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Friday, January 02, 2009

Raising Taxes in the Obamanation

The US Government is alrady making plans to raise taxes on gasoline and other motor fuel as the Obamanation gears up to take over and create a massive new socialist staat in America.

When gas prices hit a record high the people responded by finding ways to buy less gas. Bob cancelled his ummer travels and switched to a more fuel efficient vehicle for travel at home. Many Amercians take the bus to work. And combine trips. Overall, in the US and other countries we have cut our collective oil consumption significantly. The drop in demand for oil has resulted in a rollback of inflated oil prices worldwide. The price at our gas pumps is back to less than $2 per gallon. A sane man would say that is good.

But the government is not sane. They demand lower “carbon” consumption on one hand to fight their fictional “global warming.” On their other hand they have gotten used to high tax income from their excessive per-gallon taxes. They have legions of bureaucrats collecting the tax and feeding their bloatd bureaucracy. When we cut back on our consumption it cuts their tax revenue. While sane men are feeling good about lower gas prices from market supply and demand pricing, the government scumbags are whining about their lower tax revenues. The people saving money is the opposite of their goal. They want to break every man in America. That is the coming “change” of the Obamanation.

Congress never wants to be known as advocating higher taxes. In this case the Congress created a Commisson on highway taxes to do the recommendations for new and hither taxes. The Commission is the frontal assault that deflects crtiicism of Congressional Democrats who are demanding higher taxers. No Democrat ever met a tax increass she didn't love.

When you go to the pump to get gas for your car you are already paying 18.4 cents in taxes out of the $1.59 price. If you buy diesel you are paying 24.5 cents per gallon. One of the Commissions is recommeding that taxes be raised by over 30%, adding an additional 10 cents per gallon to gas and 15 or more cents to diesel. In addion to the federal gas taxes the states all add about 20 cents of their own taxes. So out of a pump price of $1.59 you are paying about $1 for the gas and about 59 cents for a fat ass bureaucracy.

But the proposed 10 cents per gallon increases are only the beginning. The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission has recommended an increase of 40 cents per gallon. That would raise your $1.59 gas to $1.99, and with expected state tax increses to $2.29. They will only be happy when the tax man gets the MAJORITY of the price you pay at the pump.

Congressional assholes are looking for excuses to raise taxes that will sound pallatable to the publc. Some are wanting to call their tax increases “carbon tax” believing that the public will swallow a tax that proports to combat their fictional “global waming” scam. Other Congressional liars want to promise to use a part of their new taxes to do road repairs, thus promising to pay back in conveninece the money they scammed from the public. Only a damn fool would believe that more than a fraction of money given to Washington ever comes back.

The Congress and their Commissions are pumping out fictious “news” stories about how necissary the tax increases are, and their lackeys in the media are dutifully reciting their socialist propaganda. Yahoo news story, is typical of the socialist propaganda being distributed. Notice how Yahoo and other leftist “news” outlets do not include any critiicsm of the tax increases or of the scumbag politicians in their published reports.

What was it the lying corrupt Chicago politican promised us before the last election? Oh yes, “If you make less than $150,000 per year your taxes will not be raised.” Millions of gullible fools believe that old tired lie again and again. He hasn't even officially taken office yet and already his allies in Congress are preparing for massive new tax increases on everyone who has to drive to work. How can the voters be so stupd?

There is a political theory that any government eventually gets so bloated and wasteful that it destroys the economy that feeds it. Such destruction is said to generally take about 200 years. The bloated government can no longer function and eventually collapses as people revolt against its failed economy and failed governemtn. A new government is formed and the cycle starts over. The US Government has existed for over 200 years and shows many signs of becoming so bloated that it can no longer function or be supported by the people. This latest round of socialist crap and oppressive tax increases continues its pell mell ride toward its own destruction.

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