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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The cunts can't manage diddly

The US Government announced 2 years ago that US citizens would soon need passports to travel to Canada or Mexico. Passports haven't been needed before when going to Canada. I've been to Canada dozens of times and never needed a passport. However, as a part of Homeland Security, in hopes of preventing terrorists entering our country from Canada, a new policy of requiring passports for identification was adopted. The government had 2 full years to prepare for us to apply for passports, plenty of time to hire and train workers, plenty of time to hire contractors to do the work. Did they do it? Are you delusional? Millions of passports have not been processed. Hundreds of thousands of citizens paid their usurious $60 for "expedited processing" but the government failed to meet even their extra cost promised dates. Read story
So who are the incompetent government managers, you might ask. From top to front line they are a bunch of incompetent overpaid cunts, making as much pay as competent men would be paid. Incompetent cunts who can't do their jobs aren't worth the $0.76 that cunts are always whining about.

Passports are issued by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, managed by Maura Harty, Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs.

The Bureau of Counselor Affairs is under the bailiwick of Under Secretary for Management, Henrietta H. Fore.

The whole operation is under the direction of worthless anorexic lesbian cunt Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. As the person in charge of American foreign relations, Ms. Candy Rice is a total failure. Even showing up in Middle Eastern nations as a cunt without proper dress she is insulting the religious and cultural beliefs of every man and woman in those countries. As a manager of the Department of State she is an abysmal failure. She has hired a staff dominated by more incompetent cunts. It is an operation doomed to failure. Like most government agencies it has been discriminating against white men for most of a generation. It is staffed by incompetent failures hired and promoted for "affirmative action" instead of capability to do the job. The result is failure to do the job. The cunt dominated government can't to any part of its job. The abysmal failure to process passports is only the latest glaring example.

If you are waiting for a passport to travel to Canada, you have Bob's sympathy.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Filthy Turd Nifong taken down

UPDATE June 16, 2007
The North Carolina Bar Association removed the law license from Filthy Turd Nifong for withholding evidence from defense lieyers, lying to a judge, lying to the Bar Association, and malicious malfeasance of office. Nifong was previously named Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year for 2006. Loss of his bar license will prevent Filthy Turd Nifong from holding his job as County Persecutor or practicing the law profession in the future. This case is a public example because the media got involved and the defendants had money to hire expert lieyers for their defense. Meanwhile every day in every state of the USA there are thousands of men in similar situations being falsely persecuted and their lives destroyed by other lying scum in cheap suits. There are millions of men in the USA who have been sent to hellhole concentration camps where they suffer and die. Filthy Turd Nifong is the glaring example under the light of public vision, but all the rest remain in their jobs, destroying men every day. CNN Report here

The hate monger County Persecutor has been taken down, but the misandrist hate mongers at Duke University still haven't even apologized. Duke President Butthead and his "Hate 88" staff of hate professors are still on their jobs being paid by the citizens of North Carolina. Until they are replaced and punished for their crimes and evil hate, Duke University will continue to stand in disgrace. It is not a fit place for any white man. For more on hate education at Duke University see Duke Hate University needs to End its Hate

Original Article
In Durham, North Carolina, three men from Duke University are falsely accused of rape, assault, kidnapping and whatever other phony criminal charges the misandrist racist bigot county Persecutor, Mike Nifong can think up in his filthy racist excuse for a mind. From the beginning of this case last spring everyone who read the news stories knew that it was as phony as a 3 dollar bill. A couple of black whores had been hired to dance at a college party. One of the whores thought she could make some big payday by falsely accusing the men of rape. Her story stank to high heaven. It was inconsistent and obviously contrived. But Nifong saw in it an opportunity to pander to black racism and anti-men sexism to get himself reelected. Black racism is rampant in Durham. Half the town is black bigots who hate whitey and especially white college men at Duke who supposedly are rich. The other half the town is sexist females who hate all men, and especially college men at Duke University who are supposedly white patriarchal power. White turd Nifong saw the obviously false rape persecution of obviously innocent white men as a way to get reelected by whipping up anti-white, anti-men bigotry.

