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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Illegal Aliens cost us all

Lets look at the real economic cost of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Twenty million low wage illegal aliens compete for work with the least skilled American workers, and have driven American workers out of several industries in several states. They drive down wages so that working class Americans can't afford to feed their families on the wages they can earn. The Congress is working on a raise of a "Minimum Wage" law which is needed because a flood of illegal low wage workers.

Twenty million illegal aliens also occupy ten million low cost housing units, driving up the average price of housing until few wage earning Americans can afford to own a home.

Twenty million illegal aliens raise the demand for food and transportation, pushing gas prices to record highs, but food is also high price because the quantities demanded by the millions of extra buyers. Without illegal aliens gas prices in the US would be about $1 per gallon.

Twenty million illegal aliens have driven many hospitals out of business because they demand services and don't pay. In Albuquerque, for example, the "Emergency" medical facility at the largest hospital commonly has a wait of 3 to 4 hours and a lobby filled with illegal non-paying aliens. American wage earners who have medical needs are the ones who have to pay higher medical and insurance costs to fund all the illegals. Often Americans are left without medical services because the time and cost caused by the illegal aliens.

In our schools, our children suffer because millions of poorly educated non-English speaking children disrupt education and force schools to teach at the lowest level. Test results in areas with high populations of illegal aliens show that American kids are paying a huge price.

Americans are paying a huge price for illegal aliens in every part of our economy. From the gas we put in our cars to the home we live in, it all is effected by massive and unchecked illegal aliens flooding our country.

Time to phone your Congresscunts, Representatives, and Senators, and President Bush, and demand that they stop trying to force us to accept amnesty for illegal aliens. No amount of lies, deceit, and phony political crap will make it sweet.

The traitors in Washington need to be tarred and feathered and tossed over the wall along our border along with their brown skinned buddies. Selling out America is treason.


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