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Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Day -- AGAIN!

The United States was created by a miracle revolution, created by a few brave and wise men, created to be a land of free men, free of government tyranny, a land where free men could run their own lives. That was then, this is now.

Every year Americans celebrate "Independence Day" on July 4th. We often sing songs proclaiming that we are "The land of the free," but that was then, this is now.

They begin at birth, mutilating a little boy child's sex organ to teach him that even his body is not his own. It is done without anesthetic so the horror of sexual mutilation will be seared into his new brain even before he understands what life is all about.

As a boy starts to be able to explore his world he is, by law, confined in state institutions for 12 years, and forced to sit down, shut up, and conform to state regimentation. If he won't comply the state brands him "ADHD" or some other nonsense and drugs him into submission with cocaine derivatives. His youth, his creativity, and his independence is conditioned out of him in the "Brave New World" conditioning of "public education." The state teachers tell lies about "reading, writing and arithmetic" while the real conditioning teaches "sit down, shut up, and do what you are told."

If he learns well to jump through the compliance hoops of "education" he may be "allowed" to attend "higher education," Few graduates of "higher education will every achieve the level of success that escapees like Einstein or Bill Gates have achieved.

When the well conditioned zombies are finally allowed to go out into the society they believe that the government should control their lives and they must do what they are told.

The government takes about 2/3 or more of our promised paychecks for taxes, income tax, social security tax, miscellaneous deductions, state income tax, sales tax, gas tax, phone tax, property tax, traffic tax, parking meter tax, passed through corporation taxes, death taxes, tobacco tax, alcohol tax, this tax, that tax, on and on. When Thomas Paine wrote "Give me liberty or give me death," the total tax rate was an unacceptable 5%, now a combined family income of $60,000 is lucky to allow the hard working man $1,000 per month in real spending money ability after taxes.

The well conditioned zombies believe that our tyrannical police state government should control the mating practice of young men and women, depriving us of the freedom to choose even the most personal part of our lives. Faux crimes like "statuary rape" destroy the lives of any that choose outside of government tyranny. And, of course, "a woman's exclusive right to choose" has taken all rights to decide about our families away from men.

The well conditioned zombies believe that our tyrannical police state government should control marriage and divorce. The ancient marriage customs that have served the human species for a thousand millennia are now gone, replaced by police state laws controlling and licensing marriage, authorizing marriages to be destroyed by emotionally volatile females under "no fault" laws, and cramming such lunacy as "gay marriage" into our society. Few of our children have families to grow up in any more, as the police state tyranny accomplishes its replacement of fathers by itself.

The well conditioned zombies believe that our tyrannical police state government should control free speech. Who can say what and where it tightly controlled? A youth in a state institution can not say, "Bong hits 4 Jesus." Nobody can publicly criticize the government before an election. You can not advocate hanging the lot of the criminal bastards in Washington and getting a new government that allows a free people.

The well conditioned zombies believe that our tyrannical police state government should control private ownership of arms. To protect itself, the state has taken away all military arms from the people. Youth are conditioned by state training institutions to believe that they are "protected" by the gangs of gun thugs who roam our streets destroying citizens. Any man who dares get out of their control is destroyed, and the mass mind control media leaps to applaud the tyranny of our government.

When you become sick or have some minor medical problem, you are required to purchase all medical treatment from the tightly controlled monopoly of the AMA and their friends. The government only allows one supplier, and that supplier maintains hugely inflated monopoly prices and uses "pay or die" force to ensure that they get a huge slice of YOUR remaining hard earned money. The government takes away your right to purchase medication of your choice from the provider of your choice. You are only allowed to purchase your medications with the permission of an AMA monopoly authorizer after paying him a large fee for the permission. The AMA tightly limits entry to medical schools, and limits entry by foreign doctors. A million Americans now rot in prison for violating the criminal government's war on the people's freedom to seek health and pleasure.

