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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Almost got one. Shucks!

Score one for the people. In Albuquerque a citizen shot down a blue gun thug helicopter, and the blue gun thugs are whining about it all over the media. Here

A Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department helicopter that crashed Saturday in the yard of an Albuquerque home was brought down by a bullet, Sheriff Darren White said late Tuesday. "How could someone walk out in the middle of the night and take a gun and fire at a helicopter that's out there trying to protect the public?" he said. "It's a miracle they're alive." Here

WRONG! The blue gun thugs are almost never "helping to protect" anyone. They have proven in several SCOTUS cases that protecting people is NOT their job. Sheriff White pushes their usual LIES, and of course the blue gun thugs have also proven to SCOTUS that lying IS their job as much as protecting people is not.

Gun thug brutality does not make destruction of families into "helping people." Maybe some concerned citizens are beginning to think of these gun thug helicopters as low flying targets, and so much the better. It's a shame he didn't have an RPGs like they have in other countries. The US Constitution prohibits the government from taking weapons away from the people specifically to allow the people to overthrow a tyrannous government. For a more detailed analysis of the constitutional right to own and bear regular military arms read Bob's blog on the Second Amendment.

So lying Sheriff White sent his criminal gun thugs out to destroy another family and send another man off to Auchwitz, Leavenworth, Fulsom, or some similar place, and concerned citizens fought back. It's a shame they only hit some minor part of the helicopter. It's a shame that the gun thugs walked away.

[Hoists a glass] Here's to the brave freedom fighters who are fighting back against the tyranny of gun thug oppression.


Anonymous arthur mcguiness said...

bob,just say it,the damn spicks want to free load off us hard working americans.hell,it is so many wetbacks here,i am sitting next to one right now,and boy do it stinks.they are the new rodents.

August 16, 2005 8:57 AM  

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