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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rain from Hell

We heard from Bin Laden today in an audio tape provided by Al-Queda to Al-Jazeera. Some of Bin Laden's speech sounded like he was reading the Democratic Party script, repeating the same words from Senator Hitllary, Kennedy and several others. Bin Laden accused President Bush of "lying." He asserted that the US war in Iraq was a side issue to attacking terrorists, disregarding, of course, the Al-Queda organization that conducts frequent bombings and killings in Iraq. Bin Laden obviously reads or watches news from the US and believes that Democratic anti-American criticism of our government can be used to create division among the American people. He is right in some respects. Democratic leaders do support his Al-Queda organization in many ways.

Democrats really need to get a program and provide leadership. Being anti-Bush is not leadership and will only result in more and more losses of confidence even from long term Democrats. Recently Bob spoke with a life long Democrat who was appalled at the pathetic Democratic demonstration carried on at the Supreme Court nominee interview hearings. Senator Hitllary, shortly after her "plantation" faux-pas, has criticized America for failing to take rapid unilateral action on Iran's nuclear situation. This is the same misguided female who's party has repeatedly criticized American for unilateral action in Iraq. She obviously speaks with a forked tongue, criticizing anything Bush does without any real policy or conviction either of herself or from her party. Democrats will have to get a new program and some real leadership or their diminishing political position will continue to erode.

Bin Laden also said that he is planning more attacks in the US which are now in a planning stage. While attacks are being planned Democratic leadership has been suggesting that President Bush be impeached for aggressively pursuing Al-Queda operatives and intercepting Al-Queda communications coming in and out of the US. They just don't get it. American people are smart enough to know that intercepting Al-Queda communications is an important part of preventing terrorist attacks in our country. So is aggressively pursuing Al-Queda into every country where they may try to hide.

Bob is encouraged by the recent successes in the war on terrorism. It has been reported that although the #2 Al-Queda leader may not have been killed in last week's attack, several other Al-Queda leaders ceased to exist. The attack last Friday in the remote Pakistani village was one of several in recent weeks. Obviously, US intelligence is making headway in locating their hideouts, and is willing to take action when targets are located. Today's tape from Bin Laden is spoken in his usual calm voice, but with bombs falling out of the night on several of his "safe" houses recently he has to be getting nervous. Is he wondering who the traitor is in his organization? Will he initiate a purge of suspected traitors? Is a purge already ongoing? Or does he just look over his shoulder watching his back and wondering when he goes to sleep at night if he needs to kiss his ass goodbye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get involved between democrats and republicans. As far as I am concerned they're all traitors. I didn't vote for any of them either. I voted for Perutka of the Constitution Party If you want something to write about, Bob, let's ask the question of why not all cadidates are treated equally and given an equal chance to be heard and considered by the public. Is that really American?

January 19, 2006 6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I hear comments like the one from Star Jones of "The View" that we should negotiate with Ben Laden, I wonder where these airheads have been living? Has Star Jones thought of asking the parents of the Christian Schoolgirls beheaded by Al-Queda in Indonesia if they should negotiate with the Men who beheaded their daughters for the crime of being Christians?

Or the Buddhists in Thailand who have been beheaded. It seems our idiots on the Left are intellectually speaking brain dead.
Phyliss Chessler a Feminist who lived in Afghanistan has a different and more honest viewpoint. What will it take an "American Hirsoshima" to wake these Asshats up? One wonders.


January 20, 2006 10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We didn't always have this problem with radical islamists wanting to destroy America,back in the '50's this threat didn't exist but back then America was a different place too. This was before abortion on demand,gay/lesbian rights and feminism. If these are the "values" that we are exporting and trying to shove down their throats no wonder they are picking up arms against us and defending their culture. If I was one of them I would too.

May 25, 2006 7:28 PM  

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