If you do take the chance to marry and have children the state will take them away and force them to attend a state training institution for 12 years. If you discipline them the state is likely to send their "CPS" child hating lesbos to your home backed by blue gun thugs to take them away to "foster" homes where they will be brutalized, traumatized, mentally conditioned, alienated from their parents, and your family will be ruined even if you escape their hellhole prison.

Legions of blue suited gangs of gun thugs roam our streets looking for any excuse to rob, capture or kill the people. We all live in fear of "violation" of one of their thousands of laws and regulation that rule every move we make. Very few citizens escape being stopped and robbed as we drive to work or go about our daily lives. Millions of men rot in hellhole prisons. Every day men are beaten to death on our streets, or shot to death. Every day thousands of men are destroyed for "violations" and sent to die in hell. The mind control media lauds their police state tyranny. The well conditioned zombies believe that our tyrannical police state government should control our lives and the blue gun thugs are "protection," while nothing could be farther from the truth. Freedom means government control and domination in the upside down world of the Animal Farm, the USA 2000.

If you have managed to survive until old age, the state will grab you upon your final illness. You will be taken to the state sponsored "hospital" where your purse will be emptied and then you will die. You will not be permitted a peaceful death in your own home, nor to pass the remains of your hard earned savings on to your child. Government tyranny will take it.

And all the while the government uses slight of hand trick to divert the focus of the masses from their police state oppression. They spread "conspiracy" fictions like "secret inside plots on 9-11" when all the while real government criminal oppression is right out in the open. Real government crime confines and trains our children. Real government crime patrols our streets in blue suits taking away our freedom, making us hide in fear. Real government crime takes MOST of our wages to wage war against us. Real government crime licenses thought control medial to condition us into believing their lies and propaganda.

In 1776 about 200,000 brave Americans out of a total population of about 4 million took up arms and risked their lives for our freedom. Today we have more than 4 million men who have been branded "criminal" and locked up in hellhole prisons. In some of our cities the majority of the male population has been labeled "criminal" and spent time in their hellish reconditioning camps.

As we celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, let us pause to remember that America was once a free country. That Americans once made our own choices and controlled our own lives. Americans once could say anything we believed. Americans could once advocate the overthrow of a tyrannical oppressive government by a free people. Americans could once own and bear regular military arms to ensure that the government feared the people enough to allow our freedom. As we watch the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air this Independence Day, let us pause to remember that freedom will only come again when the people again take control and cast off an evil tyrannical government. How bad will it have to get before there are 200,000 brave Americans willing to risk their lives for freedom today? How soon will it get that bad?

And lastly, don't be caught celebrating Independence Day with fireworks. Those have been outlawed too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are your comments on this case: where a young man is dead, and other young men are serving sentences that will keep them in prison for a minimum of 30 years?

July 03, 2007 3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says the State will force anybody into a nursing home?

July 04, 2007 5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

July 3 Anonymous, your link doesn't work. If you mean this story (html, not htm): then the young man's death is tragic, and the subhumans currently in prison exemplify why prisons are necessary. There is no excuse for them. They should have been put to death. Maybe other inmates will take care of that oversight.

July 06, 2007 9:48 PM  
Blogger MikeeUSA said...

Bob, I agree completely with what you say.

I hate what this woman's cuntry is.
Women are always pro-opression of Men because women want men to be controlled for their benifit (women by default hate men, it is ingraned in their nature, they naturally only see men as tool for their own profit...).

However, there will never ever ever be a revolution against tyranny in the Femerica. It was indeed a miracle revolution and it will N-E-V-E-R happen again. If it ever were to take place the feminist majority of men and women would fight against it to keep men enslaved.

The only way for a revolution for the freedom of men to be successful is if it included the murder of any feminist or pro-woman's rights men and women that were found in it's path.

You wonder why academics are often killed in revolutions, this is why. Academics are almost always pro-women and ANTI-MAN.

I now cheer when they are killed.

July 12, 2007 3:58 PM  
Blogger Ray J. said...

you wrote "When Thomas Paine wrote "Give me liberty or give me death""

I always thought that was a Patrick Henry quote ... am I incorrect or was it an oversight on your part ?

August 07, 2007 9:05 AM  

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