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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Universities are Irrelevant.

I heard that on a MEN's discussion the other day. Some female psychologist was flaunting her degrees and several of the men pointed out that her field of study amounted to little more than nonsense repeated endlessly. Several of the men observed that a university education has become irrelevant to a man's place in the world. They suggested that millions of young men are getting educated elsewhere and the result of their turning aside is showing up in declining male enrollment at universities.

The notion of universities becoming irrelevant intrigued me. If they are irrelevant, were they relevant previously? What does it mean for universities to be relevant or irrelevant?

Universities that we now know are pretty much a creature of the 20th century. Most of them were created as small schools in the late 19th century and became large and prosperous in the 20th. Sure there have always been centers of learning and teachers. Socrates held discussion classes for a group of students. Throughout the middle ages monks held classes and led discussions in letters. Oxford University is several centuries old, but until recently it was small and consisted largely of a few students getting together with some professor to discuss a particular topic. Harvard was founded in the 17th century as a seminary for Puritan ministers, and indeed most of the colleges of that day were primarily seminaries for religious studies. The great universities we know today began with the late 19th century ideas about universal education and blossomed into huge institutions in the 20th century. We who grew up in the late 20th century are tempted to believe that a university is the only way to get an education, but that is not the case.

Prior to the invention of universities people still got educated and conducted their affairs quite well. For example, in the early 19th century, Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer by apprenticing with a senior lawyer. My own grandfather had a long and successful career as a lawyer and judge after taking an undergraduate legal education at the University of Michigan. A century ago three years of "law school" following a 4 year university degree was virtually unheard of. Over the past two centuries, universities have been marketing their services by continually stretching out the number of years you have to devote before you are able to practice most "professions." But it was not always so, as Abraham Lincoln ought to teach us. In fact, universities have made their requirements so onerous that it's almost impossible to succeed, and so costly that many graduates are saddled with huge debts. Enough already!

During the men's discussion mentioned above it was pointed out that psychobabble degrees offer almost no useful information. None of theories and "knowledge" has any more factual basis than someone's opinion, which, if you track it down, is based on someone else's opinion in an endless circle. Many other university departments consist of "scholarship" which is nothing more than being able to cite other opinions who in turn cited someone else. If you follow the chain they have no actual knowledge or facts other than a closed group citing each other and calling that "research."

The bimbo flaunting her psychology degree displayed a complete lack of knowledge of the feelings or emotions of the men with whom she was discussing. That brings up another aspect of "relevant," it works both ways. For the entire history of formalized psychology the focus of their "research" has been on females. Almost all of Freud's customers were women, and today over 95% of psychology customers are female. They cater to their customers, females, and have NEVER investigated, understood, or cared about the psychology of men. Men, to the practice and teaching of psychology, are a side issue, not their focus, not in their database, irrelevant.

The English Department teaches literary theories. Among various literary theories is "feminist theory" but not "masculist theory." Several courses in the English Department are cross code listed with the Women's Studies department, but none cross code listed with the Men's Studies department. When English Department professors go to scholarly conference such as the Modern Language Association's annual conference, there are many papers presented on women and women's issues, but NONE on men and men's issues. They write doctoral dissertations on medieval women's rhetoric, but do you see any on men's medieval rhetoric? Sure, they still have some men studying English literature, but the Department, and the whole field of study has turned it's back on men. Men, men's issues, men's theories, men's needs, men's feelings, and about everything else, it seems, are irrelevant.

Of course English Department professors would deny that they have branded men irrelevant, after all they still have lots of men taking classes (a diminishing number that gets smaller every year). A man can still enroll, and get an English degree along with a Women's Studies like poor Jeff. He has several degrees, including Women's Studies, but really struggles trying to fit in when he's out with MEN building a home.

An then there are the speech codes, sexual harassment training, and Office of Men are Bad. They all have a "Women's Center" or equal, but not one has a "Men's Center." And their "Diversity Office" practices racist, sexist employment and only hires black women. Men are irrelevant at the Diversity Office, and men's feelings and needs are irrelevant to the administration.

If men are so irrelevant to be below the management radar at universities, how are men supposed to feel about spending 4 to 10 years of our lives and umpteen thousand dollars, going into massive debt, purchasing what they are selling? Is a university degree the only way for a MAN to become educated? Is a degree in Women's Studies an education at all for a MAN? Or the psychology of women? Or feminized filtered history?

