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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Feminism always asserts the dogma

Someone who hasn't the balls to post her name asked, "Define a 'genuine rape' that requires the man be punished?" Like a typical feminist she framed the question so that the primary misandrist dogma of feminism is assumed as the background framework before which further discussion may commence. In this case the "question" asserts that "men should be punished for rape." That misandrist assertion is one of the feminist hate lies that has been repeated so often and so long that the feminazi assume it to be "the truth." To the contrary, it is just one of the many hate dogmas that organized feminism continues to push to justify destroying millions of men. Like German National Socialism looking for solutions to "The Jewish Problem" and assuming that "The Jewish Problem" was beyond question, modern feminazi hate dogma needs to be questioned at it's core. The blind assertions of feminist hate are the real problem.

Before your "question" can be answered, Ms. Anonymous, you need to demonstrate the validity of your hateful sexist assertion that "men should be punished." Without draging murder or other physical battery into the discussion, it's about "rape" remember, you need to demonstrate that rape is hurtful more than her hurt feelings about losing her assumed female power to control men. Rape, after all, is just sex with a disagreement over who will decide tonight. Feminists demand that females always decide, and assert that "men should be punished" when the female loses her dominate position over men. That assertion has not been proven here Ms. Anonymous. Your old tired feminazi dogma doesn't cut muster here. We don't assume that "men should be punished. How very hateful of you to say so.

Bob has called for a moratorium on punishing men for "rape" until the hysterical ravings of feminism can have time to calm down and cooler heads can rethink the entire feminazi assertion.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sexist Injustice rules the AIS

The American Injustice System, AIS, proved again today that the primary criteria used to determine sentences is the sex of the accused. From
"Wednesday, January 18, 2006; Posted: 6:15 p.m. EST (23:15 GMT) SAN JOSE, California (AP) -- A couple who planted a severed finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili in a scheme to extort money from the fast-food chain were sentenced Wednesday to at least nine years in prison. Anna Ayala, 40, who said she bit into the digit, was sentenced to nine years. Her husband, Jaime Plascencia, 44, who obtained the finger from a co-worker who lost it in a workplace accident, was sentenced to more than 12 years. 'Greed and avarice overtook this couple,' said superior Court Judge Edward Davila, adding that the pair had "lost their moral compass."
The female who did the crime, fraudulently claimed that she had been served a finger in her food at Wendys, was sent to an easy female prison for 9 years where she can be expected to get out on parole in about 5 years. The man who provided the finger but did not directly participate in the crime was sent to a hell-hole men's prison for 12 years. Her crime is attempting to defraud Wendys. His crime is being born male. The man may have been involved behind the scenes, but the female was the one who did the crime. Once again, there is NO JUSTICE in a court that bases it's sentences on the sex of the accused. Mr. James Plascencia did not get a fair trial in a sexist bigoted court. He can not be guilty without a fair trial. Judge Davila proves himself to be a violent sexist men-hating bigot who ought to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Rain from Hell

We heard from Bin Laden today in an audio tape provided by Al-Queda to Al-Jazeera. Some of Bin Laden's speech sounded like he was reading the Democratic Party script, repeating the same words from Senator Hitllary, Kennedy and several others. Bin Laden accused President Bush of "lying." He asserted that the US war in Iraq was a side issue to attacking terrorists, disregarding, of course, the Al-Queda organization that conducts frequent bombings and killings in Iraq. Bin Laden obviously reads or watches news from the US and believes that Democratic anti-American criticism of our government can be used to create division among the American people. He is right in some respects. Democratic leaders do support his Al-Queda organization in many ways.

Democrats really need to get a program and provide leadership. Being anti-Bush is not leadership and will only result in more and more losses of confidence even from long term Democrats. Recently Bob spoke with a life long Democrat who was appalled at the pathetic Democratic demonstration carried on at the Supreme Court nominee interview hearings. Senator Hitllary, shortly after her "plantation" faux-pas, has criticized America for failing to take rapid unilateral action on Iran's nuclear situation. This is the same misguided female who's party has repeatedly criticized American for unilateral action in Iraq. She obviously speaks with a forked tongue, criticizing anything Bush does without any real policy or conviction either of herself or from her party. Democrats will have to get a new program and some real leadership or their diminishing political position will continue to erode.

