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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

O'Bummer Has No Clue about Managemnt

The way the Government budget works takes 2 years to produce a budget and spending authorization. Its worked that way for decades. But O'Bummer hasn't managed any of it. The whole massive bureaucracy is all on free range, with nobody taking charge.


Every Government Department begins 2 years ahead. They go to all their offices and major contractors and ask for a projected budget to run their office, agency, project, etc. The proposed next year budget is detailed and specific. It includes salaries and wages, supplies and paper. It includes new construction and maintenance projects like the new roof or the new cafeteria. It includes data processing, building rentals, advertising, recruiting, and all the other expenses to run that office, division, project or function of the government and their major contractors.

All the project budget proposals are forwarded to regional administration offices where they are combined into a regional budget that is forwarded to the Cabinet Secretary. The accounting staff of the Cabinet Secretary combines all the project and function budgets into a detailed budget proposal to run that Department for the following year. Each member of the President's Cabinet, Each Department Secretary, proposes a detailed budget for the following year to the President. The President normally reviews all the proposed budgets. He adds program funding for programs he wants to increase, or reduces funding for programs he wants to reduce or eliminate. The President then combines all the budgets from all the Departments into a huge budget document. It becomes the President's Budget for the following fiscal year. The President sends his Proposed Budget to the Congress and asks them to authorize funding for all his Departments. That's how it has worked for decades, for generations, for many Administrations.


Obama has not done a Federal Budget. He apparently doesn't know enough about management to understand that he's now the CEO of the biggest organization in the world. Obama has not compiled and sent a budget to the Congress since he's been in office. He just doesn't know enough to understand.

The Senate usually gives the President's Budget to its Budget Committee. The Senate Budget Committee usually gives it a cursory scan, adds or subtracts a few things, and adopts it as the Senate Budget. US Law requires the Senate to adopt a Budget by May of each year. The Senate has not adopted a Senate Budget since Obama took office. The Budget Committee has no clue what to talk about. The President hasn't proposed a budget. They have nothing to adopt.

The Obama has no clue about how to run a business, large or small. He is totally over his head. You see it in the “Debt Crisis.” The Obama keeps telling the Congress to come up with something, but Congress says that Obama has not proposed anything. He sent something to the Congress a few weeks ago, but it wasn't a budget. Congressional accountants at the Congressional Budget Office tried to review it and gave up saying, “We can't score a speech.”

What the Obama has done, since he has no spending or budget plan, is to pay every bill that comes due. His Department Secretaries have carte blanch permission to spend however much they want to spend, and its all okay with the President. For more than 2 years the Government has been running on total out of control spending binge. Every pet project of every petty bureaucratic was suddenly approved. Thousands, or tens of thousands of new employees were hired. Thousands of pages of regulations were proposed by thousands of new employees. Trillions of dollars were going out and nobody had any clue where they were all going. There was NOBODY in charge with any clue how to manage or control the world's largest organization. Debts spiraled out of control. And Obama just wants to keep on spending because he is completely unable to understand his job. A Democratic Congress went along with The Obama because they also were able to get all their pet projects approved and have the government pay for all the pet projects or programs that any and every constituent or lobbyist wanted. Debts piled up. The US government has been effectively bankrupt since about January of 2011. It felt good to Democrats and old DC Republican RINOs. Just keep spending. There is no tomorrow. That's someone else's problem. As my mother used to say, "That's a hell of a way to run a railroad."


The Congress has 2 Houses. The Senate represents the States. The House represents the people. In the 2010 election the millions of panicked People were able to reclaim control of the People's House. They are opposed by millions of beneficiaries of the out of control government spending. Ignorant people often enjoy unlimited government money being dumped on their heads. Who wouldn't. They don't pay taxes anyway. About 50% of American voters don't pay taxes any more. Most of them live on government handouts.

The People's House is trying desperately to do their jobs. The House is using a budget from 4 years ago to pass spending authorizations. They are trying desperately to stop the borrowing and save the American people from total financial collapse. RINO Republicans like O'Boehner keep ignoring the bills approved by the House, such as Cut, Cap, and Balance. RINOs like O'Boehner keep trying to get the People's Representatives to accept more debt, more spending, and pretend that there will be an accounting in “10 years.”

You can see how this plays out on TV. The Obama went on prime time TV and told people to “Call your Representative” and tell him to “Solve the debt problem.” But Obama did not tell anybody what solution the Congress should adopt. Obama has no clue how much it should cost to run the government. He has no actual budget. He only wants a book full of blank checks to spend unlimited amounts for everything he can spend. HE IS AN INCOMPETENT FOOL OVER HIS HEAD!

For the good of the Nation, Obama should resign. He has no clue what he is doing. He has never produced a government budget and in fact does not even understand what a budget would look like. The people are suffering massive unemployment, massive economic disaster, and its getting worse every day.

Obama Should Resign O'Boehner should resign as Speaker of the House. The People have to recapture our nation before it fails utterly.

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