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Friday, December 07, 2007

An Evil Frederick County Lieyer

In Frederick County, Maryland, there have been several families driven to death and destruction by the evil of “family” court headed by Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Dwyer. See Six Families Dead In Maryland. The toll of dead in Frederick County has brought the evil spawn of Satan into national infamy.

Since publishing the above referenced article about the evil family destroying bullies in Maryland, Bob received a letter from an evil bitch lieyer hoping to blame the victims for their own death and destruction. Sorry, bitch, your lies don't fly here.

Here are her lies:
From: Kendra Hawk
Sent: Friday, December 7, 2007 6:30:00 AM
Subject: Frederick County and Paul Sielski
Hello Bob,
My name is Kendra Hawk. I am an attorney and I live and practice in Frederick County. You should be aware that information coming to you from Deborah Courtney is not completely factual. Frederick County has seen a rash of domestic violence and we all know that sometimes the media attention creates more similar situations. The fact is that the first family killing was in March. A man killed his four kids and then himself. His wife is missing. These were people that might have benefited from assistance, crisis management, social services etc however they were not in the system so to speak and were not in the family court either.

The next "incident" if you will was later the same month. A distraught man picked up his two children, one and three I think and then called their mother and said they were with him. No problem as he had often picked them up. However, this time was different, it was after the mother had told the father she wanted him to move out and they were thus breaking up. No family court involvement at least not at that point. The man told the mother where she could find them and when she got to the remote area, parked her car and walked through the woods, she found her babies hanging from a tree dead, the dad was dead too by his own hand.
The next series occurred this fall. A man killed his wife and then himself. Neighbors said there had been police visits but that they never witnesses problems. No children involved.  No court involvement either.
The next, a man killed his wife and himself when she came back to the marital home to discuss visitation as they were beginning the process of separation and court. Yes, this case involved a court complaint.

The next, a man shot his wife while she was on the phone with 911, she died and he is in jail waiting for his day in court. No children involved.

The next was the very sad murder of three children and the mother by a father on Thanksgiving Day. The couple had been separated and there had been domestic violence. the mother was worried about her safety according to neighbors and the newspaper. They generally transferred the children at a police station for safety. And yes, their case was in family court and had been for over a year. Check out the article in the paper wherein the mother's family and previous neighbors discuss the father's issues with drugs etc. It is a sad commentary that Deborah Courtney is spreading all over that all of these tragedies result from the family court here in Frederick and or from the actions of one judge or a few or a particular state's attorney. You do no service by allowing her space to elevate her boyfriend in this manner. By the way, check out the court records on Sielski. While much of his issues are legitimate, this father neglected to continue going through any proper channels and withdrew from his case for almost 2 years. No attempts were made by him to see any of it through or see his child. Did he give up? It is unreasonable to cry foul only upon an arrest when efforts could have been made by him on his own case. Just because a person fails to show up in court does not mean that nothing is done, it is just done without that person. Paul failed to show up in another county for a criminal traffic charge of driving on a suspended license. The best attack is not always simply attacking others.

From reading Ms. Lieyer's froth, a number of facts are immediately apparent. She affirms the evil persecution of fathers going on in Frederick County. From what she writes it is apparent than any efforts I can make to help spread knowledge of that evil is not sufficient. She admits that she and the Agents of Satan in black robes of hell have been persecuting Mr. Sielski for more than 2 years. By 2 years ago he was already beaten down. His family had been destroyed. His children had been taken away. He had been bound into indentured servitude (slavery). And now he is threatened with prison for failing to comply with his indentured servitude. They ignore the constitutional law that makes both slavery and debtor's prisons illegal in the United States whenever their evil spawn can destroy families and hurt men.

The several families she describes were all threatened with evil Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell even though they may not have been hauled into slavery yet. The "law" now has become widely known to be impossible for men and our families. It is widely known that a whoring wife is allowed to falsely accuse a husband of "abuse" and his normal citizen's rights will be taken away illegally by criminals in black robes and their blue suited Gestapo troopers. When fathers have been driven by her evil to kill their children before allowing them to be taken away it is her fault! The guilt lies squarely in the lap of the evil in black robes of Hell, the blue suit Gestapo troops, and the sick scum lieyers.

She pushes lies that Mr. Sielski stopped "fighting" the Agents of Satan 2 years ago. He had been beaten down and destroyed by her filthy spawn. Taking away a man's family is an emotional blow that many men never recover from. Agent of Satan, DWYER, lieyers like Ms. Hawk, and all her kind were responsible. A FATHER should never have to fight for years for HIS OWN CHILDREN. Lying misnadrist filth took his children away and destroyed his family! The whole process is feminist evil and designed to destroy our families and hurt our children.
Blaming the victims does not begin to address the evil that has been destroying families in Frederick County and all across America. I have no idea why she writes to me except to display her evil and blame the victims. Does she really think that blaming the victims will fly with real men? Sorry lieyer babe, that lie doesn't fly. You work to destroy families and to hurt children and men every day.

