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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mass Murder of Men

UPDATE May 1, 2008

There is now a name. Its called the “Smiley Face Gang.” A name, but no human faces to fit with the name. Just some smiley caricatures watching over murder.

Today we find this story from Channel 9 in Albany, NY.

Bill Szostak is convinced his son Josh was murdered when he disappeared shortly after hanging out with friends at an Albany bar just days before Christmas. He is convinced even after his son’s body was recovered from the Hudson last week and an autopsy said he drowned. He was convinced, even after the Albany Police Department closed its case. Even after world renowned pathologist Dr. Michael Baden conducted a second autopsy just to be sure.

We want to reiterate that Albany police still say they are not planning on re-opening their case

The smiley face signature in Albany, NY

This is the face of death, a murder signed by the Smiley Face Gang in Albany, NY

The Albany blue gun thugs, like those in so many other cities, are stonewalling the mass murder of college age men. The stonewalling is so complete one has to wonder if they are part of the Smiley Face Gang.

One theory says that it may be a technician or group of technicians from the Trane Corporation that began the murders. The theory speculates that refrigeration gas is used to asphyxiate the young men. The theory says that refrigeration gas has an effect similar to Nitrous Oxide commonly used as anesthetic in medical practice. La Crosse, WI where the largest concentration of deaths have occurred is a center for the Trane Corporation. Refrigeration technicians commonly carry tanks of refrigeration gas in their company trucks. A uniformed technician could offer a young man a ride home, and then open a gas valve once he got into the vehicle. He might say something like, “Wait here for a minute while I make this one stop on the way home.” Odorless, colorless and deadly gas renders the victim unconscious. His unconscious body is then dumped in a river or lake where he drowns. There are no marks of struggle on the body.

There are Trane Corporation technicians who travel frequently throughout all the areas where the murders have occurred. Nobody suggests that mass murder is a policy of the Trane Corporation, only that one or more member of the Smiley Face Gang may work for, or have worked for the Trane Corporation. The presence of refrigeration gas in a body is rare enough that few medical examiners doing an autopsy would look for whatever chemical traces it might leave. It is seriously worth investigation.

Some have suggested that the writing and nicknames left with some Smiley Faces has a female look to it. It is not unthinkable that some “SCUM” feminists have been killing men out of anti-men hatred. The war on men and boys may have become very violent indeed.

From other blogs the number of dead men keeps going up and up. As this story hit the news last week other similar deaths are being reported. The death toll may be hundreds.

There are three things that all these deaths have in common.
1. Young intelligent college age men end up dead.
2. The Smiley Face Gang leaves its signature on many sites
3. The blue gun thugs refuse to investigate the mass murders.

All across America legions of blue gun thugs are paid billions of our tax dollars to “fight crime” and “solve” cases. But when hundreds of men are being murdered in front of everyone, they turn and walk away, they refuse to even look at the evidence that distraught parents have found. Bob calls it criminal malfeasance of the public trust and dereliction of their public duty.

I compare this to other large scale crimes like the "Green River Killings" and I see a blue gun thug task force of a hundred detectives spending years working on the killing of females. But when men are killed, even in very large numbers, they run the other way.

The blue gun thugs are not interested in dead men. Men don't matter.

They only are interested in arresting men and sending men to some hellhole concentration camp. They are not interested in investigating the murder of men. A dyke gang murdering men is ON THEIR SIDE!

Some common clues in many of the cases:

No marks on body -- suggesting probable drugging. Poison is the most common female murder weapon.

Unusually high alcohol in bodies. Some bodies have alcohol levels so high that most people would have passed out or even died from alcohol. It is often quite a bit higher than normal for a night out partying by most people. It suggests forced alcohol consumption after being drugged, perhaps as a way of deflecting suspicion and giving the blue gun thugs an excuse not to look farther. A pint of vodka as an enema would do that in about 10 minutes and leave no trace. Or, inserting a stomach tube into an unconscious man and pouring in a pint of vodka would work too, but take a little longer

One man woke up in a river and managed to get ashore. He does not remember how he got to the river. It suggests he was drugged and dumped but didn't drown.

The Smiley Faces and graffiti suggest female handwriting. The nicknames have been hidden from the public.

A feminazi female hate gang could easily offer a ride home to a single man, or offer him a drink at a bar or party. The so-called "date rape" drug is suspected by some. A feminazi hate gang might take pleasure in using that drug to kill men.

