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Friday, October 21, 2005

PBS's hate campaign against men.

Open Letter to PBS

Once again PBS proves that they don't belong in our communities. On Thursday October 20, 2005, and on subsequent days on many local stations, PBS broadcast one of the worst pieces of hate propaganda that has been produced recently. The film, "Breaking the Silence" falsely blames fathers for violence against children, while government statistics show that mothers, not fathers, comment the preponderance of such violence. A real documentary on violence against children would show the violence of mothers in some proportion. This hate propaganda piece looks away from the real problems of violence against children, ignores the elephant in the center of the room, and focuses instead on promoting fear and hatred against men and fathers. Filled with lies, errors, and emotional hate, the film's aim is to use "the children" to slam men and fathers and promote animosity to men.

TO: PBS national and local offices

"I am greatly offended by your broadcast of anti-father hate. Hatred and all forms of bigotry is not appropriate programming for a public broadcast media.

The misguided anti-father hate propaganda piece, "Breaking the Silence" wrongly blames fathers for all violence against children while the US Government statistics show that mothers are much more often responsible for violence against children and murder of children. The misguided hate program wrongly accuses fathers in divorces of evil. From front to back it is an anti-father hate propaganda film full of lies. While the authors have a right to make hate films, you have no obligation to broadcast bigotry and hate, in fact you have an obligation NOT to broadcast lies and hate against one important part of the people.

Shame, shame, shame on you and your entire BPS staff. Shame on you for pushing hatred of men and fathers. Shame for hurting decent families. Shame for failing in the public trust.

Sincerely, Bob"

To find out more about the PBS anti-father hate campaign and to join in the protest go to the Glen Sacks PBS page here.

Better yet, if you live next door to a PBS executive or producer, or know where one lives, dump her body in the nearest river. Hate mongers do not deserve to live in communities with decent human beings. Hate mongering broadcasters do not deserve to receive public funding nor to use the public airwaves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

every body hate men,men shold alway's picture them self in a "dien bien phu" sitution!

October 22, 2005 11:15 AM  

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