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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Earth to Weather Dudes? Hello? says that the temperature outside this morning is 6 degrees, and today's low is 12 degrees. HUH? Hello? Earth to weather dude? If it's 6 degrees, that IS today's low, or colder if it drops more. Why are weather dudes such idiots?

In three weeks the weather idiots will proclaim, "The first day of winter." What a crock of Shinola. If they can't read any history and don't have the sense to comprehend even basic knowledge, at least you would think they could look out a window. Hello? Earth to weather dude? It's been WINTER for weeks already. The fall colored leaves fell and went away weeks ago. SNOW has fallen. Rivers have frozen. It's been WINTER since late November. DUH!!

And on December 21, again this year as usual, the TV "news" talking heads will announce "The first day of winter." Forget that the longest night day of the year has been celebrated as "Midwinter's night" for at least 6,000 years, TV idiots can't be expected to know any history or culture. Forget that the same TV idiots have been reporting snow, ice, traffic snarls, power outages, and frozen facts for weeks, TV "news" idiots can't be expected to understand anything of what they speak. They very obviously haven't got the mental capacity of a garden slug. Put a little salt on their head and they are liable to shrivel up. Every year on Midwinter's Night, led by their "staff meteorologist" they demonstrate their total lack of knowledge and observation by declaring "the start of winter."

Of course they can't figure out summer either. Every June 21, Midsummer's Day for ten thousand years, the talking head idiots can be counted upon to declare "the start of summer." If they had any brains at all they would be dangerous. No wonder nobody believes a single word they speak. When they aren't deliberatly lying they haven't got enough brain power to understand the word "winter" and relate that to the snow and ice they've been scraping off their car on the way to work for the past 6 weeks. Bloomin' Idiots.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is funny, but in Australia, where the seasons are opposite to yours in the Northern hemisphere, they start in common parlor on the 1st of the month (not as per almanac on the 21st or so), and it is mostly right on the dot by personal observation. Maybe you should do the same.
Would that apply to all of the USA?

December 30, 2005 6:16 PM  

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