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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Communist Agenda

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The phrase summarizes the principles of a communist society

Today Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the others say, “Tax the Rich.” And, “Support the most needy.

Same slogan, same political agenda, same Communism, different words.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

So-Called “Dark Energy” is Silly

Quite a while ago when Bob was studying physics in university, we often had to do experiments and then use physical laws and math to show calculations that were consistent with observed physical results. Sometimes when our calculations didn't fit the results we got students were tempted to use what we called the “fudge factor.” Multiply your calculated results by “the fudge factor” and it matched observed data. For obvious reason the Professor did not accept calculations with a fudge factor. Either our calculations were wrong or we had not done our experiments accurately.

Over the past few years astronomers and physicists have observed distant galaxies and found interesting things. First they found that the observed motions did not fit their knowledge of physical forces so they created a hypothetical fudge factor called “dark matter.” The dark matter is said to be about ¾ of all matter, but is unseen and perhaps unsee able. Over the past 10 years physicists have spent millions of taxpayer dollars looking for dark matter, but haven't found any. Fudge factors don't exist in physical space.

The “dark matter” fudge wasn't enough. More recently the astronomers looked out into space and “determined” that distant galaxies are moving away from the earth, and the farther away they are the faster they move away. Distant galaxies appear to be accelerating away from each other and from us. That didn't fit with their known theories so they invented another, and even larger fudge factor called “dark energy.” So-called “dark energy” is said to make up about ¾ of all the mass in the universe. Between mythical dark matter and mythical dark energy, observable mass is down to maybe 5% or 10% of the universe. The other 95% is now said to be “dark,” unobserved, or just mythical. The fudge factor.

These fudge factors have now been integrated into the physics and astronomy being taught in universities. Instead of taking another look at their data, or their theories, they use the convenient fudge factors.

Here is one other theory. Suppose that the “observed fact” that distant galaxies are accelerating away is wrong. Lets look at the measurements. Astronomers measure the velocity of distant objects by looking at the color of light. Objects moving away from us are assumed to cause a shift toward red, or a “red shift.” The theory says, the more blue the light, the faster the galaxy is coming toward us. If light shifts red, then the galaxy is moving rapidly away.

Doppler shift works with sound waves in air and is easy to observe. The sound tone lowers as the speeding car moves past. But I can't recall ever seeing an experiment that demonstrated the same effect from light. Does light also shift color depending on the velocity of the source? There are some interesting relativistic properties of light that may not work the same as sound waves. Light acts like a wave, but also acts like a particle called a "photon." If any reader knows of and can cite a published experiment that demonstrates wave frequency shift of light depending on the velocity of the source please provide a citation.

Light is almost a total mystery. There is very little known about its physical structure. Is each photon made up of 10 zillion little photoids? Nobody knows. Does a photon slowly lose photoids and therefore total energy over billions of years? Nobody knows. Light color is a composite measure of the energy of its photons. A loss of energy from a photon shifts it red, but does not change its velocity - “c.” The farther away a galaxy is from earth, the more billions of years the photons have to lose energy and shift to red. Perhaps, instead of accelerating away from each other and from us, the light from distant galaxies is shifting red by some kind of degradation of he light. Its a lot less complicated theory than inventing “dark energy” making up ¾ of the universe. Use Occam's razor, a review of the observations makes more sense than inventing some huge mythical dark energy or dark matter. Lets go back to reality. Science has lost its way, and not just in pushing the fraud of “global warming.” Something is wrong with the observations. We just don't know enough about light to claim that accurate measurements have been made of the speed of the most distant galaxies. Lets get real. Lets go back to the data and the measurements. That's where the errors lie.

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Fear is NOT Leadership. Interest is Not Bad.

The Obama regime and all the libtard media, (CBS, CNN, FOX, etc.) are working hard to frighten the people about the so-called “debt crisis.” They all carry The Obama's water hoping to frighten old ladies and working men into support bankrupting our nation.

The libtard media goes on at length about how raising interest rates will “ruin” the nation and everyone in it. They talk about car loans, home loans, student loans, etc. But they don't talk about the up side.

To begin with, virtually every working person in America has a retirement plan or 401k plan, a bank savings account, or some investments. For the past several years, interest rates paid on their investments have been at historic low rates. Working Americans have earned very little interest on their savings and retirement accounts. If The Obama defaults on his massive debt, and causes interest rates to rise in the US, every American investor will reap a windfall PROFIT. Retirement accounts and savings accounts will be earning 5% instead of the current 1% interest. A typical 401k account will put an additional $5,000 into the working man's pocket if The Obama defaults on his loans.

