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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Non-Event of the Decade

Update September 2, 2008

Hurricane Gustov came and went. TV crews in New Orleans were able to find some torn awnings to film. None of the levies broke although the water came near to the top of levies and waves splashed over. A semi-panic happened when someone discovered a railroad gate in the levy, a gate that leaks by design. The center of the storm came ashore more west of New Orleans, blowing through some smaller towns. A few trailer trash blew over. And, of course, the pathetic electrical system came apart. Seen Bob’s previous articles on the failure by design electrical system.

Overall the talking heads shouting doom and gloom had very little for their fear mongering. By Monday afternoon they were still whining about possible levy failure while the scene behind the “on the scene” reporter clearly showed that the storm surge had passed and the water’s edge was now 50 yards away from the concrete wall that had waves washing over it earlier in the day.

The storm and the danger was passed by Monday afternoon. Mayor Nagy and his blue gun thugs were parading in front of TV cameras trying to stretch it out as long as possible. On Tuesday they put up roadblocks to prevent the citizens from returning to their homes. Even the TV reporters who usually are lock step with the Gestapo are wondering about so many angry citizens. Mayor Nagy promised to provide busses for evacuees to return home on, but they are all stuck in shelters until Thursday. People who drove their own cars are stuck in hotels in other states while Mayor Nagy and his blue gun thugs loot the best parts of the city. Another huge reason that “Chocolate Town” Mayor Nagy is delaying the return is to stretch out the story to conflict with the Republican Convention. What does it matter to a Democrat Mayor if they abrogate all the civil rights of 2 million citizens if it will help to divert media from Republicans.

The TV doom and gloom idiots are already whining about Hurricane Ike, a new storm that may be in the Gulf in another week or two. One or two TV heads are smart enough to figure out that Mayor Nagy’s roadblocks preventing citizens from returning home will impact their decision to leave town the next time the Mayor and his thugs demand an evacuation.

Hurricane Gustov turned out to be a monstrous non-event. Millions of people were badly mistreated by the Mayor and other government agencies. They are talking about doing it all over again in another couple of weeks. I have to wonder, what good is it to live in a city that is only habitable in good weather? Not acceptable in my thinking. The Mayor and his predicessors’ graft robbed all the levy maintenance money for 3 decades, and now they run off all the people whenever the weather turns threatening. Idiots like Nagy should be run out of town on a rail. The citizens of NO need to get a real Mayor who can make real changes.

Bob was born in Seattle. The whole south end of Seattle, the industrial area, was once a tide flat that was underwater at low tide. Almost a century ago the people of Seattle raised many square miles of tide flat with 15 feet or so of fill dirt. The once tidal area now is the site of Boeing’s Plant 2 where 737s are built. It’s the site of Kenworth Motor Trucks. It’s the industrial heart of Seattle, with shipyards, manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, and all manner of facilities. What once was Denny Hill to the north of Downtown is now another flat area full of businesses and residential buildings. But New Orleans just sits there, whines whenever the wind blows, and wants everyone else to rescue them.

Can anyone say “fill dirt.”

The Corps of Engineers dredges the Mississippi river continuously to keep shipping channels open. They continually have barges full of dirt to dispose of. There is no excuse for New Orleans still below sea level 30 years ago. There is no excuse now. Instead of putting in fill dirt and rebuilding the Katrina damage 15 feet up, they are asking for more flooding by rebuilding in the same, asking for disaster, below sea level locations. Can anyone say “fill dirt”?

Original Article

Weather “experts” are predicting the worst doom and gloom they can, and have named it “Hurricane Gustov.“ In “Chocolate Town” Mayor Nagy has ordered a “mandatory” evacuation. FEMA has mobilized thousands emergency response workers. The Red Cross has sent thousands of emergency workers from all across America to the Gulf Coast. Republican politicians are abandoning their nominating convention to play “Presidential.” National Guard troops by the thousands have mobilized. The usual media idiots are going nuts.

Bob predicts that this will be the biggest NON-EVENT of the decade. The tropical storm will slide into the US as a common strorm. A few trees will blow down. The pathetic, designed to fail electrical system will come apart. Ten thousand gathered reporters will show pictures of streets with water flowing down them. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were showing pictures on the news last night that made New Orleans look like Baghdad. Soldiers, Humvees, and APCs as far as the eye could see. A complete military takeover.

I have a bit of advice for anyone still there. If the government confiscates weapons again, they're only doing it for safety. In that spirit, I feel the need to mention that it's decidedly UN-safe to hand over a loaded weapon. If they demand that you turn them over, immediately unload all your weapons, as quickly and carefully as possible. And be sure to also unload any spare magazines you have.
Remember, safety first.

September 01, 2008 7:39 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I saw an article on Yahoo news this morning. They interviewed some New Orleans residents, "A few trees blew down." "Next time we won't leave."

September 03, 2008 8:57 AM  

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