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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama and the Pirates

Update April 19, 2009, 10:00 P.M.
The American people are beginning to learn the details of how Obama's "don't shoot" policy delayed and exacerbeted rescue of the American sea captain. Several chances to rescue him were passed by as the US Navy was prevented from taking action against the pirates by orders from Pansey Obama. Read Details.

Update April 15, 2009, 10:00 P.M.
In today's developments, the Somalia Pirates are so shaken by Pansy Obama's pledge to sick Ms. Hitllary on them that they now claim to be specifically targeting American ships and intend to kill all the crew if they can board the American cargo vessels. Ms. Hitllary was home in DC threatening to "freeze assets" of known pirates. What a total joke. The Pansy and the Pussy are going to stop pirates. What a total joke. Yahoo Story Does anyone still support the clown Pansy and his pussy cabinet?

Meanwhile 550 miles off Kenya while the US Navy hems and haws, the French Navy is kicking ass. The French captured a pirate "mother ship" and 11 pirates.

In related news, Congressman Ron Paul, from Texas, read the US Constitution and noticed that CONGRESS is responsible to establish ways of dealing with pirates, and for issuing letters of Marque and Reprisal to authorize privateers to join the fight against pirates. Ron Paul advocates recruiting privateers who would be paid by keeping all the pirate ships and pirate loot they can capture from the pirates. Presumably they would kill or "deep 6" any pirates who needed disposal. Leftists are always terrified when a Congressman actually reads the Constitution and suggests following it.

Update April 14, 2009, 10:00 P.M.
The Somalia Pirates were so shaken by Obama's threat to sick Ms. Hitllary on them that they attacked and tried to hijack another American ship on Wednesday morning. The MV Liberty Sun was attacked with rockets and small arms fire. The ship was damaged and a small fire was started by the attack, but the pirates failed to capture the ship. The crew extinguished the fire. A US Navy vessel showed up several hours later. Obviously, the pirates are terrified of having Ms. Hitllary out "cooperating" against them. Yahoo News Story

Several recently pirate attacked ships have been working for the UN's World Food Project, WFP. The agency is now worried about a cargo ship hijacked Tuesday, the Lebanese-owned MV Sea Horse, which was heading to Mumbai, India, to pick up 7,327 tons of WFP food for Somalia. The Sea Horse was not a WFP-contracted ship when it was hijacked, but would have flown under WFP flag once the food was loaded.

Update April 14, 2009
The Somalia pirates correctly heard Pansy Obama saying that he would "work with other nations" to do nothing about the growing business of piracy. In response to Pathetic Obama's Sunday promise to stand down, the pirates captured 4 more vessels on Monday. The Monday booty includes 2 Egyptian fishing boats, a Lebanese-owned cargo ship, the MV Sea Horse, and the Greek-managed MV Irene. Yahoo news story.

When Pansy Obama says "work together with other nations to end piracy" that means he will send Ms. Hitllary after them instead of the US Navy, Marines, Army, or Air Force. Ms. Hitllary obviously has them shaking in their boots from fear. She makes the US into the laughing stock of international relations.

International piracy is a very profitable business as long as none of the nations who own the ships, and have economies that depend on goods transported by ships are willing to do anything about it. So far, they are hiding their heads in the sand and hoping danger will go away. It is another major step toward destroying the world economy as international trade begins to collapse. Nations do not allow merchant ships to be armed, and refuse to do anything to protect them from piracy in the vast spaces of open ocean. Americans do not believe in surrender. Even the Alabama was only saved because the American crew refused to give up the ship. Our national leaders are failures.

Update April 13, 2009
The US Navy finally took action to save the Captain after sitting idle for 5 days while he suffered. All it took was a decision to allow small arms snipers to do their thing. Meanwhile other pirate ships are sailing in and out of their home ports in Somalia without being harassed or stopped. There is no blockade of ports, no attack on their safe haven ports where their international crimes are welcomed and profitable, and no attempt to recover any of the dozen other ships that they are holding for ransom. Angry pirates in Somalia vowed retaliation, not the pathetic Obama administration. No guts. No action. The "changed" America.

On Monday, Pathetic Barack Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, promised "to work with other nations to halt the rise of piracy." Translation: Obama has neutered the US and will take no action while sailors from other US ships and from all nations continue to be at risk from pirates everywhere. Yahoo news story

Original Auricle April 11, 2009
President Obama returned early this week from a "Surrender" tour of Europe during which he promised to disarm the United States and clearly demonstrated that the US is now run by pussies and milquetoast nobodies. Pirates operating with impunity from Somalia celebrated Obama’s pathetic tour by capturing an American flag ship, the Alabama. Under the Bush Administration, pirates had picked on ships from Indonesia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and other pushover nations. Before Obama’s demonstration of the new milquetoast United States, they had avoided American Ships.

