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Thursday, January 08, 2009

A REAL football Championship!

The so-called “championship” BCS Bowl game is being played as I write. Whichever team wins will claim to be the “National Champions.” But most people question that title and the process by which is is done. Almost every year there has not been two teams who have equal compelling claims as National Champion of college football. This year is no exception.

The two teams in the BCS Championship Game are University of Florida and University of Oklahoma.

Florida won 12 games but lost to good but not champion caliber team from Mississippi.

Oklahoma won 12 games and beat Texas Tech, but lost to a really excellent team from Texas. Texas beat Oklahoma but lost to Texas Tech. Texas Tech beat Texas but lost to Oklahoma. With those 3 way round robin victories and losses to each other, who is to say which team is the best?

In addition to these two teams there are several others that should be considered for the National Championship

University of Utah won all 13 of its games, including beating 4th ranked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. As the only undefeated major college football team why shouldn't Utah be declared the Champion?

University of Texas beat Oklahoma, but lost to 8th ranked Texas Tech. With identical 12-1 records, and a victory over Oklahoma, why shouldn't Texas rather than Oklahoma be considered for the National Championship.

University of Southern California won 12 games but lost to Oregon State. USC has been playing very powerful football all year. Since they have no more losses than either Florida or Oklahoma, why shouldn't USC be in the Championship game?

What we need is some kind of playoff system to establish the Championship of college football. Even Barack Obama opined that if he had a chance he would establish a playoff system for college football.

It would not be hard to do. There are many fewer teams in big time college football than basketball, for example. By the end of the regular season it becomes pretty obvious to almost everyone that there are 4 or 5 or 8 teams that have none or one loss in the regular season and are playing excellent football this year. The best teams are usually ranked by various opinion systems from 1 through 25. While there is little difference and a lot of argument between team 1 and team 5, for example, there is a quite a bit of difference between the top 5 and the 20th ranked team. So we can effectively cross off all those teams that have lost 3 or 4 games. They haven't played championship level during the season, and are a step lower in overall ability this year.

So we take the top 8 teams. They can be ranked in the current BCS standings, or some other polling system. This year the top 8 teams in the BCS and other ranking systems before the bowl season were:

1. 1. Florida 12-1 (lost to Mississippi)
2. 2. Oklahoma 12-1 lost to Texas)
3. 3. Texas 12-1 (lost to Texas Tech)
4. 4. Alabama 12-1 (lost to Florida)
5. 5. USC 11-1 (lost to Oregon State)
8. 6. Penn State 11-1 (lost to Iowa)
6. 7. Utah 12-0
7. 8. Texas Tech 11-1 (lost to Oklahoma)

All of these are good teams, and their fans may argue with some justification, that they are the best or #1 in football.

To have an 8 team playoff it takes 7 total games on 3 consecutive game days. BCS already holds 5 games, of which 4 are of little importance other than pride.

The first 4 games should be held during the week before Christmas. They should feature the top 8 contenders for National Champion. There are already some bowl games that week. The Poinsettia , New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Sugar bowls could be played that week. If these particular bowl sponsors didn't want to be part of the championship eliminations some other sponsors could easily be found. The 4 winning teams go on to 2 bowl games to be held on New Years Day. Perhaps the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl would be willing to host these two elimination games. The BCS/National Championship game would still be played on January 8th, one week after New Years Day, the same day it is played now.

It makes sense. The fans would have a REAL championship game. The teams that work so hard would have decided a REAL champion on the field of play, not in some incomprehensible BCS computer system. The winning team would not miss any more college classes than the two BCS “championship” teams do now. In fact, it makes so much sense one has to wonder who is making money by preventing it from happening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, and lets have a round of applause for the blue angels who made all the bowl games possible by providing protection and security to the fans the players and the greatful coaches.Football coaches are real men who appreciate protection from police who are real men and women.

January 09, 2009 8:01 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

The blue gun thugs exercise state control and make free men into slaves. Its offensive to free men when we see the lying scum on a field of honor.

January 09, 2009 8:14 AM  
Blogger MarkyMark said...


With so many bowl games now, we could use some of them as preliminary rounds, and have the national championship contested in the Rose Bowl. We could use the other, traditional bowl games (Cotton, Orange, Sugar, and Gator Bowls) for the playoff rounds, then contest the national championship in the Rose bowl. That would only be fitting, since the Rose is 'grand daddy of them all'...


January 10, 2009 7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and no matter how the system is revamped, one thing is certain The brave blue angels will be there to protect and serve as they always do.

January 10, 2009 10:37 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous:
The cowardly blue gun thugs certainly protected and served Mr. Oscar Grant in Oakland on New Years.

In typical blue gun thug assassination style a whole gang of criminals in blue gang colors knocked him to the ground and then shot him in the back while he lay there. Read Story

No matter how the people complain and protest, no man will be safe as long as violent gangs of armed thugs roam our streets. The blue gun thug gang can not be made safe for the people, they must be eliminated to restore peace, safety, and freedom in America.

January 10, 2009 11:57 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to readers:
Here is a raw video of how the blue gun thugs "protect and serve" the public. KTVU film
No man gets out alive when the blue gun thugs are bent on murder.

This film shows a gang style murder in progress. Viewer caution is advised.

January 10, 2009 12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet he voted for Obama however.

