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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mexican Illegal Immigrant Day

Today is Mexican Independence Day, or "Cinco de Mayo." It is the Mexican equivalent to our 4th of July. Unfortunately Cinco de Mayo has become a larger festival (or should we say "fiesta") in many parts of the USA than the 4th of July. In some parts of southwestern USA there are more illegal Mexicans than US citizens. The border is so porous that illegal Mexicans living in the US go home for visits to relatives for a weekend or a vacation and come back and return illegally to the USA without much concern that there is a border to cross. In Los Angeles, CA, Albuquerque, NM, El Paso, TX, and other small towns and large cities all across the US, Cinco de Mayo will be a big celebration today. I was disgusted last night to see President Bush celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the White House lawn. There is no question why our borders have not been closed. Our American President supports and encourages illegal Mexican immigration. His wetback Attorney General Gonzales, who is the man in charge of the Border Patrol, supports and encourages illegal Mexican immigration.

Leftist politicians who want open borders give us lies about the effects of illegal immigration. President Bush has stopped saying "They take jobs that Americans won't do." Now he says, "They do work that Americans aren't doing. Yes its true, they have pushed young and poor Americans out of entry level and unskilled jobs. When Bob's son was in high school some years ago, many youth learned economic values and learned to hold jobs by working in burger places. While Bob's son was in high school he began working at McD's and became "Assistant Manager." But then the Mexicans began taking the jobs and pushing out the American kids. Soon the dominant language spoken behind the counter was Mexican. No longer were those jobs available for American high school students needing to learn about the American work ethic.

Like Bob's sons, there are millions of inexperienced and unskilled American workers who have been pushed out of jobs or forced to take lower pay because of the massive illegal immigration. Without illegal immigration many employers would be forced to pay higher wages to legal workers. Wages are very sensitive to economic competition and the laws of supply and demand. Companies who hire hamburger flippers, chicken cutters, wallboard installers, lawn mowers, or any of the working men's jobs are offered hoards of low paid illegal workers to replace the higher pay of American workers. Many industries have been overrun by illegal workers taking the jobs. In some states an English speaker can no longer even converse with the convenience store workers because they don't speak English.

It may be tempting to blame the companies for hiring illegal workers. But they have to compete in the marketplace. If the next company over hires illegals and sells for less because of lower wages, then a manager has to also hire illegals or go out of business. He can't continue to sell his products for more than the next company. As the saying goes, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. Like a sickness it spreads and contaminate industry after industry. And don't think that workers in old union jobs are immune. As American English speaking workers are driven out of their former occupations, they have to compete in other industries. Auto workers, for example, now are competing with new non-union manufacturers who hire low paid employees who's prior jobs have been taken by illegals. The virus of unchecked illegal immigration spreads low wages and job loss through the whole economy. The Democrats propose legislation for "minimum wage" laws, attempting to control economics by fiat. The truth is that wages are low because of failed government corruption that allows unchecked massive immigration of low wage workers.

We might be tempted to think that wage earners benefit from the lower prices paid for products and services produced by illegal immigrants. But the other costs and taxes that illegal immigration causes far exceeds any small benefits. Millions of illegal workers use far more than their fair share and do not pay their share of health care, government services, criminal justice, schools, housing, and cause higher prices for every real American. Laws now protect them by requiring hospitals to provide free health care to illegals who can not pay and have no insurance. Hospital "Emergency" services are flooded with illegals which have become the primary care for illegals. Any American having a real emergency health care problem or injury has to fight a crowd of illegal Mexicans at the emergency facility. And then the few hard working Americas using the hospital have to pay for all the "free" services that the illegals have not paid for.

Have you priced a house lately? Millions of illegal immigrants are occupying millions of housing units and creating a demand driving increase in housing prices. American wage earners are living in their cars because they can't afford housing. Twenty million illegals occupy ten million housing units and cause prices to double. When people talk about wage earners being unable to support their families, housing costs driven crazy by unchecked immigration is a huge part of their cost of living. Working Americans can't afford the immigration.

President Bush says, "Illegal workers do jobs that Americans aren't doing." He's right, American shave been forced out of these jobs because of low paid illegal workers. We also have huge criminal Mexican drug organizations and dealers corrupting our cities. Just in robbery, car theft, and crime the cost to average Americans is higher than the benefits. We pay every where we go. Our taxes are outrageously high to pay for illegals.

Our politicians have sold us out. From the Mayor of "sanctuary city" San Francisco to the celebration of Cinco de Mayo at the White House, our government has been bough and paid for by Mexican drug dealing gangs, criminal immigrants and anti-American groups. When you see TV producers, government officials and anyone else celebrating Cinco de Mayo instead of the 4th of July you know that their loyalty lies with Mexico rather than with America. We have Elizabeth visiting Jamestown to celebrate the founding of the American colonies. We see Ellizabeth attending the traditional American Kentucky Derby. And we see Bush celebrating Cinco de Mayo. When I was a kid we called that "bass ackward." It is time for real Americans to take back our country and our society. Throw all of the bastards out, from the lettuce fields to the White House lawn.

Elsewhere in the world, today is World Naked Gardening Day. Let's forget the Mexican fiestas and have some fun. Lets get "really nakid" and plant some flowers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the silence is telling. apathy, indifference, and complacency seems to be the way of it, until it personally touches brain-dead, brainwashed Americans.

May 11, 2007 1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a major disagreement with your opinion. But, I spend most of my time in Mexico, and have learned some of the culture.

Cinco de Mayo is NOT equivalent to our Fourth of July. That is in September. Cinco de Mayo celebrates one trivial and insignificant battle the Mexicans won, in a war with the French that the Mexicans lost. A David and Goliath confrontation between an impromptu ragtag of locals in Puebla and the French Army.

It would perhaps be like us having an annual day to celebrate one trivial battle we won in Viet Nam, the war we also lost, thanks mostly to Hanoi Jane.

I realize this sounds weird, but that is their cultural thing. I always think of May 5th as being nothing but an excuse to have another day off work.

Anonymous age 65

May 12, 2007 6:06 PM  

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