It has been suggested that refrigeration technicians from Trane Corp. in La Crossse, WI may be involved and that refrigerant gas is used to drug men. The effects of refrigerant gas is said to be about like Nitrous Oxide, a common medical anesthetic. This is speculative at this point.

The Smiley Face Gang is said to be hierarchical and have "pods" in several cities. Perhaps killing is initiation, or perhaps the monthly ritual of the gang.

There may be hundreds of victims.

The blue gun thugs are completely stonewalling the mass murders. They ignore questions about how the man's cell phone or shoes were found blocks in the wrong direction from between the bar where he was last seen and the river where he was found. They assume "drunk fell in" even before looking for evidence or getting autopsy done.

Some victims had very little water in their lungs, suggesting death before being dumped in the river. Nevertheless the county medical examiner would note the lack of water in the man's lungs and conclude "drowned" because the body was in a river.

The murders all seem to happen during the school term of nearby universities. This suggests that the killers, the “Smiley Face Gang” pods are associated with various universities. Some universities have also stonewalled the investigation of disappearance of men students. One even took out a restraining order to prevent parents from searching for clues on campus. Nearby universities all have a “Women's Studies” Department where anti-men hate is being taught and practiced.

We MEN need to keep after this and don't let the blue gun thugs get away with ignoring murder of men because it was men.

Note to readers: If you know of any similar “drownings” of college age men in your city or town over the past decade or so, please send details to Bob. Thanks.

For more reading on this Mass Murder of College Men see the following links.

The Sope Bocks

Footprints At The River's Edge

Websleuths -- Deaths of College Students

Mass Murder of Men

The Mass Murder of College Men all across America is being swept under the carpet.

According to a news story breaking in Wisconsin, a nation wide criminal organization with “pods” in several cities has been murdering college men for more than 11 years. The bodies are typically dumped in rivers where the evidence is mostly washed away. The investigation that brings this to our attention has been done by two retired blue gun thugs from New York City where one of the bodies washed up in the river 11 years ago. They were unable to investigate the murders while they worked for the blue gun thug organizations that are paid billions of our tax dollars to investigate and stop this kind of crime. Instead of investigating and stopping mass murder of young American men, the blue gun thug organizations have been working to obscure the killings and write off the dead men as accidental or suicidal deaths.

When NYC blue gun thugs Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte retired from the pigs, they finally became free to investigate mass murder going on in our nation. Instead of covering up the murders of so many men, these two got off the blue gun thug restrictions and went to work on real crime. For political reasons the government and their blue gun thug agencies have tried to bury knowledge of mass murder while they bury the many, many dead men.

Meanwhile, Professor Lee Gilbertson at St. Cloud State College has been assigning his criminology students to investigate the many disappearing men at colleges around the mid west. Some facts are beginning to emerge from years of investigation by people other than the blue gun thug agencies who take our tax money and do nothing.

Here is what is known so far:

1. A nationwide organization with “pods” in many cities has been torturing and killing scores of young men. College men have been killed in states from Washington to New York. Many men have been killed in the upper mid west. Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Ohio. There are probably many more we don't know of yet. Perhaps there are hundreds. Perhaps there are thousands. More than 40 men are known to have been their victims.

2. Bodies are often dumped into rivers. The murderous organization often leaves graffiti smiling face drawings at the scene where the body was dumped into the river. Here is a recent smiling face marking another dead college man.

3. Sometimes they leave other clues painted with the smiley face. For example it might be the name of the street where another man was killed in another state.

4. The FBI has done some investigating but has said nothing and done nothing.

5. At least one dead man, Jenkins, was seen being assaulted by a group of black men before he disappeared. One was named Mohamed. When Jenkins escaped and walked away one of the black men followed him. His body was recovered in the Mississippi River some months later. The blue gun thugs did not interview the group of black men, nor Mohammad. One very sick blue gun thug told Mr. Jenkins' parents that he probably ran off with a hooker and would be back on Monday.

6. At least one of the dead men was involved in a university Lacrosse team.

7. University campuses are “gun free zones” where intended victims are assumed to be unarmed and unable to protect themselves.

8. Blue gun thugs in every city have turned away from investigation of these mass murders. They frequently write off the deaths as “suicide” or “accidental drowning.” Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte weren't allowed to investigate these mass murders until they retired from the NYPD.