Bin Laden also said that he is planning more attacks in the US which are now in a planning stage. While attacks are being planned Democratic leadership has been suggesting that President Bush be impeached for aggressively pursuing Al-Queda operatives and intercepting Al-Queda communications coming in and out of the US. They just don't get it. American people are smart enough to know that intercepting Al-Queda communications is an important part of preventing terrorist attacks in our country. So is aggressively pursuing Al-Queda into every country where they may try to hide.

Bob is encouraged by the recent successes in the war on terrorism. It has been reported that although the #2 Al-Queda leader may not have been killed in last week's attack, several other Al-Queda leaders ceased to exist. The attack last Friday in the remote Pakistani village was one of several in recent weeks. Obviously, US intelligence is making headway in locating their hideouts, and is willing to take action when targets are located. Today's tape from Bin Laden is spoken in his usual calm voice, but with bombs falling out of the night on several of his "safe" houses recently he has to be getting nervous. Is he wondering who the traitor is in his organization? Will he initiate a purge of suspected traitors? Is a purge already ongoing? Or does he just look over his shoulder watching his back and wondering when he goes to sleep at night if he needs to kiss his ass goodbye.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hollywood filth!

This week we saw Hollywood award itself for the unmitigated filth of Humpback Mountain. A Golden Globe award is now based more on the level of faggot filth the movie promotes than on creative art or anything else. Rumprider Mountain sets a new low in obscenity in film by promoting the disgusting psychosexual perversion of homosexuality. Faggotry is pandered to young people as acceptable and even "good," as part of their ongoing recruitment campaign. Theater owners are as immoral as the Hollywood perverts when they show such filth in our neighborhood. It would still be filth if theater owners informed the public of the kind of obscene message they were showing, but it is absolutely unacceptable to show faggot recruiting propaganda without notice. Rumprider Mountain would be obscenity if restricted to consenting adults, but such would be legal. But it's far worse than that. They allow and encourage young people to see the film and be impressed by the obscenity portrayed as normal. Freedom of speech allows the worst kind of pervert to create filth like Backdoor Mountain but it does not mean that anyone has to listen or view their obscenity. Obscene speech should be restricted to adults only and plainly labeled. Better yet it should be rated X and distributed through faggot pornography channels instead of being shown to unsuspecting public masquerading as decent a film. Someone needs to explain to these theater owners up close and persona.

Bob is also greatly offended by the great insult that Fuckass Mountain hurls at millions of decent ranchers and cowboys who work hard dangerous jobs to bring food to our tables. Bob's uncle, cousin, and other relatives have been ranching cows for generations. Real ranchers are hard working decent MEN. They are not the ass fucking perverts such as Hollywood is now portraying. Shame on every Homowood film producer who panders to the gay agenda by producing such filth and by promoting it to the status of winner of Homowood awards. A fence post in Wyoming would be too good for these psychosexual perverts.

Note to the rumprider defenders: Recognition of psychosexual perversion is independent of religious belief. Normal sexual relations between male and female is natural, beautiful, sacred, and in harmony with nature. Sexual perversion is out of step with nature, includes disgusting filth, and interferes with normal beautiful sacred relationships. Most religions include recognition of natural human relationships and rejection of psychosexual perversion, but one does not need religion to be deeply offended by rumprider filth.

Gun thugs murder teen.

This past week we watched on CNN and the other media as Longwood, FL, SWAT gun thugs cornered Christopher Penley, a teenager at a Middle School. Penley brought a non-lethal pellet gun to school, apparently because he had been emotionally abused by a young woman. During the hour standoff his father contacted the gun thugs and informed them that the young man's weapon was NON-LETHAL pellet gun. But, of course, the gun thugs were intent on killing and chose to ignore any information that would reduce their self-righteous justification for death. The young man's father then went to the Middle School to talk to his son and de-escalate the incident before anyone got hurt. The gun thug gang held him at bay for half an hour until and prevented him from intervening between trained killers and a distraught young DV victim.

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger said the boy was suicidal and couldn't be talked into surrendering the weapon. Eslinger's statement falls flat when we learn that Eslinger and his hired gun thugs PREVENTED efforts to do that because it would de-escalate the situation and eliminate their reason to kill.

When the blue gun thugs get the sense of blood there is nobody who can stop or deter them from their violence. They waived off the certain knowledge that the student did not have a lethal weapon. They deliberately refused the cooler heads of a father which would have prevented the situation they used to justify killing. These violent murderers are a Criminal Conspiracy and ought to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes. Across America every year probably more people are killed by the blue gun thugs than are saved or protected by them. The government statisticians lump "murder and police" together as a cause of death in order to hide a comparison which would dramatically show that the average citizen would be far safer and generally better off without these gangs of hired gun thugs roaming our streets murdering our children.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

White MEN need not apply.

