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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amber Hate Attacks Another Family

The nationwide Amber Hate System has tracked down and destroyed another father and his family this past week. Amber Hate was created for the purpose of raising public alarm and hate against fathers who are working hard to take care of our families. It is another branch of evil that the femiNazi and their blue gun thug SS Gestapo troops use to kill and destroy fathers and our children.

This past week Jose Olguin, of Saginaw, Michigan was traveling with his daughters, Victoria, 3; Lilliana, 5; and Elena, 9. Blue gun thugs and femiNazi hate fathers and families with a burning evil passion that comes straight from hell. When they learned that Jose was caring for his children it violates their matriarchal wet dreams of female rule and domination. They turned on the Amber Hate System to find and destroy Mr. Olguin.
Read story here.

Evil Saginaw blue gun thug femiNazi Lt. Tammy Luty paraded for femiNazi propaganda outlets bragging that they have successfully destroyed the father and stolen his children. Tim Martin, evil femiNazi propaganda writer for Associated Hate reports, "I'm just so thankful to God the children are safe. The prayers were answered," said Woodrow Wilson II, a longtime friend of Erica Olguin's. The evil hate propagandist knew all along that the children were “safe” with their father, but they push a theory that children being cared for they fathers are at risk. According to femiNazi hate and Amber Hate dogma, children can not be allowed to be with their fathers. The whole system is evil anti-family, anti-men, anti-children hate with no iota of justification.

Last week Ms. Erica Olguin, the feminist mother of the children learned that dead cunts don’t get custody of a man’s children when they attempt to destroy his family according to the femiNazi hate agenda. A father who defends his family against their evil triggers the most violent aggressive assault by the forces of femiNazi evil. Every one of the evil violent anti-family, anti-father scum should be shot on sight in order to protect and defend good families and restore the safety of our children. Luty, Wilson, Izzy, Martin, Cliff, Michigan State Gun Thugs, Saginaw Gun Thugs, and all those who work the Amber Hate program, are agents of evil who needs to be eradicated before families can live in peace in our land. All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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