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Monday, February 02, 2009


Former Democrat Senator Tom Daschle is the 2nd Obama Cabinet appointee to have, “tax problems.” Daschle ignored the law and didn't pay $120,000 of taxes due. The activist fascist media uses the euphemism “tax problems” for Obama's criminal appointees who were caught having cheated on their taxes. Read Seattle Times story

I am reminded of an earlier time when another man from Chicago was sent to Alcatraz for 11 years for failure to pay his taxes. Federal cops were “untouchable” then. You couldn't just buy off the IRS tax auditors. The press back then expected our government to uphold the tax laws. They may have looked the other way at illegal alcohol or some other vices, but everyone had to pay taxes. Back in the day, when you failed to pay your taxes you got convicted of tax evasion, and sent to prison. Al Capone died in Alcatraz for not paying his taxes.

Today things are different. A crook from Chicago now runs the country. Instead of 11 years in Alcatraz, a tax cheat gets 8 years in Washington.

That’s called “change.”


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