Eastern Washington University just announced their new University President, Rudolfo Arevalo. The choice was for a Hispanic son of migrant workers who was previously Provost of Pan-American University in Texas. Was he the best qualified applicant? Maybe he was, but we will never know. His most important qualification was being the Hispanic son of migrant workers. In liberal feminist dominated universities today, any man applying for a professor position has two strikes against him before he applies. Most universities won't hire any white man unless there is no other marginally qualified female or minority available. Dr. Michael Savage who has a syndicated radio talk show, "Savage Nation," sometimes talks about how he was passed over for the job of professor in favor of less qualified minority or female applicants. Once hired, promotions to administrative positions at universities also are based on anti-white-men discrimination. So Rudolfo has been getting promoted by racist discrimination throughout his career. Whatever his real qualifications or abilities may or may not be will never be known. He's the racist appointment in a racist-sexist hiring. And New Orleans will be rebuilt "chocolate." White men need not apply.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hate TV has another hissy fit.

Over the past few days the anti-MEN hate mongers on FOX TV have been frothing at the mouth in a mad raving hissy fit over a judge who has tried to bring some rational sense into the field of hysterical misandry of the feminazi and their Gestapo army and media propaganda organizations. A man in Vermont was accused of "molesting" a girl over several years. The facts of the case show that the girl in question enjoyed the encounters and only became a "victim" when organized hate found out that she could be used to destroy another MAN. The raving haters demanded that his whole life be destroyed. Meanwhile the "victim" had suffered no bodily injury or financial loss. At worst her feelings had been hurt when she grew tired of the relationship. Like the large majority of "rape victims" she suffered very little if any harm. The great LIE of the "rape-hate" industry claims that rape is a "fate worse than death." In fact, rape is simply sex with the man instead of the woman making the decisions. Rape takes away the female's assumed unlimited sexist right to make all decisions about sex between a man and a woman. In this case the only alleged injury is that the girl was too young to have legal authority to decide what she enjoyed and therefore it is an excuse for the man to be utterly destroyed. The tired old dried up whiny bitches hate competition from younger females almost more than they hate men. Rape-hate has gotten so far from rational that Bob has called for a moratorium on rape-hate persecution of men until emotions cool and sanity replaces hysteria.

Instead of sending the man off to Auchwitz or a similar hell hole to end his life Judge Edward Cashman brought a semblance of sanity to the sentencing. The sane judge spoke truth in the face of hysterical hate, and the hate mongers are going nuts. The judge observed that punishing another man does not help anyone and costs society a great deal. FOX "news" spin master O'Really was so angry that a MAN had not been destroyed that he was jumping off his chair and shouting at his guest experts. Sean Insanity is beating his drum, men-bad, men-bad, men-bad. The blond bimbo goes on and on. Their hatred of MEN is deep and wide. Their record includes angry demands that a Cuban father be denied access to his son, and angry accusations of Florida judges who upheld ages old law that gives a husband authority to make tough decisions about his dying wife. In case after case FOX and O'Really demonstrate their hysterical burning hatred of men. Day after day it’s women=victim, men=villain, hate, hate, hate. For days now O'Really has been using the resources of FOX to whip up protest letters to the government of Vermont, vilifying a judge who fails to persecute and destroy men. Even Rush Limbaugh joined the misandrist chorus, defending the hurt feelings of a female and demanding the total destruction of a man.

And O'Really is not by any stretch unusual in his personal attacks on anyone who brings sanity to the feminazi war on men. According to the raving misandrists anyone who objects to their hate is "insane" or "a pedophile." Bob often receives hate mail from misandrist bigots who can't stand the light of truth speaking out against their institutionalized hate. The hate mail always focuses on ad-hominem accusations instead of dealing with the issues involved. The issues of misandrist hate are indefensible, so silencing the opposition by personal attack has been the standard feminazi tactic. From the fem-nags on the Internet to O'Really and friends on the media their hatred drives them to attack the person, especially if it is a man who is speaking out against their sexism and stands against the war on men. Shame on them all. Decent MEN stand up for MEN and refute the hate of violent sexist bigots like O'Really and his hate mongering friends at FOX. It's time for MEN and women who oppose the war on men to send e-mail or letters to O'Really and the others. Tell them that hate is not acceptable.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

13 Miners DIE while "rescue" waits.

Once again we watch and wait as "first responders," second responders, and government officials in general sit and scratch their collective arses for a very long time before doing their jobs. While watching the recent mine tragedy in West Virginia I was reminded of the many who died at Columbine High School while 600 cowards hid across the street behind their patrol cars hour after hour and PREVENTED medical teams from saving the lives of a teacher and several students who eventually bled to death waiting for "help" to finally arrive. When "help" did arrive they were in plenty of time to load up the bodies. At Columbine, in an outcome eerily similar to the 13 miners who died, more than 2/3 of the dead would have been saved with prompt medical attention.