They say medical examiners frequently don't even consider murder when looking at the body of a drowning victim. The death toll of this organization is unknown. What is known that its been going on more than 11 year and more than 40 young men have been murdered. The Channel 5 News in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, posted the whole blue gun thug file on the death of Chris Jenkins. It appears to have been purged and supplemented to cover up murder and write it off as “suicide.”

The news is VERY DISTURBING. The published reports have refused to say who the organization is or what is their motives for the mass murder of white college students. Bob is drawn to suspicious connections. What kind of organization would be killing so many men? What kind of political power does it take to sweep such massive crime wave under the carpet in so may cities? Chicago is the home of a very prominent politician with ties to a radical Black Muslim organizations. Are the Black Muslims involved? Can “Mohamed” in Milwaukee be part of an Al Queda linked organization? Why haven't any media reported this ongoing war against young men in America until now? And even now, why hasn't the mass murder of men all across America been reported outside of local news?

Story on Channel 5 News

Map of known cases in the Minneapolis area. There are many more in other states from New York to Seattle.

Channel 5 reporters talk about how differently news organizations and blue gun thugs treat dead men compared to dead or missing females.

Channel 5 Reports that Blue Gun Thugs Stonewalling mass murders.

Longer discussion by Channel 5 News

The smiley face signature at a recent murder

This is the face of death, a murder signed by a death squad at the place where the body was dumped into the river.

Bob will continue following this very disturbing mass murder of young men and update this story as more information is learned. In the mean time, if you know of any of the story first hand please send info to

UPDATE April 26, 2008
French police come to Calif. to look into mysterious death

I saw the following article in today's news. A young man in California was found dead after having a few drinks and then leaving a party. He was found dead in his apartment. The blue gun thugs tried to write his murder off as “suicide.” Blue gun thugs don't investigate the murder of men. But Mr. Hugues de la Plaza was French, and the French gun thugs are not so quick to ignore the murder of a citizen. To de la Plaza's parents, Francois and Mireille de la Plaza, who live in Paris, the San Francisco police appeared too busy or uninterested to fully investigate their only son's death. They lobbied the French government, which has taken the unusual step of ordering Parisian detectives to investigate and conduct their own forensic tests. To Bob the death of Mr. de la Plaza looks similar to those of the nationwide murder gang. He was alone, having had a few drinks, and left a nightclub late at night alone. Not all the dead bodies are dumped in rivers. How big is this murderous gang? Its probably a lot bigger than anything you've heard lately.

Read story

I was reading the Channel 5 news site for more info on the mass murder after writing this blog article about the mass murder of college men. In today's news they have another story of another man found dead in the river.

"Body found near Mississippi River ruled a homicide"

The MASS MURDER OF MEN goes on and on. Nobody is saying "BOO" to the killers. The blue gun thugs are running away from involvement and stonewalling their jobs. How much to they get paid every year to investigate serious crime? Like murder?



Are the Blue Gun Thugs doing the murders or just protecting the guilty?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying "BOO" to the killers.

Think they is spooks yall?
I love the missisipi flag!
Yall love it to?

It has the con-federate battle flag in it.

May 01, 2008 12:51 PM  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

This story is very disturbing,Bob and I'm going to run with it too.

May 01, 2008 11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Immediate Release
April 29, 2008

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

FBI Statement Regarding Midwest River Deaths

"Over the past several years, law enforcement and the FBI have received information about young, college-aged men who were found deceased in rivers in the Midwest. The FBI has reviewed the information about the victims provided by two retired police detectives and interviewed an individual who provided information to the detectives. To date, we have not developed any evidence to support links between these tragic deaths or any evidence substantiating the theory that these deaths are the work of a serial killer or killers. The vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings. The FBI will continue to work with the local police in the affected areas to provide support as requested,” said Supervisory Special Agent Richard J. Kolko, Washington, D.C.

May 02, 2008 9:38 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous:
The FBI is one of the suspect organizations that have "pods" in each area where men are being murdered. Even if the FBI is not actually doing these killings, from the FBI perspective the killers are obviously "on our side." The FBI has been killing men since its inception, and lately has included the mass murder of women and children.

May 02, 2008 10:18 AM  
Blogger MarkyMark said...


