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Friday, December 06, 2013

Its So Cold We Are Having A Hard Time Seeing How Warm The Earth Is Getting

Most of the US is locked in another blast of arctic cold this week, way below zero in the northern parts. The UK and much of Europe and Asia are experiencing similar cold. Even down under in Australia they may have a white Christmas in the mountains – in the middle of their summer.

The sun is supposed to be in the middle of its cyclic maximum. Solar cycles have been observed for hundreds of years. The maximum solar output is visible because of sunspots that can be counted and recorded. We are currently in the “maximum” of cycle 24, the 24th observed and recorded cycle. Only one problem, it didn't happen. The sun is very quiet. Only 4 sun spots out today, not 10 or more that we would expect. Solar activity hasn't been this low since the “Little Ice Age” also called the Medieval Cool Period. Its COLD! Its getting COLDER! And the sun shows no sign of warming us up.

Humans have always thrived during warm times. Looking back over history there was a major warm period after the great ice age melted. Human populations rapidly increased, agriculture became common, cities were built, and prosperity ruled across the earth. Then around 2,000 BCE there was a cold period. Civilizations collapsed. Human populations shrank. Millions suffered. Again there was a warm period that saw the rise of the Roman Empire, agriculture in the British Isles, prosperity in China, and human populations expanding across the globe. The end of that warm time produced the so-called “Little Ice Age” of medieval centuries. Civilizations collapsed again for hundreds of years. Famine, disease, and starvation depopulated much of Europe. Britons gave up wine production when vineyards froze out, and became the beer drinkers they still are today. Politicians and Priests blamed the suffering on Witches, on The Devil, on anything and everything but the lack of sunshine.

The latest warm cycle peaked in the late 20th century. Corrupt politicians used the cyclic warming to justify radical socialist agendas, forgetting that humans thrive during warm times and suffer during cold times. But despite all the Nobel Prizes for social political idiots the sun began sliding rapidly toward low output. Solar Cycle 24 has few sunspots. It has nothing at all to do with CO2 and the socialist programs to tax fuel or their intended destruction of western economies. Fakes, frauds, charlatans, and priests always blame “bad” humans for natural events. Useful idiots always believe them.

The bottom line to remember about so-called “global warming” is that humans thrive when its warm, but humans suffer and die when its cold. Warm is good. Cold is bad.

Taxes and other government programs to stop us from being warm is insane.


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