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Monday, June 09, 2008

FBI Corruption Goes Public

Graft and corruption runs deep at the FBI. In an agency created by J. Edgar Hoover for his own personal power and lavish faggot lifestyle, modern FBI managers are continuing the practice of violence, corruption, and crime. Read News Story

In the latest FBI Crime, Curtis Jones of Annapolis pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Baltimore to taking bribes to award government supply contracts. In the particular purchase for which he had to fess up, Mr. Jones was given a lavish cruise in exchange for awarding a $2 million contract for paper shredders.

Corruption and crime runs the length and breadth of the FBI from their criminal false testimony from their “Crime Lab” to the mass murder of children at the Branch Davidians village. In an agency that corrupt and criminal, where murder has been their SOP since John Dillinger was assassinated on a street corner without benefit of trial or legal process, accepting bribes and pocketing taxpayer money is no surprise at all. The FBI needs to be disbanded and all it's criminal agents caught and hung.

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