DNA tests on the alleged victim came back showing she had been fucking a bunch of men, but none of the Duke University men from the college. Bigot turd Nifong learned last April that the DNA tests disproved the story told by the alleged victim, so he conspired with the DNA testing expert to conceal the evidence from the defense attorneys. Read story. Concealing evidence is a CRIME in North Carolina, and if this case were about crime and punishment for crime, then it is Turd Nifong who should be tried for his crimes. But the case is not about crime and punishment. Its about hate, black racist hate of rich whitey at Duke. Its about misandrist hate of rich patriarchal men at Duke.

Whenever talk radio hosts bring up the Duke case there is always some racist black person who phones in and whines about how black "brothers" get falsely convicted. Their racist illogic asserts that the three innocent young men at Duke should be convicted of false crimes because some other black men have been similarly convicted. They are wrong. Racist use of the AIS to "get" men of the other race is always wrong. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will be aware that Bob routinely criticizes the AIS for falsely beating, murdering, or convicting black men. In NYC, for example a three black men were used as firing squad practice by the NY Blue Gun Thugs, see Gun Thugs Stop a Marriage. Bob loudly condemned the Blue Gun Thugs, they ought to be impaled for the execution murder. Bob has loudly criticized the NYC Blue Gun Thugs and the Agents of Satan in black robes who falsely convicted several black men of assault and rape in a widely publicized Central Park case a couple of years ago. Recently Bob loudly criticized Chicago Blue Gun Thugs for viciously attacking young black men on a trumped up "rape" charge. See How Many young MEN can evil Destroy Racism has no place in criminal court. Filthy Turd Nifong's drumming up of black racism to "Get Whitey" and get himself reelected is worse than just offensive.

For his patently offensive and illegal criminal malfeasance of public office, for his racist hate mongering, for his inflaming of racist hate as a method of personal benefit, for his use of sexist misandry for personal benefit, Filthy Turd Nifong is hereby awarded the truly detestable:

Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year -- 2006
Filthy Turd Nifong

Is Filthy Turd Nifong alone in his racist sexist criminal malfeasance of public office in North Carolina? Not likely. Bob notes that the North Carolina Bar Association has not brought proceedings against him for violation of his sworn unethics as a lieyer. The North Carolina State Attorney General has not stepped in to reduce the criminal misuse of public office to promote racist-sexist hate. North Carolina Governor Easley has not acted to restore law and order in place of hate and race crimes in his state.

Bob certainly never advocates any illegal acts, but Bob can't help but wonder why the good people of North Carolina haven't flushed this hate mongering turd down some sewer. It’s a wonder that no MAN from North Carolina has had the courage to put a large hole though his shit filled heart like the people of Seattle did with another evil persecutor of men. See FBI gun thugs fail again Dumping a turd to the bottom of a backwoods outhouse would be doing the world a favor and cleaning up North Carolina. Elimination of racist and sexist hate mongering filth from our government ought to be legal, and even rewarded.

Were I a father with a son attending Duke University, or thinking of attending Duke University, I would transfer my son to some other University in some other state where racism and misandry don't spew forth from the public offices and stink up the whole state. North Carolina is a public pile of racist, sexist crap, and Filthy Turd Nifong is the biggest darkest turd in the heap. Nifong is Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year.

Filthy Turd Nifong has asked to be removed from the Duke University extortion case. In a January 12 letter to the North Carolina Lieyer General Roy Cooper, Filthy Turd Nifong asked Cooper to appoint his office's special prosecution unit to take over the case. Goodbye and good riddance to the Hate Monger of the Year. Now Cooper should prosecute Filthy Turd Nifong for malicous malfeasance and criminal violation of evidence laws. Read story.
UPDATE January 24, 2007

The N.C. state bar has stepped up to the plate to police itself amid a scandal that has become an international disgrace. The bar has added ethics charges to a complaint filed against Filthy Turd Nifong. The bar has accusing him of withholding DNA evidence and making misleading statements to the court. This is a step toward removing this misandrist lying scum from his authority to practice lies in North Carolina. Read Story

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Draft Immigration Reform Act

We keep hearing media talking heads and elected representatives telling us that Americans want "immigration reform." But then they start lying and claiming that "immigration reform" means amnesty and a takeover of the United States by Mexican nationals. We don't need their lies. We the People want the illegal aliens evicted and our nation returned to Americans.

