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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year everyone.

Its going to be a better year than last year.

There are many football games today. This year there are 35 "bowl" games being played, far too many. They dredge up teams you've never heard of and put them into some "bowl" you've never heard of. At least on New Years Day the bowls are the bigger ones and we've heard of the teams playing.

There are severe winter storms across the northern hemisphere caused by a cold cycle of the sun and earth. The leftist eco-freaks are sill whining about the political fraud of "global warming" despite a decade of declining global temperatures. Many people in the US are freezing in homes without electricity. Bob wrote about criminal incompetence in the electric industry previously. See Failure after Failure.

This remains a good time to be buying stocks and real estate. The old wisdom says "buy low and sell high." Today the prices have nosedived. The prices are low. Its a good time to buy low. Next year or the year after prices will be high. Sorry for all of you who bought last year when prices were high and now are selling low. That's not how to get rich with investments.

We are promised a whole list of socialist laws from the Obama era beginning in January. There is a risk of complete economic collapse in the US, rumors of civil war and breakup. Probably won't happen. The average American has no gumption.

In the middle east there are Islamic extremists who are attacking Israel again, and getting pasted again. That's been going on all my life. Moses or Joshua would have just killed them all, taken their cows, and been done with it. Today's Jews don't have the gumption of their ancestors. The war will go on for generation after generation.

European nations are rapidly destroying themselves by unlimited immigration of Islamic and other foreigners combined with an extinction birth rate of their own people. Their governments are too stupid and too apathetic to do anything to save themselves. After half a millennium the Islamics are building new mosques in Spain.

Oil prices have returned to some reasonable level along with prices of many commodities after the collapse of a greatly over inflated speculative world economy. Call it a necessary correction of ridiculous speculative pricing.

The US is getting rid of an incompetent idiot President and replacing him with a foreign born Indonesian citizen. Our constitution is put to ground completely, and our supreme court concurs.

There is some good news, and reason for hope. Many American men are becoming more and more aware of the disaster of our feminist dominated government. When some courageous man plugs an Agent of Satan in black robes of hell, a blue gun thug, or a lying cheating ex-wife, thousands of good men stand up and cheer. Millions of American men have been buying guns and ammunition in huge quantities, preparing for the expected resistance, or perhaps a local uprising.

Major left wing media outlets are going bankrupt because nobody wants their constant leftist crap. The market has a way of cleaning up idiot businesses even if their management is to stupid to get a clue. The Chicago Tribune and LA Times filed Chapter 11. The NY Times had to hock its building and sell its share of the Boston Red Sox to stay afloat. Leftist propaganda that works every day trying to destroy American business ends up destroying the business of publishing. How appropriate.

Many bloated local government are having to cut back on their budgets and the people are refusing to be taxed any more. A few blue gun thugs are being let go. They are talking about closing prisons instead of building new prisons.

American voters have been holding the line on the destruction of marriage in many places despite the best efforts of leftist governments and the combined assault of faggots and feminists. Even in California the people have been telling their faggot/feminist/socialist government to pound sand. And the faggot City of San Francisco is going bankrupt --- ROFLMAO!!

The new socialist federal government may wake up even more Americans. Men are buying guns and ammunition in unprecedented quantities despite government abrogation of the constitutional law protecting gun ownership. Let them have it, America.

Happy New year to all. May you each have courage to stand your ground and take back some small corner of America or whatever country you live in. Kick a faggot. Kill a blue gun thug or an agent of Satan. Waste a lieyer. Dump a body down a mine shaft or feed it to the pigs. Run naked through their streets. Do some other act of civil disobediance. Or, at last write to your local leftest rag telling them that you demand freedom from the government.

Happy New Year. Its going to be a good year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Happy New Year Everyone" Even the cunts, blue gun thugs and pigs who read your blog. I knew you would see the light some day Bobby, Happy New Year to you to.

January 02, 2009 8:30 AM  

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