I've been the child used as the pawn in the evil bitch's game of extortion (indentured servitude -- slavery) and been the father who's children were taken. I've watched as my father was beaten down by your kind of evil, and suffered while my own family was destroyed and my children were so badly hurt. No, cunt, you lying filth are not on the side of justice. You are the evil that needs to be eradicated from our land before the next family is destroyed. The streets of Frederick County now run red with the blood of children, and you have their blood on your hands.

All of you evil family destroying femiNazi scum should be rounded up and impaled by the decent people of Frederick County. Somebody needs to protect our families and children.

(See Legal Notice on the left column of The World According to Bob)


Anonymous nottaliar said...


I am so sorry to hear how you were used as a child as a pawn. I am equally sorry to hear that you had to live through it again as a parent. I hope you have a relatonship with your children now and I hope you have peace now. I am a cog in the system but I do try to help people work their way through when they get stuck in it and do not know how to work their way though it. we do what we can and I am too old to try to change the world, idealism aside, I have the reality of supporting my family as a single parent. I have two girls, ouch, but I am raising them as people, good people not people that will have any concept of entitlement simply because they are female. It is ironic, I agree with some things you say and don't with other things you say, however, I like discourse and conflict is good for change and necessary for change. Good luck Bob. I hope you find peace. We do need both men and women, moms and dads and perhaps husbands and wives to believe in committment and loyalty. No one ever said it would be easy, life is a thorny thory rose garden, it takes weaving in and out of the thorns and we get stuck more often than not. Truly, I am sorry you have faced such pain and hurt with both your family of origin and your chosen created family. Bless you

December 08, 2007 1:57 PM  
Blogger Lary Holland said...

The Frederick County system is indeed broken and we have but ourselves to blame for sleeping at the wheel while special interests were alive and organizing. We need to restructure government and remove the special interests that allow the fear and hate to thrive. Children deserve both parents and we need to remove the adversarial family court from the equation. Thomas Jefferson was right when he referred to the Judiciary as the "miners and sappers" of our individual freedoms.

Lary Holland

December 09, 2007 8:47 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Hi Larry,
I lover your views on most everyhing. But I don't think WE are "to blame" for the evil oppression that lieyers, scumbags, and filthy politicans have done to America. Most of us have lives to live and can't be expectd to do our jobs and their too. We pay taxes and expect them, rightfully, to do the job they promised us they would do. When they do not, it is THEIR fault, their blame, not ours.

December 10, 2007 6:22 AM  
Blogger Lary Holland said...

We are to blame to the extent that we are not managing our employees. We are allowing special interests to manage our employees for us.

Representatives are to do our will , not the will of special interests, and when they do not abide by our will or sell out, then it is our absolute responsibility to step away from our day to day lives and protect our investments, our rights, our property, and most of all our family.

Just because I pay my employees does not mean that I am giving them a blank check or contract to allow them to do whatever they think is best. Sometimes we need to remind our employees what is best and step into their role after first ejecting them. We must become the leaders or risk losing our freedoms.

December 10, 2007 6:35 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Notaliar:
You can't change wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. You must stop doing wrong and do something else.

December 10, 2007 6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Bob, from anonymous friend (nolierealitystrikes)

ya know Bob, everything is not all or nothing, black or white, hot or cold. Sometimes things are in a gray area, sometimes warm and yes sometimes all, then some, or most or none at all. But yep, yep yep, i know is my response to yu.


December 12, 2007 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Kendra Hawk said...

In re reading Lary Holland's comments, I have to say that I agree 100%, we need to give our employees a reality check and if the father's rights groups become an efficient voting bloc, good, locally and on a national level. I especially like the long touted idea to abolish the adversary system in family court. I would get behind that again, 100%.

October 04, 2011 7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re reading the comments, again, I am struck by how very much I agree with Lary Holland. Whether father's rights groups can become an efficient voting block and or merge with other disenfranchised groups, especially those disenfranchised by the family court system or the attorneys they must retain in order to process through it especially if the other side has an attorney, is yet to be seen. The concept of firing our employees, Lary was four years before his time. Reforming the family system and taking it from adversarial to a round table is worth fighting for...

Kendra Hawk

October 04, 2011 8:06 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

One very effective way to "manage" lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell is .30-06 caliber. Most of them are so corrupt and stupid that they cannot understand anything less convincing.

October 04, 2011 8:27 AM  

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