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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fear is NOT Leadership. Interest is Not Bad.

The Obama regime and all the libtard media, (CBS, CNN, FOX, etc.) are working hard to frighten the people about the so-called “debt crisis.” They all carry The Obama's water hoping to frighten old ladies and working men into support bankrupting our nation.

The libtard media goes on at length about how raising interest rates will “ruin” the nation and everyone in it. They talk about car loans, home loans, student loans, etc. But they don't talk about the up side.

To begin with, virtually every working person in America has a retirement plan or 401k plan, a bank savings account, or some investments. For the past several years, interest rates paid on their investments have been at historic low rates. Working Americans have earned very little interest on their savings and retirement accounts. If The Obama defaults on his massive debt, and causes interest rates to rise in the US, every American investor will reap a windfall PROFIT. Retirement accounts and savings accounts will be earning 5% instead of the current 1% interest. A typical 401k account will put an additional $5,000 into the working man's pocket if The Obama defaults on his loans.

What about home loans, you ask. Won't the default result in higher loan interest? Yes, but that too is good. The low interest rate on home loans does you no good if you can't get a loan. Banks and investors are hesitant to take a chance lending money if they don't make much interest profit on the loan. Homes are sitting vacant all across America because buyers can't find a lender. Higher interest rates will encourage lenders to go back into the home lending business. Families will once again be able to buy homes. Sellers will be able to sell their home and move as their changing family needs change. Builders will go back to work, creating jobs. Instead of a disaster it will save the housing markets.

Shame on CNN. Shame on MSNBC. Shame on FOX. Shame on NYTimes. Shame on Obama. Shame on Hairy Reid. Shame on Senator Durban. Shame on Senator Schumer. Shame on all the fear mongering communists.

The best thing for America is to call The Obama's bluff, stop government borrowing, and HOLD THE LINE on government debt.

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