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Friday, April 25, 2008

NYC Gang Murderers “Not Guilty”

In November 2006 several drunken NYC gun thugs surrounded and murdered an unarmed man and shot his two friends as they left a nightclub on the night before his intended wedding. The evil murderous thugs fired at the unarmed men until they had emptied their city issued Glock weapons, reloaded, and kept shooting until they had emptied the next load of death. See Feminazi gun thugs stop a marriage

Crime Boss Blomberg made speeches about how the gang murder of unarmed men is “unacceptable.” But today the NYC Agents of Satan in Black Robes of Hell have declared the gun thugs killing was normal gun thug violence, and not a crime. Faced with riots by mobs of decent citizens the NYC cranial organization had filed some diversionary “charges” in courts to pretend that they are opposed to shooting men on the streets. We know that it was all lies. From Crime Boss Blomberg on down the line they NYC crime syndicate encourages their gun thugs to shoot first and ask questions later. Killing men teaches obedience in a city where a man owning a gun or protecting himself is a “crime.”

Agent of Satan Arthur Cooperman in his black robes of hell give the obligatory “not guilty” verdict because the crime organization will never convict itself. Gang killing of men on the street is not a crime. It doesn't become a crime when they were drunk and the men was doing nothing but heading home to his wedding.

How many dead men will it take before the good people of NYC wake up and understand that their lives are at risk every day as long as Criminal Boss Blomberg and his violent gang of murderous thugs are roaming the streets. How many dead men will it take before a mob of angry men recapture their city?

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