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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sheriff Association is Jane Crow

Time to write to the National Sheriffs Association and let them know that their support of government pork on the backs of our families and children is totally unacceptable to decent men everywhere. In most US states large areas between incorporated cities are "policed" by county officials known as the Sheriff and his deputies. They have a national lobby group called the National Sheriffs Association which drums up funding for "more men on the streets." In addition to stopping travelers to take their money in "speed traps" and the confiscation and sale of vehicles for every "drug related" excuse, these hired gun thugs also usually act as the enforcement arm of the family court. When they come to take your children it's usually a deputy Sheriff who points the gun at you and another who slaps your kids into the cars. It’s a deputy Sheriff who comes to your house and tosses you out on the street after the minion of Satan in the black robe gave it to some evil bitch.

Once again the National Sheriffs Association has been lobbying Congress in support of renewal of VAWA, a huge cash cow which funds $$billions of their budget. They have sold out to the radical femorrhoid army. They support any Jane Crow legislation that pays them regardless of the evil it requires them to do. They are quislings who give aide and comfort to the enemies of men and families, and actively destroy men and children for money. They are disgusting filth who make decent men want to puke.

Bob and some other men have been corresponding with Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart, secretary of the National Sheriffs Association. It is a Constitutional right and the duty of concerned Americans to petition all branches of our government that are working against the interests of the people. Sheriff Bart and his evil gun thugs work against men, against families, against children, and even against the women they pretend to be helping.

In reply to another MAN's correspondence, Sheriff Bard replied as follows:

"I would like to express my disgust with anyone who doesn’t do their homework before sending such an e-mail. I am the chairman of the National Sheriff’s Domestic Violence Committee and we don’t play favorites when it comes to violence! You are not winning any friends with your e-mails."

Bob wrote to Sheriff Bart and said:

" The VAWA is the most sexist violent misandrist piece of pork barrel legislation ever passed. It's Jane Crow bigotry from beginning to end. Your continued support of Jane Crow hate laws and willingness to support any level of anti-men hate that will gain funding for your evil crew makes me and many decent people want to puke.

Shame, shame, shame on you and the rest of the evil misandrist bigots of the National Sheriffs Association.

Sheriff Bart replied:

" Your messge is not a good example for your group. Again I say the nsa supports all victims of violence. Please stop sending me further hate filled messages.

Rick Bart
Snohomish County Sheriff.

Sheriff Bard, of course, doesn't believe that citizens have the Constitutional civic duty to petition the government (1st Amendment) any more than he believes in equal rights under law required by the 14th Amendment. He demands that MEN stop writing to him to express our concerns and demand that our government serve the people. Sheriff Bart and his quisling association have sold out equal rights of MEN and families for government hate funding and Jane Crow legislation. It's their jobs. It's how they get funding.

Now it's time for MEN of every kind to write to Sheriff Bart as Secretary of the National Sheriffs Association, and chairman of their committee to support renewal of the Jane Crow hate law called VAWA. Its time for MEN who value families and fairness to let scumbag gun thugs like Sheriff Bart know just how disgusting his anti-family, anti-children, anti-men hate mongering is to decent men. Sheriff Rick Bart, Secretary of NSA

Please send Bart (where have we heard that name before?) a quick note to let him know how much MEN oppose Jane Crow hate laws that he feeds from, and how despicable he is for earning his living destroying our families and the lives of men. Take 5 minutes and write now.


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