We might also ask why people sacrifice years and a small fortune to get that degree? Half a century ago we were told that a university degree was the key to a good job and a successful career. Since then we have seen that promise turn to dust. Many companies now hire only women in many of the office jobs where college educated men once worked. My own former employer hadn't hired a man in an entry level position in 20 years, nor promoted a man from within. The few old men who still did most of the actual work were dying off or retiring. Can a university promise a good job to MEN when graduates face flagrant sexist discrimination in the after graduation job market? Not really, and the false promise shows that men have become irrelevant.

There are many ways for a man to get educated, and many kinds of knowledge that constitute education. The university monopoly would like us to believe that they have a monopoly and control the keys to education, but that really isn't so. The Internet, for example, has made knowledge universally and widely available. On-line chat rooms and discussions of all kinds can replace the discussion groups that have been part of universities for centuries.

A century ago feminism looked out and saw that many successful men were getting college education, and began trying to take over "education." Without knowing what it was about the college experience that made men successful, feminists wanted it for themselves. More yet, they wanted to change university education to feminize it. Over the past century the feminists have pretty much taken over the university. From the lowest professor to the halls of the President's office the university is all about catering to feminist females. Men, in the management or teaching have become -- irrelevant.

But, MEN are never going to go away and vanish. MEN will still be the ones who do all the real work of the society. MEN who don't graduate from college often still dominate industries. Bill Gates is an often mentioned example. In fact, a college education often only restricts a man to a modest level bureaucratic job of mediocrity and mundane plodding. Huge numbers of young men have learned that the university itself is the one that is becoming irrelevant. Huge numbers of men are voting with their feet and letting the university administrators know that they may be selling their feminized crapola, but we aren't buying. Enrollments by men are way below 50% and are rapidly declining as more and more men tell them to take their "education" and stuff it.

Does any man need to learn "feminist theory"? Does any man need female psychobabble? Does any man need the Women's Center and Women's Studies Department promoting anti-men hate? Are any of those relevant to the future of a young man?

For a century women have worked hard to take what men had in universities, and to take it away from men. They have succeeded, but in taking it away and turning it into something that is irrelevant to men's success. It's an empty accomplishment. It won't make their lives happier, nor make them successful. In the end, it isn't the circular citations that were the basis for a good education at universities several decades ago. It was the MEN who came and shared together that made it all relevant. MEN will always be the ones who make the society work, who create the homes, the food, the fun electronics, and all the good things of life. It will always be the MEN who are the center of relevance of a society. When men are cast aside and turned away, the institution itself becomes irrelevant, a shell of its former greatness. In the 21st century universities will decline, are already declining, as they have become irrelevant.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent comments. I see what you are talking about every day in my profession. I am a lawyer working for a large firm, and there are very few opportunities for young men these days. Part of it is the egos of the middle aged guys who are running things. They would rather see a pretty young thing kissing their ass than a competent young man who might one day take their place, but hey, that is the baby boom. The other piece of the puzzle is exacly what you are talking about. The entire education system is set up to give women a foot up, while keeping men down. To their credit, women have convinced the majority of the populace that this is right. However, men can only be told they are stupid so long before they actually overcome the system. Like you say, they'll look to be educated elsewhere. As for the women I work with, I find their presence interesting. I get the sense that they look at this all as a game, or an attempt to get more attention from men. Are some competent? Sure, usually the older ones who have slugged it out to get where they are. The problem is with the younger ones who want to work for a couple of years, then get married, pregnant, have a kid and let a guy take care of her. Problem is, they are stealing jobs from deserving men. But, to hear them tell it, they have overcome men's oppression, and we are just jealous of their achievement. We live in a ridiculous society, but God help you if you try to point that out. Women are equals dammit, even if it means you have to so severely handicap men and base achievement on factors unrelated to ability that men won't even join up for the charage any more.

November 15, 2005 1:00 PM  
Blogger Ian Dean Hosein said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

November 15, 2005 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have an attitude problem. You as well as all other men are not the center of society. I know that most egotist believe that. You are self-centered and selfish, your way only. And you are a control freak. Now that you have been treated the way women have been treated for years it doesn't feel so good does it? Men and women should have equal opportunity and yes I know it does not translate into equal outcome. University's should be about higher learning not indoctrination. But your blog is about one sexist rant.

November 16, 2005 12:24 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

I wonder if she learned those ad-hoiminem insults in "women's studies" classes. Bob does have an attitude problem with the likes of you. Too bad, so sad. Boo Hoo.

November 16, 2005 9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect woman: 3 ft; flat head; no teeth; big ears; and mute.

November 17, 2005 3:35 PM  
Anonymous recoveringenglishmajor said...

