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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Feminism always asserts the dogma

Someone who hasn't the balls to post her name asked, "Define a 'genuine rape' that requires the man be punished?" Like a typical feminist she framed the question so that the primary misandrist dogma of feminism is assumed as the background framework before which further discussion may commence. In this case the "question" asserts that "men should be punished for rape." That misandrist assertion is one of the feminist hate lies that has been repeated so often and so long that the feminazi assume it to be "the truth." To the contrary, it is just one of the many hate dogmas that organized feminism continues to push to justify destroying millions of men. Like German National Socialism looking for solutions to "The Jewish Problem" and assuming that "The Jewish Problem" was beyond question, modern feminazi hate dogma needs to be questioned at it's core. The blind assertions of feminist hate are the real problem.

Before your "question" can be answered, Ms. Anonymous, you need to demonstrate the validity of your hateful sexist assertion that "men should be punished." Without draging murder or other physical battery into the discussion, it's about "rape" remember, you need to demonstrate that rape is hurtful more than her hurt feelings about losing her assumed female power to control men. Rape, after all, is just sex with a disagreement over who will decide tonight. Feminists demand that females always decide, and assert that "men should be punished" when the female loses her dominate position over men. That assertion has not been proven here Ms. Anonymous. Your old tired feminazi dogma doesn't cut muster here. We don't assume that "men should be punished. How very hateful of you to say so.

Bob has called for a moratorium on punishing men for "rape" until the hysterical ravings of feminism can have time to calm down and cooler heads can rethink the entire feminazi assertion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, if you force yourself on a 12 yr old girl, or 32 yr old woman, it is legally defined as rape. Assume these people are strangers. They do NOT want sex with bob, let alone FORCED sex.

If they call the police, that's wrong?

If the police arrest you, and a judge sentences you to prison, that's unfair?

If you go unpunished, that is fair?

Nobody is a raving, hot-head lunatic... except you. If you believe rape is acceptable, stand before your local Police Chief and tell him so. You'd lack the courage to do it.

January 28, 2006 4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rape is a trivial offense where a female simply suffers "hurt feelings".

In USA, a man who rapes is punished too harshly. Yet compared to Singapore and Malaysia, American males should breathe a sigh of relief.

Recall, Singapore punishes males under 50 with strokes of the cane. It could be for vandalism, expired Visa, armed robbery, and rape or molesting.

Bob, watch it, if you travel to Singapore. Do not force some woman to have sex. All she needs do is have you arrested.

Then you will be interrogated, probably with high stress. The guards can bully.

Then Bob, you sit in jail and wait your turn for the Caning Room.

Even President Bush cannot spare you a whipping on your bare buttocks.

See the description of a Man getting a whipping:

Also -

Everyone :

Contact Singapore govt. to protest (1) that only males are flogged; and (2) that forced sex ("rape") is not a crime, especially to be punished by anti-male brutality.

January 29, 2006 5:22 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Anonymous: This past Sunday Spokesman-Review, the largest newspaper in Spokane, WA, there was an editorial about rampant "rape" at Washington State University. According to the feminiazi writer, there were about 900 recent rapes on the campus, but most "rape" victims don't know they have been raped. Most so-called "rape" happens when the man and women share a few drinks before sharing sex. SHE is "raped" because the law pretends that a woman is not competent and not responsible for her actions if she chooses to take a drink. The MAN, is legally liable for everything he does, including his choice to drink. When the two share sex, she's a "rape victim," and he's a "rapist" who legally should be sent to prison for 20 years, registered as a "sex offender," and banned from every neighborhood for the rest of his life. When you invoke the term "fair" we need to remember that the man and the woman were consenting adults who did the SAME things. In most of the alledged 900 "rapes," she didn't even suffer hurt feelings, in fact, she had a fucking good time. The heinous misandrist bigotry of the law and the rape-hate establishment badly needs to be corrected, and some sanity needs to be brought to the rape-hate agenda. It would be very surprising if even 1% of "rape" convitions had anything "fair" about them. Bob

January 30, 2006 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, clarify. You are referring to 2 people on a "date" of sorts, not total strangers.

What about a man breaking into a home, finding a woman and raping her?

Also, what do you think of Singapore's prejudice against males? I have protested to them.

January 30, 2006 3:42 PM  

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