What about home loans, you ask. Won't the default result in higher loan interest? Yes, but that too is good. The low interest rate on home loans does you no good if you can't get a loan. Banks and investors are hesitant to take a chance lending money if they don't make much interest profit on the loan. Homes are sitting vacant all across America because buyers can't find a lender. Higher interest rates will encourage lenders to go back into the home lending business. Families will once again be able to buy homes. Sellers will be able to sell their home and move as their changing family needs change. Builders will go back to work, creating jobs. Instead of a disaster it will save the housing markets.

Shame on CNN. Shame on MSNBC. Shame on FOX. Shame on NYTimes. Shame on Obama. Shame on Hairy Reid. Shame on Senator Durban. Shame on Senator Schumer. Shame on all the fear mongering communists.

The best thing for America is to call The Obama's bluff, stop government borrowing, and HOLD THE LINE on government debt.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

O'Bummer Has No Clue about Managemnt

The way the Government budget works takes 2 years to produce a budget and spending authorization. Its worked that way for decades. But O'Bummer hasn't managed any of it. The whole massive bureaucracy is all on free range, with nobody taking charge.


Every Government Department begins 2 years ahead. They go to all their offices and major contractors and ask for a projected budget to run their office, agency, project, etc. The proposed next year budget is detailed and specific. It includes salaries and wages, supplies and paper. It includes new construction and maintenance projects like the new roof or the new cafeteria. It includes data processing, building rentals, advertising, recruiting, and all the other expenses to run that office, division, project or function of the government and their major contractors.

All the project budget proposals are forwarded to regional administration offices where they are combined into a regional budget that is forwarded to the Cabinet Secretary. The accounting staff of the Cabinet Secretary combines all the project and function budgets into a detailed budget proposal to run that Department for the following year. Each member of the President's Cabinet, Each Department Secretary, proposes a detailed budget for the following year to the President. The President normally reviews all the proposed budgets. He adds program funding for programs he wants to increase, or reduces funding for programs he wants to reduce or eliminate. The President then combines all the budgets from all the Departments into a huge budget document. It becomes the President's Budget for the following fiscal year. The President sends his Proposed Budget to the Congress and asks them to authorize funding for all his Departments. That's how it has worked for decades, for generations, for many Administrations.


Obama has not done a Federal Budget. He apparently doesn't know enough about management to understand that he's now the CEO of the biggest organization in the world. Obama has not compiled and sent a budget to the Congress since he's been in office. He just doesn't know enough to understand.

The Senate usually gives the President's Budget to its Budget Committee. The Senate Budget Committee usually gives it a cursory scan, adds or subtracts a few things, and adopts it as the Senate Budget. US Law requires the Senate to adopt a Budget by May of each year. The Senate has not adopted a Senate Budget since Obama took office. The Budget Committee has no clue what to talk about. The President hasn't proposed a budget. They have nothing to adopt.

The Obama has no clue about how to run a business, large or small. He is totally over his head. You see it in the “Debt Crisis.” The Obama keeps telling the Congress to come up with something, but Congress says that Obama has not proposed anything. He sent something to the Congress a few weeks ago, but it wasn't a budget. Congressional accountants at the Congressional Budget Office tried to review it and gave up saying, “We can't score a speech.”

What the Obama has done, since he has no spending or budget plan, is to pay every bill that comes due. His Department Secretaries have carte blanch permission to spend however much they want to spend, and its all okay with the President. For more than 2 years the Government has been running on total out of control spending binge. Every pet project of every petty bureaucratic was suddenly approved. Thousands, or tens of thousands of new employees were hired. Thousands of pages of regulations were proposed by thousands of new employees. Trillions of dollars were going out and nobody had any clue where they were all going. There was NOBODY in charge with any clue how to manage or control the world's largest organization. Debts spiraled out of control. And Obama just wants to keep on spending because he is completely unable to understand his job. A Democratic Congress went along with The Obama because they also were able to get all their pet projects approved and have the government pay for all the pet projects or programs that any and every constituent or lobbyist wanted. Debts piled up. The US government has been effectively bankrupt since about January of 2011. It felt good to Democrats and old DC Republican RINOs. Just keep spending. There is no tomorrow. That's someone else's problem. As my mother used to say, "That's a hell of a way to run a railroad."