Over the weekend I went back to my alma mater, a small, elite, liberal arts college. I was an English major - a white, male student studying dead white males under living white males. Things have changed. Fraternities started off as literary societies in the 19th society; now they are being thrown off campus. Like you said, higher education has become utterly irrelevant to men (especially in the Humanities).

November 17, 2005 9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My life experience has taught me that context is EVERYTHING. This is something I found utterly lacking in university. I quit in disgust after my 3rd Semester.

December 05, 2005 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Nation that squanders its human capital is doomed to second class economic status. The US is currently being run by Corporate and Conservative Christian Religious interests. What they have done is to elevate Women the big Consumer spenders to an eltitist class and a Victim Class status.

We have had at least 4 decades of Feminism. What is the result we are forcing our males out of education.
Our boys are falling behind in every educational subject. Girls are being promoted by Feminist policies. We are accelerating our decline into a Third World status. The insane spending of the Governmetn to meet Feminists demands is transferring our wealth.
Republicans are spending money and borrowing it like a Drunken Sailor in a House of Ill repute.

China has no surpassed us in the number of IT Professionals. Our future is going down the toilet. While we import and train more Foreign Engineers, Scientists, and Mathematicians. And this passes for responsible Governance.

Our prison population is expanding. We have teen girls and preteen girls now giving their boyfriends Oral Sex. We have University Educated Female Teachers Sport Fucking their students every week a new story. And apparently there is no ethics, morals, or responsibility imparted into our Female Teachers.

In case the brain dead females don't get it we are in serious trouble. And recent data shows the numbers of Women to Men are now 2 to 1.


December 21, 2005 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the woman who stated that Bob's blog is "one sexist rant":

I could not agree more.

No Bob. She didn't "learn those ad hominem insults in Women's studies."

There were no insults. Just truth. It's not her fault your bruised feelings get hurt so quickly. It's not her fault you've got more hate than Ted Bundy.

You are egotistical. You think the whole world owes you the favor of transporting society back to the 17th century. There, you could be a sword-/gun-carrying Plantation Gentleman, with the law on YOUR side as you whipped your wife, children and servants into line.

YOU ALONE could vote, be educated, enjoy a bank acct. in YOUR name only.

YOU ALONE could attend college, write music, discuss Greek philosophy and States' Rights while the ladies sewed.

You could utter any words or racial jokes you chose. You could shower your wife and daughters with degrading remarks about women, and nobody would censure you.

YOU ALONE could be fully human, enjoying full human rights.

Doesn't that sound like your Dream World?

Reach for it, Bob. It's like putting your hand through the mist; it's gone.

December 22, 2005 6:28 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

No, Anonymous, your feminize revisionist history is a pack of lies. Women have always been able to study and learn poetry, science and other topics. The first published American was a woman, Anne Bradstreet, and her works are still in print. Until very recently neither men nor women could vote. That kind of misandrist lies are why Bob and millions of angry MEN are working hard to reclaim our society.

December 25, 2005 5:31 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Excellent articles, just found your blog (via "universities irrelevant".
Up here in Canada we have the same problem. Not many MEN.
I never went in for"higher" education after highschool. What I found is in a saying I coined over 20 years ago. "Public Education[ public, highschool, college] is hazardous to your wealth". The best education is being trained from ones home and neighborhood. I have results with my oldest homeschooled daughter now married to a homeschooled husband, who had established a successful business by 22 years. Amazingly they have aquired drivers licences etc. and can read and write circles around their peers who struggle to find a job. Employee is a fancy word for slave( I thought Lincoln had them freed). Being self employed in a trade, as a farmer, etc is the best Man building process around.

December 31, 2005 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the woman who was flounting her psychology degree, you men should know that psychologists are dangerous to your plight. I have to go see a psychologist because the courts are making me, but the psychologist I was seeing was trying to brainwash me into becoming a feminist. She was trying to brainwash me into thinking and believing that submitting to my husband was abuse and opression. My husband forbid me to go see her anymore because she was trying to turn me against him and I had to search hi and low to finally find one who wouldn't do that. I have to literally travel 100 miles to go see her.

January 19, 2006 10:50 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

Men built and created universities in the first place.If this didn't happen there would be no colleges. If you build something, you should get to keep it for yourself. The idea that men would be a minority in this institution called College is insane."Equality" is nothing more than using people and stealing their ideas for yourself. Almost ALL the great minds in history that have changed the world have been the Shakepeare's, Edison's And Einstein's of the world, Great White Men. The Feminazi exploiters must deal with that.

April 29, 2006 6:52 AM  

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