January 10, 2009 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets hear it for the Blue Angels who kept everything safe ,sound and orderly so law abiding citizens could enjoy the Arizona-Carolina game and the Baltimor-Tennessee game.

January 11, 2009 7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like pie!

January 11, 2009 9:05 PM  
Anonymous Feminist Scum said...

Notice how libtards love the police? They are total statists who want to control everyone with fear, or even murder.

They make up all of these laws, and then if any one dares breaks them, even no matter how fucking stupid they are, they think police thuggery is justified.

January 12, 2009 6:39 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to the anonymous gun thug:
Free people are more safe without the blue gun thugs killing, beating, and robbing us. We are most safe when we are free men without the constant threat from violent bullies in blue gang suits.

At the Arizona-Carolina game and the Baltimore-Tennessee game the people survived because the blue gun thugs avoid assassinations when they believe they are on camera. They choose to do their murder of men late at night when they think they can kill without being seen. The people are safe at football games in spite of the blue menace, not because of it.

January 12, 2009 6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Blue Angel says," I'm rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to YOU.

January 12, 2009 8:41 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to the blue gun thug:
Your continuing nonsense about “blue angels,” "angels of death" or "Satan's angels" is off topic and will be deleted henceforth.

You and your blue "angels of death" filth have “protect” far too many good men to death. A few good men mentioned recently on The World According to Bob include these:
Mr. Oscar Grant
Mr. Miles Allen Murphy
Mr. Manuel Benitez
Mr. Jose Olguin
Mr. Ronnie White

May they rest in peace, at last free from the evil blue "angels of death" who murdered them and called it “to protect and serve.”

And lest we forget, the sports announcers for the NY Giants game opined that the Giants chances of victory had been severely compromised by the NYPD when they violated the civil rights of Plaxico Burress and prevented his participation in the championship game.

Football fans and every other real man will be far better off when Satan's angels, the evil scum bullies in blue, are sent home to their Satanic master.

January 12, 2009 9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, I understand your points, but not all cops are bad. Tom Coughlin, the Super Bowl champion coach of the Giants has an off duty Florham Park NJ police officer as a body guard at all games. He routinely stands about 5 to 10 feet from him. Certainly you consider Tom Coughlin to be a real man don't you?

January 12, 2009 10:11 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous:
The key words in your story are "off duty." While "on duty" the NYC blue gun thugs assaulted and violated NY Giants star player Plaxico Burress. NYPD crimes against the people are a primary reason why Coach Tom Coughing and the Giants won't be repeating as SB Champions.

January 12, 2009 10:32 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to the anonymous gun thug:
Now that you brought it up, lets look a little deeper into the “protection” of Coach Coughlin. The blue gun thugs always lie when they promise in speeches to taxpayers that they “protect and serve” the public. Yet, Coach Coughlin is forced to bribe senior blue gun thugs with money and sideline game tickets to get their “protection.” When a man refuses to pay their extortion bribes and tries to protect himself, like Plaxico Burress did, he is assaulted and sent to hell by the blue gun thugs. The “protection” racket is one of the oldest forms of organized crime, and it’s the crime that blue gun thugs do more than anyone else. Like all “protection” rackets, the people we need protection from the most is protection from the blue gun thugs. Paying their extortion for “protection” as Coach Coughlin is doing will (probably) prevent him from being assassinated on his way home like they did to Mr. Oscar Grant. Paying the blue gun thug extortion is a routine part of doing business in the corrupt city of New York. That’s how the crime bosses run the city.

January 12, 2009 12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess you are saying that a noble man like Coach Coughlin is a coward.

January 12, 2009 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest protection rackets going are in the construction business. It is all orgabized crime.

January 12, 2009 9:33 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous: (9:16 PM)

Obviously you are a blue gun thug who has been hired for his lack of intelligence. I doubt that remedial reading classes would do you any good. You don't have the IQ to understand what you read anyway. Maybe you should go back to reading simple gun thug slogans.

January 13, 2009 7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, watch this:

Notice how they take the children away from Hans Reiser (the father) and give them to the adulerous missing wife's GIIRRRRLLLLLFRIEND.

What can we do for Hans? Could you publish his story?

January 13, 2009 6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice how the police tells nina reiser:
"you need to get yourself a gun, you need to protect your self from this guy (the guy she had divorced: the computer genious and creator of one of the linux file systems). It's GREAT for WOMEN to have guns but MEN go to JAIL for having them.



January 13, 2009 7:17 PM  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

USC are the Rose Bowl champions and have been for years. They do these things regionally so everyone feels good about it. Yeah,no joke USE rules.

January 14, 2009 4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw big-time college football and the NFL until talented white running backs, wide receivers and defensive players are given equal opportunity to compete. I'm tired of the bitching about the lack of black quarterbacks and head coaches in football when white kids who set rushing records in their states and can run a 4.3-4.5 40 are ignored by a racist system.

Read about it at

January 19, 2009 9:59 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous (9:59 PM)
Bob knows exactly what you mean. For example, the University of Washington lost every game this year as the climax of the career of an incompetent coach who was hired and retained for being black. Black anti-white racism has taken over America from the white house to the football stadium.

You are no longer even allowed to say, "My niggers can beat your niggers."

January 20, 2009 6:56 AM  

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