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Saturday, February 25, 2006

School Bonds?

Our local school district is asking us voters to approve another tax levy. The state taxes are spent on teacher salaries and benefits, and on minimal maintenance, so all of their facility costs and a bunch of their operation budgets comes from "special" levies that, they say, have to be continually approved. But I've been wondering why I should vote to fund a government program that not only fails in it's goals, but pursues goals that are destroying the youth of America.

Although there are some good and some well meaning teachers, by and large the K-12 schools are worse than simply a failure. The three classes of Americans confined by law into state institutions are convicted criminals, the dangerously insane, and young people. From Kindergarten to 8th grade the schools are effectively a baby-sitting service for mothers who don't want to be bothered by taking care of their own kids, so they get the taxpayers to hire expensive sitters. The educational progress of a typical 3rd grader is dependent not on the intensity of his lessons, but on the age-dependent development of his mind and body. Given suitable instruction a 9 year old boy can learn 3rd grade schoolwork, regardless of whether or not he attended grades 1 and 2. Most 11 year olds could easily learn everything they need to graduate from 6th grade into 7th grade in two years. They can do so because their minds are mature enough to learn the material. Yes, some basic reading, writing, and numbers should be taught at around age 6 or 7, but it need not take 4 years to teach it. All but the most dimwitted students would learn just as much by grade 8 if they attended only every other year, and then only for 6 months a year. The rest of the K-8 "education" program is paid child care.

High school, grades 9 to 12, is also mostly a total waste of time, and frequently fails to teach even the modest information it claims to teach. Bob spoke today with a college Professor who volunteers once a week teaching remedial education to adults. She spoke today of one woman in her mid 20s, a high school graduate who had gotten high grades in high school, and who had only this week learned to read the fractional inches on a yard stick. Few high school graduates today have basic knowledge of grammar, not even those who are now graduating from colleges to become high school teachers. Many colleges are having to introduce grammar instruction into their English composition and education programs because nobody taught them even language fundamentals in K-12.

Bob is appalled at the lack of vocational training now available in high schools. Until the 20th century, most young men spent their teenage years learning the trade that they would use to earn their living and support their families. Today's teenagers are confined by law into a state institution that fails utterly in teaching a trade or craft to youth. Instead the school systems attempt to teach "college preparatory" classes to 100% of students, even knowing that 75% of them will not attend colleges. Obviously 75% of high school students are wasting their time, and that is a huge part of the purpose of our "education system." One big function that "education" serves is to keep young men and women off the job market so they won't be competing with older men and women. They are kept confined for years in perpetual false "youth," prevented from growing up and taking a place in the society. Until the 20th century, young men and women became adults in their middle teenage years. Young men were usually doing a man's work by age 16 or 17, sometimes as an apprentice learning the craft, but often on farms doing all the manly tasks. Young women used to marry and begin their families during their teenage years, but today they are kept as false "girls" until half their natural fertility years are fleeting by. Many young men and women rebel against the confinement, turn to drugs or crime, acts of violence, or simply dropping out. They are ill prepared for an adult life because the schools fail utterly to prepare youth for adulthood.

What the schools do teach is liberal leftist political views and feminist dogma. Young women are taught to hate men and eschew marriage and a family. They learn that they "deserve" to be corporate executives when their bodies are crying out to be pregnant. Almost half of today's children are born to unmarried women who are not allowed to marry and have a decent family, and taught that they aren't supposed to. Young women are no longer taught even the rudimentary skills needed to do the woman's role in families, home economics, cooking and sewing, and apparently not even how to read a yard stick.

Young men are taught that men (they) are evil, a big reason for the unthinkable suicide rates among today's youth. I heard this week that 10% of 10 year old boys are now given Ritalin, a modified form of cocaine. Schools have driven men teachers out of their ranks by suspicion and false accusations of "sexual abuse," and the lack of men teachers in schools is a failure for the girls as well as for the boys. School books now teach revisionist politically motivated views of history and culture. To read history in school one would think that a few inconsequential women and slaves had more to do with creating the United States than Washington and Jefferson, because they get more pages in the PC school books. Graduates not only haven't learned our history, they have been taught lies.

So now I'm asked to vote for taxes to support this abysmal failure of a school system. I know that a failed levy will not give them the message, nor cause them to rethink their failed program. They will only try to get by confining our youth into more run down buildings and providing even less teaching for the inmates. The idiots who run the schools are so far gone they wouldn't get the message if someone pounded it into their heads with a baseball bat. There are some communities where the voters are saying not only no, but hell no, and the school idiot administrators whine to the state legislatures and fail utterly to even consider any significant changes to the disaster they run. But I can't bring myself to vote for taxes to support a state program that is so harmful to so many young men and women. It won't ever change if we keep writing them a blank check.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support School Bands !! tooooot

February 27, 2006 5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abysmal failure? The American public school system?

Washington State has great schools that deserve your support. In particular, they are asking Bob to support SCHOOL BANDS!!! Now, those lively bands are often the start of a great music career for local youth. Don't be stingy. Support your SCHOOL BANDS.


March 01, 2006 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"failed levy"

Bob means failed levee.

Levy is a Jewish surname, as in Admiral Levy (19th c).

March 05, 2006 6:34 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Anonymous:
v. lev·ied, lev·y·ing, lev·ies
v. tr.
1. To impose or collect (a tax, for example).
2. To draft into military service.
3. To declare and wage (a war).

Perhaps our anonymous respondent should get her brain in gear before demonstrating her stupidity.

Spelling and typing errors are pardonable on the Internet, but comments criticizing someone else's spelling should at least be accurate.

March 06, 2006 10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sylvan Learning Centers because our Public Schools are Stalinist Style Indoctrination Centers and teach crap.
Our Schools are a National Scandal. Where Pedophiles of both Genders prey on minors. Its open season on boys by Women. I have lost count how many have been arrested over 70 and still growing in the last 18 months. According to surveys of Students 10% have been Harrassed by Teachers.

We are being asked to Fund these Feminized Schools that demonize and criminalize Males. We should just close our public schools give the Parents Vouchers and let them send them to Private Schools that have Standards, Discipline, and Accountability.

Check out the NEA's website Education is 19th on their list of priorities. Typical Dumb Ass comment by some FemBot.


May 03, 2006 7:04 AM  

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