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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call Emergency Services to Lighten Your Purse!

The Medical Industrial Complex has been running radio ads advising people to call emergency responders and get themselves turned over to the Medical Industrial Complex immediately if they have any symptoms of STROKE.

Well, I wondered what treatment is needed immediately for a stroke. Its not like they can pound on your brain or give you electric shock like they do for heart attack. So I did some reading on-line.

If you are having a stroke they give you a lot of "tests." The ONLY approved drug for stroke is a preventer/dissolver of blood clots which is said to be helpful in about 1/3 of strokes. The blood clot medication is supposed to be given within 3 HOURS to be effective.

They will probably give you oxygen, and IV (water) to rack up the bill. They will give you CT scans, and lab tests. $$$$$$. If you have high blood pressure you could take some nitroglycerin pills, or have it added to your IV. But many heart patients take their own nitroglycerin pills at home. If you are having a burst blood vessel stroke (not a clot blockage stroke) there is nothing they can do. Burst blood vessels are often fatal.

From reading the medical treatment, my conclusion is that calling emergency services for a stroke serves to greatly reduce the weight of your purse, but that's about it. If your stroke was caused by the weight of a heavy purse then emergency treatment would be effective, but heavy purse is not listed as a common cause of stroke.

Its not like a heart attack where electric shock, etc., can stop someone from dying. Has anyone observed any effective immediate treatment for stroke? Other than emptying your purse is emergency treatment for stroke effective or worthwhile? Or, are they running the radio ads because their income is down in a down economy? From reading on-line medical advice, it appears that reducing the weight of your purse is the primary reason for the radio ads.

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Blogger Bob said...

Note to readers:
Thank you for your concern. The World According to Bob is about the world around us, not about Bob or Bob's life. This article, for example, is not about any medical problems that happened to Bob. It is about the Medical Industrial Complex ripping off the elderly.

September 12, 2010 7:02 AM  

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