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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Typical feminazi hate training.

Isn't it great how young bitches know everything and are always willing to demonstrate their ignorance combined with well-trained misandry. For example, a well trained young feminazi posted the following response to Bob's call for equal treatment at workplaces:

The employee who initiates the bullying, intimidation, etc., is the one to blame. That person should be punished-- just as the disruptive kid in school gets punished. Bullying is similar to vandalism - it's wrong, immoral, and illegal.
That paragraph has so many lies, misstatements, and false assertions, and so much misandrist hate dogma in that one paragraph it's hard to know where to begin.

First, the assertion that "sexual harassment" has anything to do with bullying is fiction. "Bullying" is the latest buzz word among the young females. It was not a word used decades ago when so-called "sexual harassment" laws were passed. It's another case of finding a justification for female special privilege after the original reasons have become publicly known as fraudulent. In over 40 years of work experience I've seen many so-called "harassment" incidents and not any of them were about bullying nor about harassment. Virtually all were about some whiny female alleged that her "feelings" were hurt because of some unintentional misstatement. The government came down on her side, she got a big cash settlement, the company and the other employees lost, and the unfortunate man lost his job, maybe his career, and his family suffered.

MEN have always had to get along at our jobs. If the boss is mean, dominant, aggressive, or whatever, our options are to go along or quit. Most men learn to get along at work. Men create good relationships, and even usually get along with a mean boss. Females apparently can't get along, can't do relationships at work, and need special laws to protect them from their incompetence and failures. Men who are offended by a job or the company, or the other workers, can accept it or move on. Females' arrogance figures that they are so important the company ought to accommodate them instead of them learning to accept the company or quitting. Females are so arrogant that they figure the company ought to pay them for their failure to develop decent relationships at work. All of their incompetence and unreasonable demands make females less desirable as employees and serves to reduce the amount of money, wages, that companies are willing to pay. Who would invite trouble? Only with a significant price discount would any sane employer accept the risk and trouble a female employee brings to her work.

The second fraud is to assert that someone should be blamed, presumably a MAN is to be blamed for her hurt feelings. Blaming the nearest available man is typical misandrist feminist hate dogma. The young feminazi is well trained in hate. Responsible people take responsibility for their own feelings and don't blame someone else. Men learn to get along at work while females whine, cry, and blame instead of working out good relationships. It's exactly that kind of incompetence which makes females into second class employees. For decades feminazi have claimed that females are much better than men at relationships, but at work they claim that females can't manage their own relationships as men have always done, so they need special protection laws. Females are so stupid that they believe both claims, females are both better at relationships and can't do them without protection. Most don't have the gray matter even to understand the obvious conflict.

The next real problem is the assertion that someone, presumably a MAN, should be punished. That is a very common feminazi hate dogma. It would be offensive if the feminazi government didn't participate in that misandry. But it's much worse than just hateful. We live in a time and place where millions of men are punished when female feelings are hurt. There is a huge and very well funded government industry now who's job is to punish as many MEN as possible for whatever feminazi excuse they can find. Punishing the nearest available MAN is the feminazi equivalent of a KKK lynching, only without the public blood. The government just takes him away and destroys his life and that of his family. Sorry, Toots, but hurt feelings are NOT justification to punish men.

To justify her demand to punish MEN the young feminazi uses punishment of boys as her example. The crisis in our schools is becoming well known. Greatly over punishing boys in school, and boys are punished ten times as often as girls, is one of the serious flaws in education today. Boys are being punished for acting like boys, and being neglected in huge numbers. She ought to be ashamed to repeat such hate. The disaster that passes for public education is the antithesis of an example to use for sexist laws on so-called "sexual harassment." The misandrist schools need to be cleaned up and restructured even more so than the sexist laws at work.

She has been well trained in hate propaganda. She squeezed all those lies and hate dogma into only two sentences. Her third sentence is no better. She claims that bullying is "wrong, immoral, and illegal." In her mental arrogance and confusion she's still equating bullying to "sexual harassment" at work, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge of the topic. I am somewhat familiar with a wide variety of moral, ethical, and legal codes, both religious and secular. I don't recall ever seeing any moral, ethical or legal code that defines bullying as "wrong" or "illegal." It's the latest feminazi buzzword to blame young men, even as young arrogant females have far outdistanced most male competitors for the bullying championships. Female bullies blame the nearest available man and then punish men instead of accepting responsibility for their own failures. Our young arrogant female correspondent writes exactly like the bullies she says are immoral and wrong.

There is nothing moral, right, or good about bullying female misandry such as so-called "sexual harassment" laws. Sexual harassment laws protect female incompetence, turn females into risk factors for employers, reduce the take home pay of female employees, and make our workplaces into hostile environments for men employees.

While we are talking about sexual harassment, the flagrant whorish dress chosen by so many young females these days constitutes sexual harassment of men. With men deliberatly ignoring females because they are so misandrist, and because a notice can destroy a man's career, many young females have been wearing more and more sexually provocative clothing, even to work. Young women's outfits are selected to be more sexually suggestive, displaying large amounts of bare flesh, and prominently displaying pushed up and often augmented breasts. Their deliberatly sexually suggestive dress and demeanor are sexual harassment of young men, and they do it deliberatly. Teachers dressing like whores in our schools distract young men and make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. Females dressing like whores in our workplaces make it difficult for men to focus on jobs. If anyone needs legal protection from predatory bullying arrogant sexual harassment it’s the men who need someone to fire the females unless they learn to dress without flaunting their sexuality. One has to wonder if young females know anything but whoring and hating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The amazing Herd Mentality and stupidity of Feminists never ceases to amaze me. They can only spew forth hate filled invective nonsense as their propaganda betrays their ignorance of real Business. If for example the 76 cent myth spouted by Feminists were true.

Every CEO would only recruit Women.
Why you ask? Because they could undercut their competitors drive them out of business capture the marketplace and raise prices for a windfall. It would only be good business practice to hire the most efficent workforce.

Sexual Harrassment Lawsuits creates an anti-competitive overhead structure foreign competition does not have. It places our Companies at a cost disadvantage and costs us jobs. Too pander to some elist White Women and Lesbians we are forcing jobs offshore to countries with lower overhead costs and reduced liabilities. How brilliant of our FemNags and Minorities.

May 17, 2006 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a big believer in equality- it's such a liberal, feminist word. Women shouldn't be in the workplace anyway. Male workplaces are more constant and productive in general and lack the female machinations and drama that cut morale, consistency, and productivity.

May 25, 2006 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Nat said...

Many women has no choice but be in the workplace. They also have to eat and to live somewhere, and for that they have to work. Not all men want to provide for a woman.

July 13, 2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger jpbenney said...

The idea that women are more dangerous at work makes little sense to me.

Aren't people aware that in the nineteenth century government were forced to impose laws forbidding women from working because employers preferred women because they were less likely to demand higher wages than men? It is noteworthy that whilst Austrian economists often discuss child labor laws, they never discuss laws against female labour.

October 05, 2008 4:33 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to jpbenney:
Of course it makes no sense to you. Decades of feminist hate propaganda training have to be overcome before you can begin to think with a rational mind.

Your red herring about 19th century Austrian writers is both a lie and an irrelevant side step to avoid the issue.

Women COST employers much more than the mythical "wage gap" which of course is another hate lie. The truth is that women, in general, won't do equal work to men and demand equal pay. They are a huge risk of great losses and continually disrupt real work from occurring.

Your lack of understanding and recitation of common feminazi hate propaganda provides us with another demonstration of the thesis of this article. Thank you for providing it.

October 05, 2008 7:31 AM  

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