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Monday, October 31, 2005

Report PBS to the FCC

According to various reports PBS has been stonewalling a loud chorus of MEN demanding that their anti-men hate propaganda film, "Breaking the Silence" be dropped, or at least have an opportunity for rebuttal from equal rights advocates. Except for a few local affiliates, PBS has pretended that their hate program is "the truth" and has refused to discuss it further with any of the many decent people who have objected to their hate message.

I have been wondering why nobody is suggesting a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). PBS, and each of their local affiliates, has a federal license to use the publicly owned broadcast channel. The license requires that all broadcasts be "In the Public Interest" and are subject to renewal review every few years. At renewal time the FCC reviews all complaints against a broadcaster and requires explanation or justification for programs which receive complaints. A preponderance of complaints showing that their programming is "not in the public interest" gets their license to broadcast pulled. As a result the FCC is a VERY POWERFUL regulatory body in the broadcast industry. They can also fine stations what willfully broadcast offensive materials.

Complaints to the FCC can be lodged at their web site
"Filing a complaint at FCC is easy."

Since PBS is stonewalling public concerns and broadcasting hate propaganda against the public interest we all ought to be complaining to the FCC and demanding that their license be removed.



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