President Bush pints to his total failure to enforce immigration laws by allowing twenty million illegal aliens into the US. He claims that "it is not possible" to expel so many because he as been such a complete failure. He uses his failing to justify amnesty, saying that so many illegal aliens "can not" be exported. We the People know that his lies and failure do not justify selling out our nation and society.

Bob has drafted suggested legislation which would rapidly accomplish what lying scum in Washington say is "impossible." The majority of illegal aliens would stampede back across the borders, and the rest would be rounded up rapidly. If you have any suggestions that Bob missed let me know. Print out this draft and send it to your Congresscunts and Senators, and to the lying Bush, to let them know what Americans mean by "immigration reform."

Draft Imigration Reform Act

Section I purpose and authorization.

A. This act is for the purpose of establishing and defining the status of illegal immigrants residing in the United States, to establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and to define exemptions to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and lower courts of the United States.

B. This act applies to all citizens of other nations who have entered the Untied States by any means other than being processed at an authorized port of entry, or who have remained in the United States after their passport or other legal status has expired, herein called an "illegal alien."

C. This act is enacted under Article I, Section 8, and Article III of the Constitution of the United States.

Section II. Jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court and lower courts.
A. Under Section III of the Constitution of the United States, any dispute at law between the federal Government or an agency or agent thereof, or between a State government or agency or agent thereof, or between a citizen of the United States, or between a legal immigrant or visitor in the United States and an illegal alien within the United States is an exemption to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States and all lower courts. In all cases at law, either under criminal or civil law, the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and lower courts shall be limited to finding and enforcing summary judgment in favor of the federal Government or an agency or agent thereof, or for a State government or agency or agent thereof, or for a citizen of the United States, or for a legal immigrant or visitor in the United States.

B. The Supreme Court and lower courts have no other jurisdiction in such cases. This is an exemption to Supreme Court and lower court jurisdiction under Article III of the Constitution.

C. This exemption to jurisdiction of the Supreme Court shall be interpreted in the broadest possible way to exempt jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in any case involving an illegal alien.

D. This law shall take precedent over any state law where a conflict exists between federal and state laws.

Section III Citizens of other nations currently living as illegal aliens within the United States.
A. The Border Patrol, Immigration Service, and other government agencies shall use all available resources to limit illegal immigration and to identify and export illegal aliens.

B. Every agency and agent of the United States shall make it a priority to identify and export all citizens of other nations currently living as illegal residents of the United States. Every agency and agent of the United States shall cooperate and share information such as tax filing, social security identification, employment information, financial information, and other information with the Immigration Service, Border Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies.

C. Illegal aliens shall have no legal rights whatsoever within the United States.
1. Illegal aliens have no legal rights to own real or personal property. Any real or personal property owned by an illegal alien may be claimed by a lawful citizen or the United States. In any dispute at law arising under this provision summary judgment shall be awarded to the citizen of the Untied States.
2. Illegal aliens shall have no legal rights in criminal cases within the United States. No criminal law under federal or state laws is applicable to actions of a lawful citizen of the United States for any act done against an illegal alien. Every citizen previously convicted of a crime against an illegal alien before enactment of this act shall be granted an immediate full and unconditional pardon upon request. Since no criminal law is enforceable against a lawful citizen of the United States, no lawful citizen may ever be convicted of any crime whatsoever against an illegal alien.

D. If a citizen of the United States identifies and captures an illegal alien, he may lawfully hold the illegal alien for forced labor under whatever conditions he may provide as he sees fit.

E. A citizen of the United States who identifies an illegal alien may lawfully shoot him or her on sight or otherwise terminate their resident status.

F. The Immigration Service shall pay a bounty of $100 for the heads of all illegal aliens turned in at any of their offices, whether the heads are attached to the illegal alien's body or not.

G. Illegal aliens captured by the Immigration Service or Border Patrol shall be held for "chain gang" labor for a period of 6 months or longer as determined by the Immigration Service. Conditions of illegal aliens doing forced labor shall be intentionally very bad to punish them for illegal entry into the United States and discourage repeat offence. After a period of forced labor the illegal aliens shall be expelled from the United States by a low cost method as determined by the Immigration Service.