I didn't have time to read the whole article; it's already way too late, and I must get to bed. That said, we had a young, college man die here in Jersey too.

Last year, at The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State), a young man was dumped down the disposal chute of his dorm. The dorm was one of two tall buildings on the campus-Travers and Wolfe. He ended up in the dumpster, and his body wasn't recovered until weeks later when it was found at a garbage dump. Witnesses said that he'd been partying; that he'd gotten drunk; and that he accidentally fell down the chute in his inebriated state. There was some question about his death being suspicious, but little follow up investigation was done.

I've never been in the dorm building, so I don't know about the chute in question; I don't know if the chute is big enough allow a human to slide down to the dumpster. I did notice that his death received little follow up on the murder angle, though. If this had happened to a female college student, would her death have been ignored in a similar manner? I doubt it.

Those are my thoughts. I'll read more when I get a chance. Thanks, and good night...


May 03, 2008 1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Once, the stern director of the hospital passed by the office on a dignified inspection tour of the doctors' work. Lu had to minimize the game window. She quietly boasted to her colleagues, "What's his big deal? If he played the game, I'd kill him in one stroke!" The director wasn't really that bad, but Lu Yang felt that he "did not show the respect for women that they deserved." "In the game, women can rule over men," she declared.

As you can see, females are ALL the SAME through the ENTIRE world. They all dislike and wish to rule over men.

What is the solution to this problem?

May 05, 2008 12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Another man arrested for having a gun:

Police said he had a gun near his chest and an "unreasonable amount of ammunition, leading one to believe that he had the intentions of using the handgun and ammunition he had in his possession."

Eberle was charged with making a terroristic threat and unlawfully carrying a weapon in a place that is licensed to sell alcohol. The felony charges carry up to 10 years in prison each.


Didn't do anything but is going to go away for 10 because he had a gun on him.

Are we ever going to stand up for our rights to keep bear arms? No, no we are not. We are not ever.

May 05, 2008 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wife of Edward William Eberle, 51, called 911 around 3 p.m.

Thursday after finding a note he left telling her: "I have chosen a life in prison. ... I'll try to die soon. Please return my library book and walk Cassie," the Austin American-Statesman reported in its online edition Monday.

Wife ratted on him, as always: seeking the support of the big strong police.

Having a phone is a liability to a man, living in a community is too: the woman will use it against him somehow.

May 05, 2008 10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They want us to die. Every year or 2 there is a week long "men will become extinct" story on the news.

We ARE going quietly and obediently. We will NEVER EVER REBEL.

The only men who fight are in the east. That won't last long either.

May 07, 2008 5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaahhh.....better to let the guy shoot up the store, kill a few innocent people. Don't even think of calling the cops and trying to save the lives of people in the store, and his as well. Much better to let him go on a shooting spree. Good thinking.

Bet you think the nutcase in Austria is a great guy too.

May 07, 2008 7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon: A female owes loyalty to her husband, not the general public. If her husband wishes to take the career path of a warlord it is not her place to question him or call on his enemies to destroy him. She is a traitor, but that is a universal female trait: being traitorous to their master.

A man has the right to have any weapon he wish, carry it, and whatever amount of ammo he wishes to carry. The author had a problem with that too.

He didn't kill anyone. It's strange that he didn't even fire upon the police sent to apprehend him: wouldn't it be logical for him to do so if he was a killer?

May 07, 2008 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Austrian man Fritzl who admitting holding his own daughter as a sex slave, was within his rights.

May 07, 2008 5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon (May 07, 2008 12:54 PM)

You can't even master yourself.

May 09, 2008 4:13 PM  
Blogger Zena said...

One who cannot master himself; should never be a master over another.....Sounds like a drug deal gone wrong to me. How creative to try and pin it on women....NOT!

May 14, 2008 5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did we get this law and attitude that Fathers cannot use daughters for sex? They pay to raise daughters. So doesn't the daughter's body belong to her father? Why does the law prevent Fathers from using daughters for sex?

May 15, 2008 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are too weak to defend themselves?

May 17, 2008 3:54 PM  
Anonymous alcohol rehabilitation said...

Stories like this is just so sad to hear, knowing that many have fallen victims to alcohol addiction, and majority of these are young people. There should be a constant campaign on alcohol awareness in order to prevent further crimes associated with it.

March 25, 2009 9:10 AM  

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