The Congress has 2 Houses. The Senate represents the States. The House represents the people. In the 2010 election the millions of panicked People were able to reclaim control of the People's House. They are opposed by millions of beneficiaries of the out of control government spending. Ignorant people often enjoy unlimited government money being dumped on their heads. Who wouldn't. They don't pay taxes anyway. About 50% of American voters don't pay taxes any more. Most of them live on government handouts.

The People's House is trying desperately to do their jobs. The House is using a budget from 4 years ago to pass spending authorizations. They are trying desperately to stop the borrowing and save the American people from total financial collapse. RINO Republicans like O'Boehner keep ignoring the bills approved by the House, such as Cut, Cap, and Balance. RINOs like O'Boehner keep trying to get the People's Representatives to accept more debt, more spending, and pretend that there will be an accounting in “10 years.”

You can see how this plays out on TV. The Obama went on prime time TV and told people to “Call your Representative” and tell him to “Solve the debt problem.” But Obama did not tell anybody what solution the Congress should adopt. Obama has no clue how much it should cost to run the government. He has no actual budget. He only wants a book full of blank checks to spend unlimited amounts for everything he can spend. HE IS AN INCOMPETENT FOOL OVER HIS HEAD!

For the good of the Nation, Obama should resign. He has no clue what he is doing. He has never produced a government budget and in fact does not even understand what a budget would look like. The people are suffering massive unemployment, massive economic disaster, and its getting worse every day.

Obama Should Resign O'Boehner should resign as Speaker of the House. The People have to recapture our nation before it fails utterly.

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O'Boehner Sells US Down the River.

O'Bummer, O'Boehner, Same Church, Different Pew.

Last night we watched as O'Bummer made his speech to frighten the people into supporting his unlimited spending. O'Bummer talks about “a balanced approach” but what he demands is:
* A green light for runaway borrowing and spending.
* Mythical spending cuts in 10 years that will never happen.
* An open door for tax increases.
The speech by O'Bummer was followed by a response by O'Boehner. O'Boehner talked about opposition to O'Bummer, but in the end he described his support and advocacy for:
* A green light for runaway borrowing and spending.
* Mythical spending cuts in 10 years that will never happen.
* An open door for tax increases.
The Republicans have sold out grass roots American citizens who rallied behind the banner of “TEA Party” and got them a majority of the People's House. O'Bummer, O'Boehner, they both are working hard to sell us down the river. A hundred new Representatives in the People's House were elected for the purpose of changing DC politics as usual. But O'Boehner and the old time RINOs will, once again, side with Democrats to push their own party members aside and give the people another screwing.

O'Bummer – O'Boehner -- Same socialist political filth.

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Lies, Corporate Jet Lies, and Damn Lies!

Double talking Obama pushes the same old tired lies, and all the libtards step up. Behind his back he does the opposite as usual.

Last night The Obama spoke to Americans again on all the TV networks. Officially he was talking about the national debt. In his speech he recited his often repeated Democratic talking point bashing “Corporate Jet owners.” He and other Democrats says that Republicans give “tax breaks” to “Corporate Jet Owners.” He said that taxing Corporate Jet Owners would solve the government's debt crisis. Media story about Obama bashing Corporate jets.

But lets look behind the curtain. In news stories this week you may have heard that FAA Taxes on commercial jets have vanished. We are told that the FAA tax went away because Congress is arguing again. But they won't tell you what the argument is about. Unless you spend time watching C-SPAN, you won't be told. So here is the straight dope. Media story about FAA tax

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) law provides a government subsidy for small airports that don't make enough money from airline tax to pay for themselves. Read that, the government provides a subsidy to small airports where CORPORATE JETS fly. Instead of taxing corporate jets for the cost of operating their private airports, the government robs us taxpayers. Near every city in the US there is a major commercial airport, and there is another airport where corporate jets fly. Often the corporate jet airport is even closer to the city.

The FAA law expired. Congress is trying to extend it for a few months until they can negotiate a long term renewal. House (TEA Party) REPUBLICANS wanted to limit government subsidies for Corporate Jet airports to no more than $1,000 per passenger when the Corporate Jet airport is within 80 miles of a major airport. (H. R. 2553) Democrats, despite all their public whining about eliminating subsidies for Corporate Jets, have demanded to continue unlimited subsidies for Corporate Jet airports. The impass between a Republican limit of $1,000 per passenger and Democratic unlimited subsidies has resulted in an expiration of the FAA authorization without extension.

