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Friday, October 26, 2007

Blue Gun Thug Terrorism Continues

In Liberty Lake, Washington, Mr. Jeffrey Ward was minding his own business, walking down East Appleway Avenue, when he was assaulted and then shot twice by the blue gun thug. His “crime” was minding his own business in a town called “Liberty.” After the assault and attempted murder, the blue gun thugs have “charged” Mr. Ward with “assaulting an officer.” Translated, that means that he was an unarmed man minding his own business walking down the street when blue gun thugs driving assault vehicles attacked him. There is no freedom in Liberty Lake, while their blue gun thugs are terrorizing citizens. Read Story You can send your comments to Liberty Lake Chief Blue Gun Thug Brian Asmus (509) 755-1141 Let him know that decent men don’t approve of his evil violent terrorism of the people.

In Beaver Village, Ohio, Josh and his wife Christina were “safe” at home putting their kids to bed when they were invaded, attacked, and badly beaten by the blue gun thugs. For no apparent reason blue gun thugs forced their way into the home and assaulted the couple, beating them with gun thug model Mag flashlights designed used as clubs. Both were left bleeding and injured. According to statements by the blue gun thugs, the peaceful couple had been mistaken for “liberals” from nearby Liberty University, otherwise known as Jerry Falwell U. In the twisted hate filled mind(?) of a blue gun thug, attending Liberty University fully justifies home invasion assault and beating of men, women, and children. Read Story Or read Another Blog You can contact Beaver Village Mayor Rocky Brown at, 7460 St Rt. 335, 740-226-2111

In Independence, Missouri, Ms. Evette Hays was driving with her children when she was surrounded and assaulted by blue gun thugs with their guns drawn. She was forced from he car and made to lie face down on I-70. It was another “routine” brutal assault of a citizen minding her own business. In an extensive interview with ABC News, the Chief blue gun thug refused to apologize for the brutal mistreatment by his gang of terrorists. Watch Video . Contact Independence, MO, Chief of Police Fred M. Mills 325.7271 325.7809

ABC and Police Chief Mills only thinks that the brutal assault on Ms. Hays was wrong because she was a pregnant woman. WRONG! A violent assault on any citizen is equally wrong. A violent assault on a young man is as bad as a violent assault on a woman, old man or child. Being a young man is not an excuse for evil terrorist gangs to assault and violently hurt you.

Wherever you live in the United States, from left coast to right coast and throughout the States inbetween, the blue suited terrorists are out there looking for an excuse to assault you, to terrorize you, to brutalize you, to beat you, and if they can to shoot you. Do not be fooled into thinking that only that other man over there is going to be assaulted because he is “bad.” When nothing exciting is happening the blue gun thugs will assault, beat, and shoot you for innocuous “crimes” such as walking down a public street or staying quietly in your own home. The evil in blue is the SS Gestapo of the new order in America. For the sake of freedom they need to be rounded up and impaled by angry mobs of decent citizens.


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