The US has a long history of fighting Pirates. President Thomas Jefferson sent the US Navy to Africa to fight pirates from Tripoli. Our navy hired a mercenary army and captured the port and fort city of Tripoli. Their government was forced to sign a treaty promising to control piracy operating from their ports and stop piracy against US shipping. The US has maintained a similar policy of force against pirates for the past 200 years, until Obama and the “CHANGE” liberal government took over. Obama is from Kenya and his allegiance is more with the pirates than with the US and American ship owners.

The American crew of the Alabama managed to recaptured their ship, but some of the pirates managed to escape in a lifeboat, taking the Captain with them. A US Navy ship finally arrived in the vicinity of the Alabama and the pirates, but has taken no action in 4 days. When the Captain escaped from the lifeboat and tried to swim to the USN frigate Bainbridge, the US Navy took no action to save him, and he was recaptured by the pirates.

For several years the pirates have been operating out of Somali ports of Eyl and Harardhere. When their attack crew failed to return they set out from those ports attempting to rescue them in several purloined (pirated) ships they had previously taken form other nations. The US Navy took no action against the pirate’s “mother” ship nor the other pirate ships other than to physically block their passage to the specific area where the American sea captain was still being held by pirates in a lifeboat from the Alabama.

For several years now an international naval force has been escorting merchant vessels and patrolling a portion of the Red Sea. Their patrol has been largely ineffective. Somali pirates simply moved their capture area into the Indian Ocean beyond the patrol area. That is where the Alabama and numerous other ships have been taken recently.

In a show of their disdain for Obama’s milquetoast “peace” methods, the pirates captured an American owned tugboat in on transit to the Suez Canal. That is the second American vessels captured since Obama’s disastrous European “Surrender Tour.” Read Yahoo Story

If Bob were running the US military, we would be taking a position similar to the historic direction set for us by President Thomas Jefferson. He and Bob understand that it is physically impossible and completely ineffective to fight pirates at sea. You can only fight the threat of pirates by attacking their home ports and making it unprofitable for their governments to allow piracy to operate from their port. The US Marines still sing of “…to the shores of Tripoli.” Only by taking the fight to their home port can pirates be put out of business.

If Bob were in command of the military, the ports of Eyl and Harardhere would experience continuing “carpet bombing” until they either sued for peace or were unable to continue harboring pirates. Carpet bombing would consist of thousands of tons of “dumb” bombs, along with lots of incendiary bombs, and cluster bombs. The little bomblets in the cluster bombs kill anyone who is stupid enough to be in the open. Dumb bombs are more effective than “smart” bombs because random attacks cause a lot more fear than precision targeted attacks. In a random attack there is no place safe to hide. Bombing would be repeated every time that any American ship is threatened by their pirates. It cannot be profitable for the port authority to harbor pirates.

After the port cities were leveled, several naval vessels would sail into the port and reclaim all captured ships while using their guns to blast anyone or anything that moved.

Once the captured ships were rescued, a blockade of Somali ports would commence. It should have been done a long time ago, as soon as the world knew that Somalia is harboring pirates. Any vessel of any size (even a row boat) that leaves any Somali port would be summarily sunk with loss of all crew. The blockade would continue until Somalia has reformed a government and negotiated international treaties promising to capture and punish all pirates who may try to operate from its ports.

Bob notes that the French are not as milquetoast as the Obamanation. While the US Navy has been dinking around failing to recapture a pirate operated lifeboat, the French Navy recaptured a French yacht and killed or captured the pirates who had taken her.

Meanwhile the US, the Obamanation, the failed and failing “changed” nation, no longer has the guts to defend our ships at sea. Shame, shame, shame on Obama and his pathetic pansy ass wimp government.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the point of having half the world's arsenal of weapons if you can only use them on civilians
such as those in Iraq.There appears to be no leadership.Well done the french,we don't need to have a national security meeting
before acting.

April 12, 2009 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Rash said...

The world is unable to deal with a few pirates from a failed state. What a joke! That multinational force is willing to harass peaceful merchants going about their business - boarding and searching their vessels at gunpoint - but seems unwilling to blast the pirates to smithereens. Instead of carpet bombing the pirate ports, why not just nuke them? That would do even more damage and would actually come a step closer to achieving Obama's nuclear disarmament wish.

April 12, 2009 9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Capt Phillips rescued:

April 12, 2009 3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What a joke! That multinational force is willing to harass peaceful merchants going about their business - boarding and searching their vessels at gunpoint - but seems unwilling to blast the pirates to smithereens."


April 12, 2009 9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the navy finally acted, and that 3 pirate sons of bitches had their heads ventilated, but in my opinion the rescue wasn't accompanied with enough violence.

I agree...carpet bomb Mogadishu.


April 13, 2009 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Our national leaders are failures."

No, they want the peons of the world to be powerless and the peons of the world are powerless. If you want to save yourself (and be armed) you get thrown in a cage forever.

This will never change
Men will always be caged for having weapons, for having young wives, for being happy.

You will do nothing about it.
I will do nothing about it.
No one will do anything about it.

April 14, 2009 9:14 AM  

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