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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Drug Resistant Death

A new horror is creeping quietly into our nation. This year it will kill more people than AIDS. It is a new horror created by Dr. Frankenstein in his quest to extract all the money from people before we die. It is called “drug resistant staph infection.” For years the medical busine$$ has known that they were breeding drug resistant germs in their hospitals. In California, restaurants are inspected for cleanliness every year, but hospitals are only inspected every 3 years. Germs are distributed around hospital rooms by various means including physical contact by patients, coughing and sneezing, and movement of materials. Small quantities of various antibiotics are also spread throughout the atmosphere in hospitals, and the germs are selected for survival by their resistance to minute quantities of antibiotics.

The medical industrial complex has been working on these resistant germs for years. Three decades ago a strong healthy man in the town where I lived went to his doctor’s office for a “routine” checkup. At the office he contacted a fast acting and drug resistant strain of germs. Over the next month he spent 2 weeks in ICU on the verge of death, and finally went home emaciated shadow of his former self, weighing just over half his former robust body. And then they send you the bill for all the “medical” treatment they use in hopes that you won’t die from the infection that they created and gave you. Despite common knowledge of preventative procedures many doctors and most nurses don’t even bother to wash their hands as they go from patient to patient.

My son’s roommate contacted drug resistant staph during a minor medical “procedure.’ He brought the infection home and it spread around the house, finding a break in my sons skin. My son had a hole as wide as a quarter and almost an inch deep in his arm before it was stopped by extremely aggressive and dangerous new drugs. His roommate had several body damaging infection sites before it was halted. And they were both lucky. Thousands of Americans are dying of hospital created staph infections every year. The medical business is killing an estimated 18,650 Americans every year, and a hundred thousand more are suffering severe and debilitating injuries. Read story

According to recent data over 80% of these infections are in people who either are currently in hospitals or recently were in hospitals and clinics. Most of the remainder are people like my son who caught the infection from someone who was recently in a hospital situation and has spread the infection around. The spreading of the antibiotic resistant staph is likely to become a huge epidemic in the next few years. The medical business will use it as an excuse to bill hundreds of thousands of infected people for the cost of treatments which are caused by the medical business. Creating a massive deadly infection and epidemic will create more windfall profits for the medical industrial complex. They “win” by killing people.

It has gotten so bad that wise men now refuse to go near hospitals or clinics where they distribute these infections. It is a severe risk to get near one. Only if your life is otherwise threatened should a wise man even consider getting close to one of their hospitals. They are killing more Americans than AIDS.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This brings up a problem I've always had with the medical industry. Why do we mix the sick with the injured? Someone with a gaping chest wound, really shouldn't be in the same building as a dozen TB patients. But on a more common level, most of us have sat for an hour (or 4) in the emergency room, waiting to get a bad cut stitched up. How many of the people waiting with you were coughing their lungs out, infected with who knows what? The fact that most of us can walk out of there still healthy is proof, not that the hospital protected us, but that we were never as fragile as they've led us to believe. But they're working on fixing that problem. Whether intentionally or otherwise, they're clearly developing newer, stronger, diseases every day.

But nobody should worry. When Mrs. Roddam-Satan gets her way, we'll all be forced, presumably at gunpoint if necessary, to expose ourselves to this germ warfare whenever she chooses. It'll make us a stronger people. Just like the Black Plague made Europeans stronger than they otherwise would have been. The first few generations are kind of screwed, though.

October 17, 2007 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been around a long time in the UK and nobody knows what really causes it,nurses are getting the blame at the moment
travelling to work in their uniforms,I think it may have something to do with something kids
get,they are allowed to visit so often and so long they get bored and little hands and feet get everywhere.

October 18, 2007 5:53 AM  
Blogger ChicagoMan said...

I have my Doctorate doing cancer research in the Hospital, let me tell you what is really going on.

An epidemic such as this was waiting to happen because EGO, not sick people is the biggest cause of spread of Staph infections in the hospital.

You see Doctors and nurses have massive egos. They wear their labcoats and stethoscopes everywhere. I see them in the coffee shop in full attire getting a coffee, sitting outside on a bench chit-chatting. They do this because it makes them feel important. I see nurses and OR staff going to the cafeteria wearing OR gear because it gives them an ego boost.

These same Doctors and Nurses then go into an immune-compromized patient's room and fiddle around with that person's catheter or dress their wounds, wearing the same clothes they just had outside.

You see some of the biggest germs are found outside. It is not uncommon for a child to fall from a tree, cut open their leg and get a staph infection from the soil. Clostridium is also normally found in the soil, it is the organism that makes BoTox, this is why mud masks actually work so well. E. coli is found all over the place, lawns have it from bird droppings and dog droppings.

Most of the foreign doctors and nurses I see DO NOT practice good handwashing procedures.

Three years ago my fiancees grandmother died because her catheter was infected. I saw the nurse walking in to adjust it with her bare hands, it was already too late at this point but I yelled at her for not washing her hands.

I routinely do surgeries on animals (for research) without an OR and they never get infections. However I sterlize and spray everything down, EVERYTHING. I don't wear my lab coat with my title on it anywhere else because I don't have a complex like most of the doctors and researchers. I wash my hands frequently and even carry a spray bottle of ethanol to the bathroom with me.

The medical system in the US has failed. To get into med school you only need to worry about getting a high GPA. So most pre-Med people now are sociology, english etc majors to get high GPAs, not science majors. They then go on to memorize things. Sure they can regurgitate information really well, but they have no problem solving skills or common sense, kind of like feminists.

Being a doctor, having a fancy title and wearing a white lab coat is all that is important to these people, not patients.

In the OR the doctors do the same thing. They go from person to person without properly sterlizing things. Jesus H Christ, a simple spray bottle of ethanol is all that is needed to mist the air and their hands.

Best advice I could give anyone is to carry sanitizer with you and don't touch doorknobs in public places with your bare hands.

October 18, 2007 9:46 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

You are so right, Chicagoman. The medical industrial complex now kills almost as many people as they save, people like your fiancee's grandmother. The death toll is huge, and it goes unreported.

In Africa health workers don't replace needles between patients. A few years ago they killed a whole hospital full of patints with ebola, and most of the meical staff, distributed by needles used for blood tests. In Africa the World Health Organization went around "testing" for AIDS, using the same needles over and over. By the time they were done, Africa had a massive AIDS epidemic, spread by the WHO and their dirty reused needles.

A man who fears for his life won't go near one of the medical institutions unless he has no other choice and has to weigh the possiblity of death by doctor against a broken leg or something worse.

October 18, 2007 10:05 AM  

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