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Thursday, June 03, 2010

First you have to CATCH THE BALL

Detroit Tigers' Armando Galarraga had a Perfect Game going on 6/2/10, but in the 9th inning he covered first base as the ball was thrown. Galarraga bobbled the catch and the runner passed the bag before he got control of the ball. The ball was inches above his mitt when the runner crossed the bag.

One of the oldest rules in baseball says that when a fielder who drops the ball, the runner is safe. This guy has to CATCH the ball. It rolled across the webbing of his mitt without being caught and lifted into the air when it hit the palm of the mitt. Galarraga finally got control of it after it came back down, but by then the runner was safe at first.

Here is a video showing the bobbled ball. Watch closely as the ball bounces out of the pitcher's mitt while the runner crosses the base. If you have software to capture and isolate that particular part of the video, please send Bob a copy.

None of the major media will even talk about the bobbled ball. They are all about “He Was Robbed.” What a joke. We can't even trust sports reporters. Can't we even be honest about sports?