At the West Virginia coal mine there was an underground explosion apparently originating in an abandoned shaft. Many of the men working in the mine escaped using their emergency breathing apparatus that every miner carries. Upon reaching the surface and counting heads the miners who had escaped grabbed some emergency breathing apparatus and headed back into the mine to help their friends and co-workers. Before these brave MEN could gather up excavation equipment and dig through the rock fall, their efforts were blocked by government "rescue" officials who took command of the mine and blocked all further immediate rescue attempts.

On DAY ONE, while there was a VERY GOOD CHANCE of rescuing the trapped miners, the government "rescue" officials scratched their asses and "surveyed" the situation. They found out that there was a high concentration of CO gas, a lethal situation unless rescue is immediate. So knowing how urgent the need for rescue was, the government "rescue" officials did NOTHING. They said that it was “too dangerous,” a coward’s statement. I am reminded that every day fire fighters across the United States use breathing apparatus to enter buildings with dangerous unbreathable smoke. If there was dangerous or lethal gas in the mine they KNEW that speed of rescue was going to be the difference between life and death for the miners. While good men died, they government cowards blocked brave men from rescuing their friends.

By DAY TWO the chance of finding anyone alive was rapidly diminishing, but because of skill and training the trapped miners had built a temporary shelter allowing them to survive for a day or two while awaiting rescue. Little did they know that rescue depended on incompetent cowardly ass scratching idiots. The LIE of their training, approved by the government, is that rescue will arrive in time. On day two the cowards blocking all rescue attempts failed to initiate any attempt at rescue. They could have taken some self contained breathing aparatus and entered the mine without regard to the lack of good air, but just as the county cowards at Columbine had hid for hours, the Mine Safety officials hid on the surface and scratched their asses again. On day two they sent a poorly designed and ineffective robot into the mine, a robot which had no capability to rescue anyone even if it had worked, which it did not. The robot promptly got stuck in some mud. Instead of going to rescue the miners, government cowards drilled a small hole from the surface and banged on the casing every 15 minutes for several hours.

By DAY THREE, long after most of the miners had died, but with all the national TV talking heads standing around in front of the mine, the government cowards finally did what they could and should have done three days before, they put on some breathing apparatus and went looking for the trapped men. Little was said in the media on day two or three about the blocked tunnel reported on day one. However since the robot passed into the mine on the second day until it bogged down in mud we can surmise that a passage big enough for men was possible to open on the first day if several men with equipment had made the attempt. Could have gone the first day, but the incompetent cowards scratched their arses and whined about CO gas for 3 days while 13 men died. On the night of the 3rd day, with conditions almost exactly the same as the first day, they no longer could block rescue efforts, but of course they had done the damage, they had successfully prevented effective rescue and assured that all but 1 of the miners were dead. The last man was barely alive but with brain and other organ damage.

All 13 miners could have been rescued alive and uninjured if the "rescue" officials had not PREVENTED rescue attempts on the first or second days. These cowardly scum are criminally liable for the deaths of the miners whom they killed by blocking all rescue. While morning the deaths of hard working MEN, we also ought to be stringing up the cowards who killed them by standing in the way of brave MEN who most likely would have saved everyone. Cowardly idiots ought never be in charge of anything. When you need help, call someone else, anyone else, anyone at all else.

After the dead were carried out we eventually learned that there was NOTHING blocking the mine tunnel. All the miners could have been rescued. Only the cowardice of government officials prevented their rescue and caused their death. These cowards need to be summarily fired from their positons and replaced with MEN.

Will the mainstream media ever report on the real reason so many died? Not on a bet. They will white wash the whole affair, and blame the men themselves in the end. The mine owners will be exonerated, and the guilty will be praised or given rewards for their cowardly inaction. Sure, poison gas was the immediate cause of death, but government cowards who blocked their rescue were the underlying cause of death.