Some of you may be tempted to think that $1,000 per passenger government subsidy is a lot, but Democrats think it should be more, sometimes a lot more. After all, who pays for their reelections? If the subsidy is cut, Corporate Jet owners would have to pay more in landing fees to cover their costs. We hard working taxpayers wouldn't be getting the bills, or our grandchildren wouldn't be getting the debt.

Despite the ongoing fight in Congress, Democrats demanding big subsidies for Corporate Jets, and Republicans holding out to cut them, The Obama goes on TV and pretends to be opposed to subsidies for Corporate Jets. Major TV “news” (socialist propaganda) media reports The Obama's opposition to “Corporate Jets.” But they won't tell you that its a bold face lie. They report the cut in FAA taxes, but they won't tell you that Democrats are holding out to continue their big spending subsidies for Corporate Jets.

Washington DC is Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies. Socialist propaganda media is Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies. Obama and Hairy Reid are the supporters of Corporate Jet subsidies, and Republicans are the opposition of government spending, like always. Never believe a Democrap liar, nor a CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, or NY Times liar. And FOX is usually as bad. They won't tell the truth either most of the time.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Pussy Pass Wins Again

For the past several months American Television has been focused on the murder of a little child named Caylee Anthony who was callously murdered by her mother, Casey Anthony. Ms. Casey used her computer to search for murder means such as chloroform. She finally used duct tape on the kid's mouth and nose to suffocate her child, hid it in the trunk of her car for days until she dumped the body in the woods. Ms. Mom then resumed her desired life of drinking, partying, and fucking.
Daily Beast

More than a month later grandmother Anthony finally notified police that the child was missing more than a month and the mother wouldn't give a straight story. Finally, the decomposed body was found and because of massive TV coverage the local prosecutors brought it to trial.

The American Injustice System wouldn't have brought it to trial without massive pressure from TV news networks. Every day they bend over backward to excuse cunts who murder. Mommy murder is a leading cause of death of children in the US, but very few of them are ever charged. We have euphemism like “SIDS” to excuse mothers who kill. Feminists call it, “A woman's right to choose.” Prospectors won't touch it and juries won't convict. Its not just cunts who murder children who escape prosecution or penalty This week on one of those crime documentary stations, ID, they chronicled the case of a “black widow” cunt who made a living out of marrying and murdering cops and firemen. Even when she poisoned a cop they still wouldn't investigate. “Too expensive.” they said as they buried one of their “brothers.” Only when angry families put together a trail of dead men will the blue gun thugs even investigate. If its not blue gun thugs getting killed, often they still refuse. A cunt who kills men is allowed to do murder without remorse or penalty.

Casey Anthony would have gotten away with child murder if her mother hadn't spent so much time crying on TV cameras. Casey lied. She said that a mythical housekeeper was keeping her child. Photos of a missing little girl were on national news. Finally the body was found and the media was all over the case like stink on shit. Prosecutors saw an opportunity to parade on TV for weeks, so they brought it to court instead of declining to prosecute as they usually do when a cunt kills.

The jury, of course, won't convict a cunt unless there is overwhelming evidence. She has her pussy pass. Evidence that routinely sends men to the executioner is insufficient to convict a cunt of even a lesser crime. Her young defense attorney threw in a lot of the usual irrelevant anti-men hate. Her father molested her as a child. She's a “victim.” Her bother molested her as a child. Boo Hoo, she's a “victim.” The duct tape over the kids mouth had been moved. The kid drowned in a pool and the evil grandfather made it look like a murder. Some other man killed the kid. All her drunken partying and fucking was just how a normal mother deals with the grief of losing her child. Boo Hoo, the salty tears poured down her cheek in court.

We are also left wondering what ever happened to little Caylee's father. Murderous mom told reporters he moved to another state and then died, but refused to give his name. Did murdering mom also murder the father? When a cunt kills a man is not investigated. Ms. Killer Casey is a serial killer specializing in men and children.

The pussy pass won again. Ms. Murdering Casey was not convicted. Females are not convicted in the American Injustice System. Men usually are sent to hell or executed unless they can prove they had nothing to do with the crime. Pussies are excused unless there is overwhelming evidence of multiple murders.

There is no justice in the American Injustice System. Millions of men are rotting in prison for the “crime” of being born male. Pussies do not get sent to prison for equal or worse crime. Its not about justice, its about process.

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