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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Useful Anti-American Idiots

HBO was showing Algore's propaganda film on so-called "global warming" so I watched the piece of propaganda trash. It was more offensive than I thought. It was bad enough to make an intelligent man want to puke. Algore, who's career is now funded by "global warming" hysteria, quotes Upton Sinclair, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it." At least he understands his own motives and why he looks away at the thousands of hard working scientists who have called his phony "truths" into question. Algore's salary depends on his failure to understand reality while promoting hysteria. Its big on his web site as well as in the film.

Algore begins with his old tired saw about how he should have been President of the US but for the Florida miscounted votes. Its an old lie from crooked Democratic political machines in Democratic controlled counties that didn't work that time. Poor Algore, he's so stuck in crying over his lost election that he can't let it go.

Algore makes a big deal about having a "consensus" of scientists agreeing with his position. Wrong! Science is not about voting or consensus. Science is about finding out the facts and understanding the truth of a physical world. Politics is about taking votes, finding the majority, reaching a consensus, but science isn't. Bob mentioned that problem a couple of weeks ago to a Sierra Club member, and observed that the "science" mentioned by Algore has become too political. "Science is not political enough!" replied the Sierra Club environmental wacko. It seems that the purpose of science to understand the facts of nature should be subverted into supporting whatever liberal political position environmental wackos like Algore and the Sierra Club can dream up.

When I heard about environmental "scientists" reaching a "consensus" I was reminded of the anti-nuclear protests of the 1970s and 1980s. At the San Onofre nuclear plant in California thousands of eco-feminist and environmental wackos held demonstrations, chained themselves to the fence, and got arrested while stopping non-CO2-emitting nuclear power. The protestors made a big deal out of "consensus" as a liberal progressive way to reach agreements and make decisions. Consensus is a decision method right out of the eco-feminist - communist dream book. Algore knows it well, he uses the communist dream book language as it it’s normal and effective way to make scientific decisions.

Algore makes the claim that current global temperatures are higher than any time in the past 13,000 years since the end of the great ice age. WRONG! There have been several natural periods of warming since the past ice age, some as much as 20 degrees warmer than current temperatures. Even the 500 year medieval warm period that ended in the 12th century was warmer. England was, for a time, a wine producing and consuming country. When the medieval warm period ended in the 12th century the English wine industry failed and the Englishmen went back to drinking beer. The English (and Americans) still drink more beer than wine because the warm period ended for reasons that science has not figured out yet. Science can't tell us why the medieval warm period happened, what caused it, nor why it ended. One possible theory is that periodic variations is the sun's nuclear furnace cause more or less heat to reach earth. Science really doesn't know what cases global warming or cooling, what caused frequent natural warm or cool periods. Solar radiation was never measured during previous warm or cool periods. Scientists just don't know how it varies over hundreds of years. Only Algore and his environmental whackos want us to believe that there is a "consensus" of scientists who know something they are making a political statement about.

Don't all scientists agree with Algore's view as he claims. Not on a bet. Consensus management is always achieved by running off or destroying any who disagree. When all the disagreeing people have been run off, the few who are left have consensus. That's how consensus works in real life. For example, last week Washington State Governess Gregoire fired the Assistant State Environmentalist for failure to support the global warming political agenda. A University of Washington Environmental Science Professor and Assistant State Environmental Officer kept saying that there are many factual and scientific problems with the global warming hypothesis. Well, that's not consensus, so the Governess fired him. Now her State Environmental Science department has consensus. That is how consensus actually works. Fire or drive off any who speak against the PC position. At least the UW professor had the balls to speak out, even when part of his salary depended on his silence. Real science, it seems, is not political enough for the leftist environmental wackos and the State Governess.

Algore made a big pitch in his film that the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are the "mine canaries" of global warming. They are the indicators of disaster just as canaries were once carried into mines because they died from poison gas or lack of oxygen before the miners were killed from it. [Algore can't pronounce "arctic" any better than President Bush can pronounce "nuclear." If you're going to rant on and on Al, and before the whole world, at least learn how to pronounce the word. Thanks.] Algore went on and on about how the Arctic sea ice has melted and receded, how the polar bears are suffering from lack of ice and may become extinct. It looks great in his Hollywood special effects dramatization, but in real life the story is quite different. According to North Sea fishermen, the men who go to the north to risk their lives harvesting fish, men who are close to the reality of hard work, the ice THIS YEAR has become thicker and spread farther south than any time in their lifetimes. Many of their traditional fishing areas are covered with expanding Arctic ice sheets. Fishing ports in Iceland are blocked with sea ice for the first time in living memory. Polar bears following the ice have not vanished as Algore predicted. Instead, polar bears THIS YEAR are expanding their range south into Iceland and threatening populations who haven't seen a polar bear in more than half a century.

