a solution to his own crazy reality Virtually all of them have tried to medicate their own crazy minds. Jared Loughner tried to get marijuana or other drugs, but of course those are illegal and far too expensive for a poor crazy young man who can't hold a job. He was not able to smoke a few more joints to mellow out, nor take some H and curl up in a corner when the daemons in his mind drove him to distraction. He found no legal option for self medication, and the shrinks who evaluated him just dumped him back on the streets.

Its time to stop the left wingnut madness, and go back to protecting the public. Crazy violent dogs need to be sent to the Cuckoo's Nest. Its for their good and for the safety of the public.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Major Richard Winters died. A hero is lost.

Major Richard Winters, the commanding officer of Easy Company, the Army unit whose gritty combat from the beaches of Normandy to the capture of Hitler's mountain retreat was recounted in the book and television series "Band of Brothers," died Jan. 2 in Campbelltown, Pa. He was 92 and lived in Hershey, Pa.

Among the many battles fought by Easy Company was their defense of the town of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. As usual for Easy Company they were outnumbered, out gunned, and surrounded. Short of ammunition and without winter clothing they survived blizzards and repeated German assaults to hold the crossroads at Bastogne until Patton's 3rd Army arrived. Times story here

Major Winters always denied being a hero. He would only say, "I served with heroes." May he rest in peace.

Official Major Dick Winters Website


Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue Dog Congresscunt Gunned Down

On Thursday a pot smoking faggot liberal from Tuscon Arizona calling himself “BlueBoy” posted on liberal blog Daily Kos,
“My Congresswoman voted against Nancy Pelosi! And now is DEAD to me.”
BlueBoy went on to rant about how he had worked hard to elect Congresscunt Giffods, but she had failed to come through on campaign promises. Daily Kos is a radical liberal blog well known for spewing hate and advocating violence against anyone who opposes the most radical socialist agendas. Daily Kos had previously posted a “Bulls Eye” naming Congresscunt Giffords for not being radical socialist enough. See link

In addition to the hate spewing daily from radical fascist blogs like Daily Kos, Senate Majority Leader Hairy Reid commandeered both channels of C-SPAN on Thursday and Friday to spend an hour spewing hate at Congressmen who had voted Pelosi out as Speaker of the House and adopted new rules promoting smaller government. BlueBoy was well aware that Arizona Congresscunt had not voted for Pelosi even though she is a Democrat. “She is DEAD to me,” he ranted on Daily Kos after watching the hate coming from Hairy Reid and the Socialists of the US Senate. Day after day the radical left including Hairy Reid, socialist blogs, and popular media spew hate to inspire radical violence. The Obama election was the most racist, most sexist, and most divisive political event in the past century if ever in US politics. From the continuous hate speech of Obama's Reverend Wright to ABC's "Take That," its has become all divisive hate all the time from the American socialists.

One day after Hairy Reid's C-SPAN rants, Congresscunt Giffords was shot in Tuscon along with more than a dozen other people by a pot smoking liberal faggot named Jared Lee Loughner. If Laughner wasn't BlueBoy then BlueBoy was his twin brother. Both are liberal pot smoking faggots from Tuscon who hated the Congresscunt. Daily Kos took down its BlueBoy rant and its "Bulls Eye" shortly after it had succeeded in the killing, but archived copies are available on other sources. here and here.

The pot smoking liberal faggot Laughner had a Facebook page listing Mein Kampf, and Communists Manifesto as his favorite books. Its hard to tell if he leaned more to the Democrat Socialist Union Party or to the Communist Party. Facebook also took down his page. They don't want Americans to learn the truth about the pot smoking liberal faggot.

Of course the leftist, racist, sexist, main stream American media (MSM) follows the revolutionary strategy, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The MSM immediately began blaming every conservative political voice for the crimes of the communist faggot they promoted and nurtured. MSM shows like ABC's Good Morning America continue to spew anti-conservative hate two days later interspersed with disingenuous admonitions to “tone down” partisan rhetoric. NBC's Tom Brokjaw looked square into the camera and lied that the communist faggot had “no recognizable political orientation” as he blamed uninvolved conservatives for the crime. All hate, all the time. Main stream media in the US bears a lot of the blame for this event.

Also killed in the shooting was US 9th District Agent of Satan in black robes of hell, John Roll. As the old saying goes, “It is an ill wind that blows no one good.” Agent of Satan, Roll, was known to have received previous death threats from Mexican smuggling gangs because he upheld a citizen's right to arrest drug smugglers and illegal alien trespasser on private ranch land. The right of free men to stop crime was strongly opposed by leftist “one world” criminals like the ACLU, the Mexican Government, and the fascist Obama regime. Roll had been a Bush appointment. The radical left hated him too.

The six killed also included:

Christina, 9; a child who had been trotted across America all her life by socialists using the 9-11 attack to promote their radical agendas. Now she's being used in death to promote more leftist agendas.

Giffords aide Gabe Zimmerman who is said to have “devoted his life to social work..” A socialist wuss who aided a Congresscunt. Not much loss there.

Dorothy Morris retired Democrat.

Dorwin Stoddard was a retired construction worker and gas station owner, His death was a tragedy.

Phyllis Schneck, a New Jersey feminist who wintered in Arizona.

There was a published report that some female tried to grab a clip from Loughner as he reloaded. She failed. Don't send a cow to do a man's work. Soon thereafter he was attacked and disarmed by several MEN who ran forward risking their lives to save others. MSM reports will focus on the cow who failed rather than the MEN who undoubted saved many more potential victims.

Congresscunt Giffords will probably survive being shot in the head, according to medical reports currently available. She will likely suffer some life long brain damage from the injury to her brain, but when the victim is a leftist feminist female, how can you tell? Her husband is a NASA astronaut. She should have been home taking care of her husband's house and family instead of risking her life promoting radical socialist causes and amnesty for illegal aliens. The proper place for females is in the private sphere of house, home, and family. The proper place for females is not in the public sphere of politics. If she lives, the Governor of Arizona will not be able to appoint a man to replace her in Congress. Another tragedy. Maybe she will retire.

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Periodic Housekeeping Notice

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