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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naked Hate

Bob ventured into a “Clothing Optional” web site called “Clothed Free Forum” Nudism was once an optional family activity with many family oriented clothing optional resorts. States from Oregon to New Jersey have “clothing optional” beaches were families used to take their children and spend the day enjoying the sun and sand without the need for scratchy suits. But times are changing. In the past decade many of the formerly family resorts have been taken over by faggot/lesbian perverts doing public sex and driving off families and children. Nudist clubs and resort populations are declining rapidly as faggot/lesbian perverts drive off younger families. Whole sections of once popular family beaches have been taken over by crowds of faggot perverts riding each other’s rumps in the dunes and shocking decent men, women, and children.

Often the naked faggots put up web sites posing as legitimate organizations. One I discovered recently is called “Clothes Free International,” (CFI), and its Clothes Free Forum (CFF). CFF pretends to be promoting “God given rights” but behind the scenes they require allegiance to the faggot agenda, faggot marriage, public sex, and thinly covered hatred for families with children. CFF is hosted by a group that calls itself “Eve Community,” a name which screams “lesbian pervert” in a loud voice.

CFF is a soft porn site as well as its pervert advocacy. CFF posts lots of naked photos and has a daily soft porn photo teaser. Like other porn sites CFF gives you the daily teaser, but you have to pay to download their porn photo albums. They love photos of naked men and applaud any men with erections. The models are all shaved cunts and cocks too, typical of faggot/lesbian porn.

They are also badly misandrist. CFF provides a special "women's forum" where men are banned, but has refused to provide any similar men's forum. Discrimination against men is a dead giveaway for gay/feminist/lesbian anti-men hate. CFF members welcome and applaud the thought of two perverts raising a child who is deprived of his natural mother or father.

Another part of CFF that leaps out is their constant intolerance of Christians and other religions. The religious bashing, Christian bashing, intolerance and hate spew forth day after day, all day. Bob is not a Christian, but I respect good men of all religions. Not so on CFF, they respect no religion and are intolerant of men of all religions. Their religion is the faggot agenda, destroying our families and catching our children. When someone such as Bob objects to their hate speech they ban him and call him foul names. If you visit their web site and read the many posts from 8-15-07 the anti-Christian bigotry stands out like a sore thumb.

One of the worst hate mongers on CFF is a rump riding bigot who calls himself “PascoDoug.” He’s the “Chief Moderators” on the CFF. He uses his authority to promote the worst kind of flaming hate against decent men and women, and to cut off any men who will speak out against it. PascoDoug pretends to be promoting "family nudism" while the sick perverts watch their little naked children. Another one of PascoDoug's sinister pervert sites is called Tampa Bay Naturists. It's another filthy gay site intended to lure families with little children that PascoDoug loves so much. Today he posted a link to The Truth According to Bob assuming that his hate spewing faggot buddies will find fodder for their flames. He is right up ot a point, faggots and lesbians hate decent normal men and women, especially decent men and women who aren't afraid to speak the truth about their sick perverted lives. But he’s also very wrong. Many of those who read The Truth According to Bob will learn new ideas and find people who aren’t cowed by hate mongering filth like PascoDoug. Here is the link to some of his hate comments. You might have to “join” their filthy soft porn forum to read it. Some of the worst of the rest perverts on CFF call themselves "nackman," "usmc1," "journeyman," and or course the lesbian bitch "moonshadow." A typical post on CFF this one by "Digger1007" brags about exhibitinism in front of young children, "Just recently, I wasn't caught, but my brother and his wife were over visiting with their young kids." Of course the rest of the child molesting CFF perverts applaud his evil perversion.

Satan is not part of Bob’s religion, but it’s hard to understand how any group of perverts could be so utterly evil without the hand of darkness guiding their every foul deed and speech. From PascoDoug to nackman to usmc1, and pervert eric, the powers of darkness are their religion and guide. Since my unfortunate venture into the den of shame called CFF, Bob has found long lists of ongoing pedophile and sexual molestation under the guise of "family nudism" for many years. A web site which lists many years of criminal perverts similar to today's CFF can be found at: Nudist/Naturist Hll of Shame. The black evil of CFF and their predecessors has been molesting decent people and their children for decades.

It’s definitely worth a read just to see what kind of hate monger faggot filth is out on the web these days claiming to be “family friendly.” We know what kind of “family friendly” perverts like PascoDoug and his faggot/lesbian pervert friends are. They all ought to be rounded up and impaled for doing that to little children.

The evil faggot hate mongers on CFF continue to post massive flames about Bob and now The Truth According to Bob. Faggots hate truth worse than anything else. The filthy faggots who try to lure naked children hate truth even worse than anyone. They may start a complaint campaign to Blogspot hoping to stop truth. Scumbag child molester pervert PascoDoug is threatening to sue Bob. Someone needs to explain the legal concept of "clean hands" before they wastes their money on lieyers. If I had a nickel for every filthy scumbag who threatens to sue, I could retire.

These evil cretins have been flaming other decent men for years, and apparently have a reputation for their very offensive faggot flames. Driving off decency is how evil works. CFF is pure evil, guided by darkness.

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