H. Every State or local government agency recieving federal funds shall identify the immigration status of every person who requests social services, and every State or local police agency shall identify the immigration status of every person who comes under its notice. Such agencies shall be inelligible for federal funding in the year during which it fails to comply with this provision.

I. Illegal aliens shall be inelegible for all social and health services provided by the federal government in the United States, including but not limited to public schooling, welfare programs, disability benefits, social security benifits, and/or other public benefits.

J. Any State or local elected official or employee who refuses to cooperate with federal government agencies enforcing this law, or uses his position to protect illegal aliens shall be guilty of a felony and shall be penalized by not less than 10 years in federal prison.

Section IV Children of illegal aliens
A. Any child born to an illegal alien, to a woman who is an illegal alien at the time of birth, is an illegal alien. Citizenship of the United States does not accrue to children born to illegal aliens when they are born in the United States.

B. This Section applies to all persons previously born to illgeal aliens in the United States. No person can become a citizen of United States based on illegal immigration.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Killing husbands

Ms. Mary (shotgun) Winkler was released as a free woman after spending two whole months in a mental evaluation facility. Now she is demanding custody of her murdered husband's children. Killing a sleeping husband is open season in America. The evil cunts have won (for now). Don't ever sleep near one.

Original Article
Killing Husbands no longer much of a crime in the US.

In Selmer, TN, Ms. Mary Winkler murdered her husband in cold blood. She shot him in the back while he was asleep in bed. Then she took his children and fled to another state. Her primary motive for the murder of her husband was that he would soon find about her large financial losses and her check kiting scheme. She could have easily gotten a "no fault" divorce, but murdering a husband takes less paperwork and in the US, is not longer much of a crime. She was found guilty of "manslaughter" and is expected to spend a whole week in jail before her release. Read story

The devaluing of men in the feminist state is abhorrent and would be shocking if everyone wasn't aware that only women are considered to be "people" worthy of legal protection. We can make a comparison between the week in jail to which Ms. Winkler was sentenced and the life in hell hole prisons without possibility of parole to which men are often sentenced.

This same week we read about a 17 year old man who was sent to prison for 10 years for receiving a consentual blow job from a 14 year old woman. The AIS (American Injustice System) is horribly misandrist. Cold blooded murder of a man is punished by 1 week in jail plus probation, while allowing a woman to give you a blow job is punished by 10 years in hellhole prisons. Is there any justice for men in America? Not if you watch what the men-hating bigots of the AIS are doing. They are the feminazi SS Gestapo and nothing more. Their job is to find any excuse to destroy men while excusing the most violent women. It is a mistake to think that it has any connection to crime at all.

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A letter to a Senator

Dear Senator

I've voted for Republicans since Barry Goldwater ran for President, but I am VERY ANGRY at you traitors who are selling out America to illegal Mexicans.

I saw you lie on the news today. We the people DON'T BELIEVE YOU! More of your bold faced lies don't help.

We the people want our borders protected. But you don't seem to get it.


We want it to become illegal for cities to declare themselves "sanctuaries."

We want the criminal illegal aliens to be punished and deported.

We want our Border Patrol agents who are now in prison for protecting our border to be pardoned, and the law to reinforce their ability to do their jobs.

All your lies about how illegal aliens "can't" be deported only show that YOU the government have failed to do your job since the last time you LIED to the people and gave AMNESTY to illegals.

If you want to sell Americans on "immigration reform" it has to be focused on reforming the protection of our border, not amnesty hidden in lies and crap. It has to be SIMPLE. It has to demand that illegal aliens be punished and deported. It has to end "sanctuary" cities. It has to stop state government employment agencies from sending illegal aliens out to employers who use their services.

It can not include amnesty by any lying name you liars in Washington try to call it. We the People aren't so stupid that we can't read the lies and weasel words in your lying bill.

Stop lying to the people. Start working for America, not for Mexico and Mexicans. Amnesty is wrong. Millions of Republicans who have voted for Republicans for decades will not condone traitors to America who sell out our people.