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Thursday, January 03, 2008

We’re Number 3!

Since 1931, Ford has been the #2 leading auto company in the US. Today we read that Toyota has taken over that spot. Ford has slipped to #3. Toyota's US sales rose 2.7 percent to 2,620,825 or 16.2 percent of the market in 2007 while Ford's sales fell 11.9 percent to 2,572,599 vehicles or a 14.8 percent share. Read story here

It’s hard to know what the many reasons are for the continuing slide of Ford. Part of the reason may be the Ford dealers who are creating a reputation as crooks and swindlers. My local Ford Dealer’s repair shop is as crooked as a three dollar bill. It doesn’t immediately cost a sale when the shop tells a female that she needs to spend $900 for an urgent safety repair on a part that her model of Ford vehicle doesn’t even have. In 2 or 4 years when she and her husband are thinking about replacing the old buggy, they are likely to look for a more honest dealer. Bob and his wife wouldn’t buy from the local Ford dealer if he was the only dealer in town. Bob doesn’t buy from lying crooks.

If one crooked Ford dealer is swindling customers, like he tried to swindle Bob’s wife, how many other potential customers are being driven away from ten thousand other crooked Ford dealers all across the US? Ford is either encouraging or tolerating, or at least not taking care to administer it’s dealers to protect its customer base.

And then there is the boycott of Ford by the Christian fundies. The American Family Association, a large Christian organization, has been promoting a boycott of Ford for the past two years because of Ford’s promotion and funding of gay rights groups. Here

Bob really doesn’t know how many sales the Christian boycott has cost Ford. I do not know how much of the company’s money and resources they spend promoting gay rights. However, I’m just thinking that just maybe Ford ought to be spending it’s money and energy designing better cars and administering its dealers rather than promoting gay marriage. How far is Ford going to slide before its management gets a clue?


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