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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More typical Gun Thug violence

In a Chicago suburb an investigative reporter was assaulted and beaten by a gang of blue thugs one summer night. The apparent reason was because the FBI had been interested in his investigation of facts and people who might be related to the 9/11 attack on the USA. He was harassed for days, then attacked, beaten, Tasered, arrested, locked in an iron cage, verbally abused, and charged with phony gun thug catch-all of "resisting arrest" and "assaulting a police officer." The illegal criminal assault by the gang of blue gun thugs, with assistance from the Fire Department, took place on his front lawn, without a warrant. Read story here or here

The blue gun thugs do not protect any US citizen. They violently abuse, assault, rob, and destroy. They are men without honor for they always lie and have no morals. Most people believe that we have always had blue gun thugs for "protection," but in fact the blue gun thugs were invented only a little more than a century ago as a means for corrupt politicians to control and abuse the people. They are the same in every town, in every city. They control the people with violence and intimidation. While I was in Albuquerque, NM, on my recent vacation, the blue gun thugs were beating up patrons exiting a local down town bar. The bar owner began video taping the gun thug violence, and he was illegally arrested for his very legal filming of gun thug crimes. They control the people with violence and intimidation. A nation that once was a free people has become a corrupt and tyrannical police state.

It is time for decent citizens to stand up against their violence, to toss the corrupt politicians out of office and eliminate the blue suited thugs from our towns and cities.


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