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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

“It’s Not Even Winter Yet” -- NUTTERS!

An artic storm is paralyzing much of the United States. From Seattle to Boston, snow and ice have millions of Americans fighting the cold and trying to keep life together. It snowed for two consecutive days in New Orleans and its been flooding in southern California. This morning the talking head idiot “weather” guy on NBC says “It’s not even winter yet.” Do you have to have a total frontal lobotomy to go on TV? Even in New York the weather has been cold, snow, and winter. But the mindless idiots mouth the same old nonsense and pretend that their blather is truth.

Winter solstice has been celebrated as “Midwinter’s Night” for thousands of years. Midwinter was being celebrated at Stonehenge when it was still made of wood.

Winter solstice is the night when the sun is the farthest south, and the morning when the days begin to get longer. Winter solstice or Midwinter’s Night is the “reason for the season” that has been celebrated for thousand and thousands of years, long, long before any of the modern religions.

For Politically Correct reasons the powers that be decided to arbitrarily and erroneously declare that the new “winter” begins on Midwinter’s Night and lasts until the middle of spring, Spring Equinox. Their arbitrary fiction makes as much sense as the legislation that Pi to be exactly 3. It sounds good in the marble halls of the mentally challenged, but has no validity in the real world.

We live in a world where those who pontificate about the weather continually demonstrate that they have no clue what they are talking about. When they make plainly impossible statements like “Its not even winter yet” they demonstrate their own pathetic incompetence to be doing their job. Are we supposed to believe them that their so-called “Global Warming” has any truth when they are unable to look out their window and see ice storms and freezing blizzards across the whole Northern Hemisphere? They may be as demonstrably dumb as a post, but we aren’t. What a bunch of mindless idiots.

We light our candles and other small lights against the darkness as a portend of the return of the light time of year. We decorate our homes and trees. We get together with our friends and give gifts as our ancestors have done at Midwinter’s Night for many thousand s of years.

Bob wishes everyone a blessed Midwinter’s Night, a Merry Yule, and a warm family in whatever way you celebrate the season.

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Merry Christmas :)

December 25, 2008 10:34 AM  

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