Then Algore turns to the Antarctic. He shows what appear to be satellite photos of Antarctic sea ice breaking off from the land and then melting. Its not unlikely because sea ice breaks off and drift from time to time. Algore alleges that the melting sea ice shows an overall increase in Antarctic temperatures. He ignores Antarctic land ice which is at record depths. Maybe he doesn't mention the land ice in the Antarctic because the inconvenient facts don't fit his phony conclusions. Algore mentions quickly that melting sea ice doesn't raise water levels in the oceans any more than melting ice cubes in your drink raise the level of the drink. Floating ice already displaces its weight in the supporting water. After quickly passing by this inconvenient fact, Algore ignores his own knowledge and continues on to show many horror show Hollywood graphics of flooding in many low lying areas around the globe such as India, the Netherlands and even New York City. Hello Algore? You just told us that melting sea ice won't raise sea levels, and the land ice is getting thicker. Hello Algore? Anyone home upstairs?

The United Nations Council on Global Warming also demonstrates Upton Sinclair's quote, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it." The members of the UN Council on Global Warming were hired to find global warming, their salaries depend on it, so they find it. The same council has published a statement that eating meat contributes as much C02 to the atmosphere as driving inefficient vehicles. While watching Algore go on and on that we, his audience have to change our living style to cut emissions I kept wondering when he will start walking his talk. Raising and eating meat is worse for global warming than high emission vehicles but Algore brags about his family cattle raising business. He admonishes us to ride bicycles or take public transportation while he flies around the world in a private jet, with each flight using more carbon fuel than our car does in a whole year. Algore tells us to turn our thermostats down and live in a cold house, but his own home uses $30,000 in heat and electricity every year, more than 20 times the average for an American family. Does Algore really believe any of his crap? Or, is it just political crap he's using to line up the useful idiots? If he believed it would he walk his talk?

The insincerity, lies, and disingenuous pleas of Algore are really offensive, but what vexed me the most about Algore's message was the flagrant anti-American flavor that kept being repeated throughout the message. How could anyone who is so blatantly anti-American have ever been considered for election as President of the US, I wondered. It is obvious why the Kyoto Agreement on Global Warming is so anti-American. Algore negotiated it while Vice President under Clinton. Algore is anti-American and blames America for all the world's problems. The proposed Kyoto Agreement would require a severe limit on the American economy while providing NO, NONE, NADA limits on our international competitors such as China. Algore wants the US to severely cut off our economy by its roots while the Chinese open a new carbon fuel based power plant every week with his blessing. The Kyoto Agreement treaty was rejected by the US Senate 99 to 0 during the Clinton Administration because its so blatantly bad for the US economy, but Algore and his cadre of useful idiots don't bother even to read it. They all hate America, as was so plainly demonstrated in "Inconvenient Truth."

While Algore and his useful idiots are spewing anti-American hate in their film and in public speeches should we look at how CO2 emissions are being changed world wide? Despite not signing the Kyoto Agreement the US has reduced CO2 emissions in every year since it was proposed. Canada has increased theirs. China has greatly increased theirs and continues to increase rapidly. China meets its Kyoto Agreement goals despite hugely increasing emissions because there are no limits on Chinese emissions in the Kyoto Agreement. European nations uniformly fail to achieve their minimal goals. Only the US has extreme reductions required by the Kyoto Agreement. American hating Algore negotiated them. America would be a damn fool to agree to any such extreme and unilateral economic destruction.

Algore strongly criticizes America for having high CO2 emissions per person and as a nation. I can't help but remember that it is the very same environmental wackos who stopped non-CO2-emission nuclear energy in the US who are now whining so loud about the carbon based replacement energy they forced on the public. Their "consensus" demonstrations at San Onofre and other nuclear plants stopped construction of clean energy in America for several decades. Other technical nations, France, Japan, and Germany for examples, produce less CO2 because they didn’t' listen to the environmental whackos who tried to stop clean energy. The trouble with eco-feminists and environmental whackos is that they hate their country, they hate their neighbors, and they don't want anyone to have a good life.

Algore and his lying, hypocritical, anti-American kind should never be listened to nor considered for public office. Any politician who joins the "me too" group by firing the Environmental Officer to form a "consensus" on so-called "global warming" is the enemy of the people. They fly their private jets, drive their limos, and tell the lower class useful idiots to ride bicycles.

I found this article on Global Cooling. We may starve as cooler global temperatures cut food production. Why, oh why, are we so skeptical?


Anonymous C said...

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it. Yes it does Al!

Hah, ha ha ha ha!

The same can be said of you Al when quoting Upton Sinclair.

Don't piss into the wind, or else it just ends up all over you.

That's the process of dissimulation at work right there.

An inability to see in oneself what one claims to oppose/ or disagree with.

From C.

March 17, 2007 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I love this article Bob. My sentiments exactly.

Liberal propaganda about global warming from USA is so strong that it's even spilling over to my country, Turkey. I just watched on prime-time news how the world would end if CO2 emissions are not reduced. Every moron on the street is talking about it. There was even a fashion show on TV, where the models were making a statement, holding signs saying "Sign Kyoto."

I feel for the real scientists who must be going crazy with all this poli-scientific shit.

March 18, 2007 4:54 AM  
Anonymous don_m said...

Regarding presidential elections, if one dug further it does not really matter who one votes for.

The choice is between Council on Foreign Relations Team A versus Council on Foreign Relations Team B.

I'm sure in time even Bush well sell America's ass downriver.

April 13, 2007 2:16 PM  

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