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Friday, December 06, 2013

South Africa is a disaster under black socialist anarchy

All the anti-white racists are having an orgy of self gratification today over Nelson Mandela and how they used him to destroy South Africa. Two decades ago South Africa was the most successful, perhaps only successful African economy. Wealth and prosperity poured out. But to achieve prosperity the South Africans had to maintain political control of educated white European immigrants. Successful white people is always very offensive to the anti-white racists at CBS, NBC, PBS, the UN, American Universities, and all the other anti-white racist organizations.

The anti-white racists successfully destroyed South Africa and installed an uneducated black radical government. SA is now the worlds leader in murder rate, far exceeding any other nation. Its citizens have gone from living in lovely peaceful neighborhoods to living in armed compounds. Poverty and suffering have replaced wealth and abundance.

Today the anti-white racist media is all having an orgy of celebration for their destruction of South African whites and the destruction caused by installing Nelson Mandela's ignorant racist policies as the anarchist government. How many deaths of black and white Africans would it take for the racist hate media to care? You can't count that high. They don't care.

It makes me want to puke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son is really pissed off about South Africa. I read recently that when white folks went there long ago, no one lived there, because it wasn't worth anything. Once the white folks stopped fighting over it and build it into the economic powerhouse of Africa, the blacks came a'running to get in a place where there was actually food and housing and medicine.

Then, after while they demanded their land back, and so now the food and medicine and housing will be going away. Good job, idiots.

Anonymous age 71

December 24, 2013 3:56 PM  

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